How to Squirt in 4 Easy Steps – SinParty Blog

How to Squirt in 4 Easy Steps – SinParty Blog

Learn how to squirt in four simple steps

Knowing how to squirt can help you make big money on SinParty. It’s a common kink that people love to see in videos and some of the most famous porn models are known for their squirting prowess.

Have you been getting requests for squirting videos and getting frustrated that you don’t know how to make it happen? Don’t stress – that’s pretty much the worst thing you can do! We’re here to help guide you through how to squirt.

We’ve got a complete guide to how to make your juices start to flow. We’re going to be covering:

  • Exactly what squirting is
  • Four simple steps to make you squirt
  • The toys you can use to bring the process along a little

To get those custom videos popping.

What is squirting?

Squirting is something women do when they have super intense orgasms. Liquid – that is likely really watered-down pee – gushes out from your vulva when you cum.

It’s not something that all women can do. There have been loads of scientific studies done on the matter and anywhere between 10 and 50 percent of women are able to squirt.

At this point, it’s really important to say that you’re not expected to squirt. It might feel like every single female creator on SinParty seems to be able to squirt basically on command, and you’re the only one that can’t do it.

That’s not true! Even without knowing how to squirt, you can still make great content. Plus, there’s loads of orgasms involved in learning if you can – so it’s always worth giving it a go!

What comes out when you squirt?

There’s been a bit of work done to figure out what comes out when you squirt. We looked at the study in a bit of detail in our guide to squirting.

Basically, as we’ve said, it’s super weak pee that comes out of your urethra. That’s the hole that’s between your vagina and your clit.

How to squirt in 4 steps

Four steps sounds easy enough, right?

It is, and it isn’t. Once you get the hang of it, you should be able to do it again, but it can take some practice. Again, it’s not something every woman can do so don’t put too much pressure on yourself.

Here’s our steps to get you squirting.

1.      Relax

You know how hard is it to cum when you’re stressed? Well, having the type of intense orgasm you need for squirting requires you to be super chill.

Don’t go putting pressure on yourself like “this is the orgasm that’s going to make me squirt”. It doesn’t work like that, as much as we want it to!

Whether you’re experimenting solo or working on how to squirt with a partner, set the mood and do the things you like to build into a nice masturbation session.

If it’s not going to know you off your game, it’s worth setting up your camera for filming. Grabbing footage of your first squirt could be a big seller to your partygoers and be a video that you can sell a lot of.

2.      Reach for the toys

It is possible to squirt through penis-in-vagina sex, but we reckon it’s best to try with hands and toys first. It gives you more control of your orgasm so you can figure out what exactly get’s your juices moving.

There are three types of toys that seasoned squirters recommend.

  1. The Hitachi Wand – the best vibrator in porn, this bad boy is basically a guaranteed orgasm
  2. G-spot toys – they’ll be curved upwards to really hit the, er… spot, and should produce the goods
  3. Clit suckers – a revolution in sex toys in recent years, suckers send waves through your clit and produce oh so good orgasms

Creators serious about getting their squirt on should invest, and these toys are generally popular in porn content so it won’t be wasted money.

3.      It’s play time

Now it’s time to get in there and have a good time.

Use plenty of lube. If you’re not too au fait with getting slippy-slidey, trust is when we say it’s a whole different experience. It makes anal good, right? Vagina play gets way more fun too.

There’s two points of focus here – your clitoris and your G-spot. Lots of advice says to go for the G-spot for your first squirt.

In case you’re not sure, it’s the spongey feeling spot on the front wall of your vagina – that’s the side that’s the same as your belly button. It’s a couple of inches up, or a few centimetres for our European readers.

Play, rub, stimulate. Do all the things that feel really damn good and get yourself ready to cum.

4.      Let it flow

The feeling of squirting is kinda like peeing, but then not. You know how it feels when your vaginal muscles push a diva cup or tampon out, or a flaccid dick after he cums? It’s more that type of feeling.

As you start to cum, keep doing whatever it is your doing and relax – focusing too hard is going to make you nervous. As you cum, bear down and relax your pelvic floor muscles – the squirt should start if it’s going to.

Learning how to squirt

It’s not the easiest thing in the world to squirt for the first time. It might take some practice, but when the practice is this much fun, are you too worried?

Don’t stress yourself out if it doesn’t happen.

If it does, work on making it happen again and again and have your camera ready to catch the moment – these videos are going to help you cash in on your SinParty feed.

Happy orgasms, and stay chilled!

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