Extra-Large Sex Toys for Pleasure and Porn – SinParty Blog

Extra-Large Sex Toys for Pleasure and Porn – SinParty Blog

Oversized sex toys for size queens

Using extra-large sex toys can present a fun challenge that could be hella fun and even bring in more income on SinParty.

Being able to take extra large sex toys in your pussy or ass makes you a size queen. Enjoying big dicks and dildos is a kink or fetish that your partygoers will pay good money for.

It’s not always easy to find the right person with a dick big enough to satisfy your needs. Even when you do have access to a big dick, changing things up is fun for you and thrilling for your content buyers.

That’s were super-sized sex toys come in. If you’re new to being a size queen or just want to up your girth game, we’ve got the toys for you, including:

  • A chubby dildo to get you stretched wide
  • An extra-large glass dildo
  • A really big butt plug

And more sex toys to satisfy your love for size.

A classic, extra-large sex toy

The Ultra Real-Skin Dildo – Large

Ease yourself into the world of extra-large sex toys with this Ultra Real-Skin Dildo that’s fairly unintimidating but still is pretty impressive in size. It’s nearly 8 inches in insertable length and around 6 inches in girth so you’ll get a nice introduction to stretching and fullness to start out.

realistic extra large sex toys
Image Source: Adult Sex Toy Shop

It’s made from silicone with no latex included and needs to be used with water-based lube.

The good stuff

  • You can get it in one of three colors to match your partner or your customers’ needs
  • It’s got a removeable suction cup making it easy to use solo
  • It feels super life-like and fleshy so it’s a good introduction to playing with a partner

Watch out for

  • The floppiness – it’s not completely rigid so rougher insertion might not be possible

A fatter dildo to get your stretch on

King Cock Chubby

If you’re more into girth than length, the King Cock Chubby is a realistic fatty that will get your ass or vagina open nice and wide.

extra wide sex toys
Image Source: Pink Cherry

It’s nearly 10 inches wide at it’s girthiest point and 6.75 inches long, making it still longer than the global average penis size. The attached suction cup means going solo with this dildo won’t be a problem.

The good stuff

  • It’s phthalate-free and is perfectly safe to be used with water-based lube
  • The veiny texture and large head add a new dimension to your pleasure
  • One of the widest sex toys on the market

Watch out for

  • The length – it may not be long enough for some experienced size queens

Best of the glass extra-large sex toys

T-Explorer Glass Dildo

To give you, your partner, and your partygoers on SinParty a visual treat, invest in the T-Explorer Glass Dildo.

glass extra large sex toys
Image Source: Amazon

At 10.6 inches long and a girthy 5.65 inches around, the see-through dildo offers a unique view into your stretched out holes. Being glass, it’s also fine to use with either water- or silicone-based lube.

The good stuff

  • It holds temperature well for a long session – although it takes a while to thoroughly heated or cool
  • The nodules add a little something extra to the sensations when this giant is inserted
  • You don’t have to hide it away; it looks pretty and your guests won’t guess it’s a sex toy

Watch out for

  • The weight – it’s a big chunk of glass so can be hard to handle so it’s probably better for use with a partner

The super-sized butt plug

Doc Johnson American Bombshell

Looking for something designed specifically to stretch out your ass? The Doc Johnson American Bombshell is a great anal training toy to try out.

extra large sex toys butt plug
Image Source: Amazon

The ringed shape helps you introduce more width and length to your ass slowly, with clear achievements as you go. It’s got 7.7 inches of insertable length and gets up to a hefty 13.9 inches in girth.

The good stuff

  • It’s made from body-safe PVC so is fine to use with silicone- or water-based lubes
  • There’s a suction cup so you can practice your stretch solo
  • The size will present a long-term challenge for your ass to engorge

Watch out for

  • The material – it’s pretty solid rather than squishy so lube, lube, and lube some more

Make your own dick extra large

Lovehoney Mega Thick Penis Extender

When you need to get that filled-up feeling but your partner’s dick doesn’t get you all the way, the Lovehoney Mega Thick Penis Extender could be what you need.

extra large penis extender
Image Source: Lovehoney

As well as getting directly fucked by your guy, but bigger, extra large sex toys like this could also play into the fantasies of people who enjoy small penis humiliation. Seeing that someone needs an extender to keep you happy could be just what they need to get off.

The good stuff

  • It’ll give a girth of 6.5 inches and add up to an extra 2 inches to the normal length of dick
  • There’s a ball loop that keeps it in place and can even help the erection last longer
  • The see-through plastic keeps everything visible which is the type of thing your buyers want

Watch out for

  • Lack of male sensation – obviously the dick-owner isn’t getting to feel your pussy so is unlikely to cum with this on

The extra-large of the extra-large sex toys

Extreme Retraint’s Raging Rhino

When you just need big – the bigger the better kind of big – the Raging Rhino is the extra-large sex toy for you.

raging rhino extra large sex toys
Image Source: Extreme Restraints

It’s up to 7.8 inches in circumference and the insertable length is a size queen’s dream – there’s a full 13 inches for you to ride on.

Being made from PVC means that it’s compatible with silicone- and water-based lube. You’ll need plenty of lube because this is a monster dildo.

The good stuff

  • It’s huge! It’s going to take some time to train your ass or pussy to take this – make a series of videos showing your progress?
  • The veiny feel will give you extra feels as you stretch yourself over it
  • The much-needed suction cup should keep it in place and give you solo control over how wide and fast you go

Watch out for

  • The size – it really is a biggie so if you’re a beginner, go with one of our smaller suggestions to start

The very big sex toy of your dreams

Mr Hankey’s Dragon Dildo XXXL

If you’re dreaming of extra-large sex toys outside of the human realm, Mr Hankey’s Dragon Dildo XXXL might be what you need.

extra large dragon dildo
Image Source: Mr Hankey’s

The biggest of the four sizes available is a whopping 12.75 inches all around and get up in your junk a full 14 inches. You can choose the firmness and the color when you order, making it more personalized to your tastes.

The good stuff

  • It’s got a scaly texture with is super enjoyable rather than painful
  • For extra cash, you can even choose a more specific, personalized color for your dragon ride
  • The overall texture is really pleasing and can get really slippy when you lube it up

Watch out for

  • The price – it’s pretty steep, but if you buy into your fantasies then it’s worth it

What are the best extra-large sex toys?

There are plenty of extra-large sex toys designed to please size queens. For those looking to start out exploring this kink, start of reasonable small as you train your muscles to expand. It’s possible to work your ass and pussy up to some pretty huge dildos, but it takes time, patience, and plenty of good-quality lube too.

If you’re starting to explore size with your fans on SinParty, listen to what they need but don’t do anything you’re unsure of – it’s about you having fun and getting paid, not hurting yourself!

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