How to Masturbate for Girls, Women, and Folks with Vaginas

How to Masturbate for Girls, Women, and Folks with Vaginas

Know how to make yourself cum

We reckon that knowing how to masturbate for girls is a life skill. It’s been seen as taboo for centuries, but screw history – there’s nothing that should stop women cumming as much as they want.

That being said, to give yourself an orgasm as a woman or vagina-haver is usually more challenging for a man. The whole “up and down until it shoots” doesn’t cut it.

We’re going to look at how to masturbate for girls and anyone else with a vagina. Before we get into it, though – there’s no right and wrong way for you to get yourself off. You might not enjoy some or all of the things we go through here, so do what feels good.

That being said, we’re covering:

  • Masturbating with your own hands
  • Using vibrators to give yourself an orgasm
  • How to use a dido for make yourself cum
  • Anal masturbation techniques

So you can see how it works and maybe pick up some new tricks.

Masturbation for girls: Getting hands-on

Most people explore their vagina for the first time using their hands. It’s clearly the easiest way to get to know your own body and less intimidating than ordering sex toys off the internet.

Before you start playing using your fingers, it’s important to make sure they’re clean. Sounds obvious but until you’ve put a finger in your pussy without properly washing it after eating a super spicy curry, you won’t really understand how bad life can be.

Keep your fingernails short, too. First, they can be home to bacteria that can upset the delicate balance in your vagina. Next, long nails can break the delicate skin of your vulva.

Quick guide for how to masturbate for girls

  1. Find your clitoris, either by feeling around or using a mirror. It’s the pea/bean-shaped and sized thing between your labia that will have a hood over it.
  2. How people like their clit stimulated is always different – some like lots of pressure directly on it, others want to be gently stroked around it. Gently try different movements until you find what feels good.
  3. You can also put a finger – or two or three, or more – inside your vagina. This will be a few centimeters below your clit. Slowly push your finger in and put the pressure on the front “wall”. Here, you should find your G-spot, which can be a source of orgasm.
  4. You can continue to move your finger in and out of your vagina and alternate it with touching your clit in a way that you like. Do what makes you feel happy and orgasm may come.
what is the clitoris

Most women tend to cum through playing with their clit, but some can cum with vaginal stimulation. There’s no right or wrong with the female orgasm.

How to masturbate for girls using vibrators

Vibrators can add a different sensation to your masturbation sessions. They vibrate, as the name kinda tells you, and the intense movements can make reaching orgasm much easier.

So much easier, in fact, that Hitachi Magic Wand vibrators were used in the 70s to teach women how to cum for the first time.

best sex toy for porn magic wand

Vibrators can also be key to helping you learn to squirt.

There are a few different types of vibrators that you can try to masturbate with:

  • Wands, like the infamous Magic Wand that we talked about a moment ago.
  • Bullet vibrators that tend to be small – about the size of your thumb and localize the sensation.
  • Suckers, which imitate the feeling of another person sucking on your clit.
  • Interestingly shaped vibrators that can help you explore different textures and shapes on your clit.
cute squirrel vibrator
Image Source: Amazon

Use them to find where on your vulva you like the vibrations – there’s no one way to use these toys.

How to masturbate with a dildo

Different from a vibrator in that it’s just a piece of rubber, glass, silicon, or metal that aren’t mechanical, dildos are made for insertion.

Up to about 30% of women can achieve orgasm by putting stuff into their vagina. That doesn’t mean a dildo is useless for the other 70% – it can still increase sensation and contribute to a clitoral orgasm.

Pick a dildo that’s curved if you want to work on a G-spot orgasm. If you’re a size queen and love the feeling of being filled up, you can get oversized dildos that will give you exactly what you’re looking for.

raging rhino extra large sex toys
The Raging Rhino from Extreme Restraints

Anal play: How to masturbate for girls

How to masturbate for girls who like ass play is a little different.

You can use all the tools we’ve talked about – fingers, vibes, and dildos – for ass play and there are anal-specific toys. Toys like anal beads and butt plugs give you a different feeling and are designed to give you that stretched-out feeling that people enjoy in ass play.

When doing anal masturbation, be sure not to switch toys back into your pussy without cleaning them or using condoms.

How to masturbate for girls, women, and vagina-havers

It’s important to know how to make yourself cum. It’s the best way to teach someone else how to do it for you.

Masturbation is healthy and normal for women. Playing solo isn’t going to affect your sex life negatively – it’s likely to improve it because you’ll know the value of a truly good orgasm.

The top tip to anyone exploring their body through orgasm is to use lube. No matter how aroused and wet you get, lube will make everything feel even better and will let you play for longer. This is a good way to work on edging or to explore the amazing world or multiple orgasms.

However you choose to masturbate, make sure you only ever do what’s comfortable. If you want to share your playtime with the world, becoming a creator on SinParty is a way to share your masturbation and get paid to cum.

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