Glass Dildos – All the Details and 5 of the Best – SinParty Blog

Glass Dildos – All the Details and 5 of the Best – SinParty Blog

Our top five glass dildos

If you’ve not experienced glass dildos before, where have your pussy and ass been all these years? The idea of inserting glass into your orgasm places can seem strange, but it’s been going down literally for centuries.

Along with the fresh sensations of masturbating with glass, it’s a great way to shake up the porn content you sell. Avid porn watchers will already know that glass dildos get pulled – and put in – regularly and there’s a reason; the watcher can see right into your pussy or ass.

Want to get to grips with glass dildos? Already tried them and looking for new ideas? You’ve landed on the right porn and sex blog. We’re going to cover:

  • What glass dildos are made of
  • Why exactly they’re an amazing sex toy
  • Some glass dildos to try out no matter your experience

So you’re ready to give your sex life and SinParty content new sparkle.

What is a glass dildo?

A glass dildo is a sex toy made from glass that’s designed to be inserted in the vagina or anus. Glass dildos are pretty much all made from borosilicate glass. This is better known as Pyrex and is what most glass stuff in your kitchen will be made of.

The biggest concern we hear about glass dildos is whether they shatter? The glass they’re made of is designed to get super hot and cold. If it can be used to cook your lasagne, your coochie can take it too!

Glass dildos feel really smooth and rigid, loads different from your standard silicone dildo or vibrator. They can come with all kinds of patterns, like:

  • Swirls
  • Bumps
  • Nodules
  • Ribbing
  • Flares

That will all slide and glide into you like silk.

What’s so good about glass dildos?

The smoothness and rigidity are what really set glass dildos apart. Most silicone sex toys have bend and give and you may sometimes find them hard to get in. Not so with glass.

People who love glass dildos are into them for a reason, here’s some of them:

  • They’re really good at apply pressure for a G-spot or prostate orgasm
  • They hold heat and cold well so they’re perfect toys for temperature play
  • Visually, they add a new element to sex – you can see through the glass into your holes
  • You can use any type of lube on them and not cause damage
  • They last for years and are super easy to clean with simple soap and water
  • They’re generally inexpensive, priced from around $15-50 so super accessible

Convinced? If you’re ready to bring glass dildos into your SinParty content or are looking for inspiration to add to your glass dildo collection, you’re in the right place.

What are the best glass dildos?

Glass dildos, like all other sex toys, come in every shape and size imaginable, and some you probably didn’t think possible. We’ve put together our top five glass dildos for you to check out.

The best glass dildo for fresh sensations

Chrystallino Planets Beaded Glass Wand

The Planets glass dildo is really pretty with its dark blue shape that doesn’t scream “sex toy” if you leave it hanging around your bathroom.

planets glass dildo
Image Source: PeepShow Toys

This glass dildo gives a sensation similar to anal beads, with a “pop” sensation as each ball goes in or pulls out. The design is angled so it’ll reach the G-spot or prostate and apply the pressure needed to produce an orgasm.

The only negative is the size. The insertable length is only 5.5 inches and at its widest, it’s only 1.7 inches. This does make it great for beginners to glass dildos, though.

The best glass dildo for a great look

Firefly Glass G-spot Wand

This glass dildo from Firefly will make you cum and impress your SinParty fans and partygoers, The two reasons you’re here, right?

glow in the dark glass dildos
Image Source: Amazon

You can insert either end; the short end working great for G-spot stimulation and the longer end working great for anal insertion and prostate pushing. The angle isn’t just for easier orgasms. It means you’ll not struggle to hit the right spot even when you’re solo.

Plus, you can use this to light up your pussy or ass in the dark and put your content in a whole new light.

It’s not the fattest of glass dildos, but it’s a step up from the last one at 1.8 inches at the widest point.

The best highly textured glass dildo

Glass Pleasure Wand Tongue

This glass dildo from Akstore is a mix of a tongue and an octopus tentacle, in a display of bright pink.

pleasure wand glass dildos
Image Souce: Amazon

There’s a lot of texture, as you can see from the picture. The bumps and veins are delightful when it’s going in and out.

The hook at the bottoms looks cute and also stops it from getting lost up inside you – it looks nicer than the simple flared end you see on lots of dildos.

Shape-wise, this is different from standard glass dildos. Rather than being perfectly round, it’s actually tongue-shaped so it’s wide and flat instead.

The size isn’t going to fill up any size queens, though. Although it’s a total of 6.5 inches in length, that includes the hook so only about 3 – 3.5 inches will ever see the inside of your pussy or ass.

The best glass dildo for anal play

Faraway Anal Plug

While most glass dildos can go in your ass, this one from Faraway is definitely geared towards ass play.

anal glass dildos
Image Source: Amazon

You’ll probably need to have some experience with anal before going for this sex toy. It comes as three separate balls spaced out along the shaft and there’s a t-shaped handle which makes it ideal for solo anal play.

Take care when choosing this one – it’ll intimidate your ass if you’re used to stretching it but if you play at the backdoor a lot this might also feel a little underwhelming.

The best glass dildo for those who like them big

PipeDream Icicles No. 63

PipeDream’s Icicles series of glass dildos are divine in many different ways, although they’re a little pricier than most, too.

glass dildo icicles
Image Source: Amazon

This one is designed to be dick-shaped, with balls included and lots of veiny goodness to get you openings excited. It’s also perfectly clear with no coloring at all, meaning your porn viewers will be able to see right into everything, just like they want.

It’s made from hand-blown glass and has a respectable insertable length of 7 inches and it’s a good 1.5 inches all the way around.

Those veiny details do make it a bit of a pain to wash. You’re best boiling it to get it sparkly clean and ready for your next sex session.

What’s the best glass dildo?

Whatever type of sexual experience you want, there’s a glass dildo to match. They are a different sensation to dick or dildos, so if you’re going to bring them into your content, get comfortable with them first.

Glass dildos are super popular in porn and they’re cheap so you can invest in them quickly and start making bank from your content. As with other sex toys, start small and manageable and work your way up to bigger or more weirdly shaped ones as you get used to them.

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