The Hitachi Magic Wand and Why It’s in All the Porn

The Hitachi Magic Wand and Why It’s in All the Porn

The story of the Hitachi Magic Wand

If you don’t know what the Hitachi Magic Wand is, you probably haven’t watched enough porn.

Whilst there are all kinds of sex toys used in porn, the Magic Wand really is a classic. It gets pulled out in solo videos, lesbian sessions, hardcore sex scenes, gang bangs… You get the picture, right?

What is about the Magic Wand that has made it so damn popular in porn? There’s got to be something to it so we decided to investigate. After all, when you’re starting out on your porn career you want to know where to invest your money when it comes to the right kit.

The story of the wand is rather interesting and goes hand in hand with the sexual revolution. We’re going to tell you all about:

  • The beginnings of the Hitachi Magic Wand
  • How the sex toy got a subtle rebrand
  • Why everyone from porn stars to your neighbour loves the wand

So you can be fully in the know about this sexual icon.

What’s the story of the Hitachi Magic Wand?

The Hitachi Magic Wand hit the world in 1968, marketed as a massager to relieve tension and relax muscles. Little did the Japanese company realize they would have an unmitigated hit on their hands, whether they liked it or not.

Going from a device used for healthcare purposes to being the most recognized sex toy on the planet was largely down to one woman.

How did Betty Dodson change the Magic Wand?

Dodson was a sex educator back in the 1960s and 1970s and is credited as being the founder of sex-positive feminism. She came across – literally – the wand and how useful it would be to help a woman cum.

She ran classes to teach women about their bodies and how to cum with clitoral stimulation. The classes were made up of 15 women, lying on their backs, wands in hand, masturbating themselves to orgasm. Must have been a sight to behold…

From these classes, women entrepreneurs and other sex educators realised the power of the vibrations. The 12-inch vibrating massager found fame and became known as a sex toy all across the US.

Why can’t I buy a Hitachi Magic Wand today?

As much as the world-famous sex toy is known simply as “the Hitachi”, you’ll not find that name anywhere on a toy made after 2013.

The brand had decided they weren’t too keen on the reputation associated with the wand. The company is well-known for:

  • Mining equipment
  • Trains
  • Hospital equipment
  • Computer technology

You can kinda see why it’s not quite on-message.

In 2013, the powers that be in the company decided to discontinue the toy. Orgasmic women around the world let out an unhappy moan, and the main distributor in the US, Vibratex jumped to the rescue.

A deal was done where the vibrator would still be made and shipped but the Hitachi brand would be left off. Sales started again within a year and the world was a better place for it.

Why is the Hitachi Wand so popular?

There are three reasons why the wand took off as the clitoral pleasure giver of choice, which are:

  1. Feminist icons said masturbating with one was healthy
  2. It doesn’t look like a dick
  3. You’re basically guaranteed to cum

The toy is a handle with a rubberized ball on the top which delivers the vibrations. It weighs 1.2 lbs or 540 grammes and is mains powered, meaning it’ll never lose power just as you’re about to start gushing.

It delivers vibrations at two speeds, 5,000 or 6,000 rpm, which means is really. Fucking. Powerful.

It’s so powerful that Dodson recommends you put a towel over your vulva to reduce the sensation a little.

During studies about women who struggle to have orgasm, the wand coupled with Dodson’s method or self-pleasure have been proven to make women cum.

There are faults, like it not being waterproof or even water resistant which can be awkward when you’re ready to squirt. It’s prone to overheating, too; if you can last more than 25 minutes with it, you could find it conking out on you.

Why is the Hitachi Magic Wand used in porn?

Guaranteed orgasms. Seems like a simple answer, but there you go.

The intense sensations the sex toy delivers is great to help you squirt and, since it’s an in demand skill in porn, the wand gets pulled out in many situations.

It’s also an icon. People like what they like when it comes to what they get off on. A wand makes women cum and audiences like to watch it. It’s as good a match as sadism and masochism.

Should I use a wand in my porn content?

As a SinParty creator, it’s always good to switch things up and have lots on offer for your fans and partygoers. Although there are cheaper sex toys available, investing in a Magic Wand should pay off in no time.

Where can I buy a Hitachi Magic Wand?

Whether you want to pick up one of these babies for your own sweet orgasmic pleasure or want to make some lit content with a retro twist, you can pick up a wand in plenty of places.

The official website has the Original Magic Wand list of official stockists. There are new, modern versions of the wand available, such as:

  • The Magic Wand Plus that is a sleeker design with all the power of the original
  • The Magic Wand Rechargeable that has all the power of the original without being six feet from a power outlet

Go for your life to get all the orgasms you ever dreamed of.

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