What’s a Size Queen? The Men and Women Who Get Filled Up – SinParty Blog

What’s a Size Queen? The Men and Women Who Get Filled Up – SinParty Blog

What is a size queen?

If you’ve not heard the term “size queen” before, then you can probably figure it out. You’re on a sex blog on a porn website…

In simple terms, a size queen is a woman or man who like larger-than-average penises. There’s a whole lot packed into that sentence so we need to dig a little more into the idea.

We’ve got our shovel, and we’re going to get into:

  • What it means to be a size queen
  • What a larger-than-average penis is
  • How size queens can use this idea in their SinParty content
  • Safety tips to become a size queen

What is a size queen?

A size queen likes big dicks. Large penises. Massive members. Huge erections… You get the picture.

The idea started out, like most cool shit, in the gay community. It used to be a way to describe bottoms who liked their partner’s dick to be XL.

More recently, the phrase has caught on in female circles and now tends to include both men and women who love large cocks.

It can be a kink or a fetish, depending on whether big dick is the be-all and end-all of the man or woman’s desires.

There are three things that tend to appeal to size queens:

  • Sucking – eating a huge dick and getting throat-fucked
  • Fucking – the feeling of stretching and fullness in the vagina or anus
  • Looking – simply staring at an unusually large penis

It’s a very personal choice for a person and can prove a challenge in the real, non-porn world.

What size dick do size queens like?

It’s not easy to pin down how to define a “larger-than-average” penis. Sure, we know what the average penis size is – 5.5 inches or 14 centimeters long and 4.59” in girth, or 11.66cm.

That average varies across the world, with the continent with the biggest penises being South America, which you can see in our handy map.

big dicks around the world

Whilst most women will generally tell you that they’re happy with an average-sized schlong, size queens need them much bigger.

Whilst there seems to be a link between finger length and penis size, knowing who has a big dick can be hard without asking outright, and size queens seem to demand a dick more than about 7.5-8 inches to start feeling satisfied.

This is, of course subjective to the man or woman who will be riding or sucking the dick in question, but this tends to be the standard where a penis will start to appeal to a size queen.

As we’ve seen, women all like different things when it comes to dicks. There is a preoccupation with large dicks, especially in porn, because we all like a bit of fantasy, but remember – there’s no such thing as a perfect penis.

no such thing as a perfect penis

What can a size queen do on SinParty?

If you’ve got a penchant for huge cocks, you can definitely monetize this kink or fetish through your SinParty content.

There are lots of people who share your need for big dick and will very much get off on watching you insert very large items into your pussy or ass.

Are you a partnered-up size queen? As long as your partner is down, and we have a model release form for them, you can create all kinds of content. Obviously, it’s going to be centered around you taking his large dick and making a point about exactly how big it is will appeal to your audience.

Not got a partner with a big dick right now? There are plenty of very, very large dildos available. You can choose realistic penises or more outlandish fantasy dildos.

Whichever type of content you produce, you need to make sure you find your audience. On social networks that allow NSFW content, search for terms associated with size queens to find hashtags on Twitter or to find subreddits on Reddit.

Safety tips for size queens

When you’re a size queen, it’s not all huge penis and big orgasms. There are things you need to consider, especially if you’re just starting out on your big dick journey.

Whether you’re creating content for your party or just want to give things a try and see if you enjoy the feeling, you need to be careful. Lots of our sexual anatomy can and will stretch, but taking a 6-inch-wide dick without prep is going to hurrrrrrt.

Here’s our top tips for size queens of all genders and none:

  • Use lube – whether you’re going for anal or vaginal penetration, you’re going to need lots of slippy slidiness to make sure things go in nicely.
  • Start training – you need to get your muscles used to taking big dicks and dildos, so start small and build up your ability to stretch and be comfortable. Remember, your throat won’t stretch but you can train away your gag reflex.
  • Go slow – if it hurts, take a moment, breathe and see if you can keep going. It’s ok to stop if you’re not comfortable. If anything starts bleeding, stop.
  • Don’t numb – there are numbing creams and sprays marketed to help you deepthroat or make anal easier; pain is your body’s way of telling you to chill with the stretching, so avoid them and listen to your pain.
  • Foreplay – foreplay, foreplay, and more foreplay. By relaxing and getting into the mood with your partner, or by playing with yourself, you’ll find it easier to take more dick.
  • Hop on top – when you’re a size queen with a partner, going on top can give you control. At least to start the sex session, give yourself time to ease yourself onto the cock before shifting to other positions once you’re stretched and full.

What’s a size queen?

A size queen loves big dicks, unashamedly and joyfully. They like big dildos, huge cocks, and the feeling of sucking or fucking them. It’s a fetish with a market, so if you’ve got a liking for long lengths, you can consider advertising yourself as a size queen when you promote your content.

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