Best Sex Toys for Lesbians in 2021 – Get Your Orgasms Here – SinParty Blog

Best Sex Toys for Lesbians in 2021 – Get Your Orgasms Here – SinParty Blog

Best Sex Toys for Lesbians in 2021 – Get Your Orgasms Here

Most sex toys will work for people of all sexual persuasions in some way or another, but there are also things we prefer. When we talk about sex toys for lesbians, there are elements to consider that a straight or bi woman might not think about.

The biggie – lots of sex toys are penis-shaped. Now, we know that the penis has evolved to be a good fit for the vagina but lots of women don’t want to masturbate with one, or share one with their female partner.

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There are plenty of sex toys that aren’t explicitly dick-like. We’ve pulled together a list of some of the best for you to try, whether you’re a woman into women or a woman looking for some solo pleasure that’s not cock-shaped.

We’re going to be looking at:

  • A strapless strap-on
  • How to do dickless DP
  • Turning your fingers into a vibrator

And plenty more, so keep reading to find a new toy to get you off.

Vulvic vibrations

The Touch by We Vibe

With not even a hint of penetration being required, the We Vibe Touch is ideal for women who are all about the clit.

lesbian sex toys we vibe touch
Image Source: We Vibe

It’s designed to sit over your pubic mound and send vibrations over the whole area. You can move the pressure around easily since it fits into the palm of your hand – focus around the edges to build your orgasm before directing it to your clit.

The pointed tip is great for really focusing the different vibration settings directly on your clit, or to send them to wherever you want them.

 Pros of the We Vibe Touch

  • It’s not bright pink like so many sex toys
  • There are eight different vibration settings – ripe for experimentation
  • Waterproof so you can take it in the shower or bath

Cons of the We Vibe Touch

  • It’s a little noisier than most vibrating sex toys

Strapless strap-on

The Share Vibe by Fun Factory

Being penetrated by a penis isn’t what lesbians are into, clearly, but that doesn’t stop them enjoying the act of penetration by the person they’re having sex with. Enter – literally – the Share Vibe from Fun Factory.

share vibe lesbian sex toys
Image Source: Bliss for Women

It’s a great sex toy for lesbians because it does double pleasure that’s different for each participant. One end sits inside the vagina and is held in place by the users muscles. They can then penetrate their partner with the vibrating end.

Using a strapless strap-on takes a little practice to get right in terms of securing it, but it’s more convenient that having to reach for a leather harness or O-ring panties.

Pros of the Fun Factory Share Vibe

  • You get five different vibration settings, if you choose to use them
  • It has three color options, including pink if you do like fuchsia sex toys
  • There’s a removeable bullet vibe that you can use on its own

Cons of the Fun Factory Share Vibe

  • Tricky to get used to and position right the first few times you use it

Lesbian sex toys at the double

The Double Digger by Toy Joy

Another one for the ladies who still need penetration in their sex lives, Toy Joy’s Double Digger still avoids the dick look.

double digger sex toys for lesbians
Image Source: Love Honey

It’s made from bendable PVC so you can work on the angles that you and your partner enjoy. You can also experience those ridged and bulbous head which feel great as they go in and out.

For a different take, this toy can also be used for solo double penetration – it’ll fit up your anus and vagina to give that feeling of fullness. Get your partner to insert it how you like, or experiment on your own, whichever gets you off.

Pros of the Toy Joy Double Digger

  • Comes in clear or purple shades and is translucent so it looks good going in
  • The contours will send you and/or your partner wild
  • It’s super long so adaptable to your needs, at 19 inches long

Cons of the Toy Joy Double Digger

  • If you’re a woman new to the idea of penetration, it can look a little intimidating

Sex toys for lesbians with the fingery vibe

The Fin by Dame

Make your fingers even more magical with the Fin by Dame. You can either tether it to your fingers so it doesn’t get dropped, or secure it just with your fingers.

lesbian sex toys dame fin
Image Source: Dame

Place it anywhere on your hand – between two fingertips or further down closer to your palm, depending on the pleasure you want to give to your partner. Or yourself, it’ll work just fine to make your masturbation more fun, too.

There are two different textures to play with, the smoother side or a more rough and solid side so you can play with how you do it.

Pros of the Dame Fin

  • Small and discreet so you can take it anywhere without being conspicuous
  • Three different intensity settings to escalate the fun
  • Comes in mint green or dark blue

Cons of the Dame Fin

  • It’s water resistant rather than waterproof so be careful about fully submerging in water

Women need sucking, too

The Starlet by Womanizer

If you’ve not heard all the fuss about clit sucker sex toys yet, have you been orgasming under a rock? The Starlet by Womanizer is a good place to start since it has minimum contact and can be good for a woman unsure about bringing sex toys into play.

starlet lesbian sex toys
Image Source: Love Honey

It works by simulating the feeling your clit being sucked using pressure and air waves, and this one also vibrates to add an extra little sensation for you. The sucker fits into the palm of your hand so can be used whilst your partner pleasures other areas.

Give the sucker a try on your nipples for a different sensation.

Pros of the Starlet by Womanizer

  • Fully rechargeable battery
  • Has four different speed settings
  • Comes with a five-year warranty from the manufacturer

Cons of the Starlet by Womanizer

  • A full charge will only last for 30 minutes of fun so you might need to choose who gets the sucking with each charge

What are the best sex toys for lesbians?

Like gay men or straight women, lesbians aren’t one homogenous lump of people. What we’ve chosen as the best sex toys for lesbians avoid anything that looks like a penis and focus on clitoral as well as penetrative stimulation – so everyone should be happy no matter their preferences and needs.

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