What is the Girlfriend Experience? – SinParty Blog

What is the Girlfriend Experience? – SinParty Blog

What is the Girlfriend Experience?

Hosting on SinParty, you’re going to get a whole load of interesting requests, one of which is the girlfriend experience. As well as being a movie and TV show, it’s a service offered by many sex workers and can be a lucrative hustle.

When something has the potential to make you bank, we want you to be able to take advantage of it in the best way possible. To that end, we want to get into the details of the girlfriend experience (GFE) and tell you about:

  • How the girlfriend experience works
  • The differences between in-person and remote GFE
  • What you can offer your partygoers for their GFE
  • Things you need to know when you’re doing a GFE

Making sure you’re prepared and ready to be a virtual boo.

How does the girlfriend experience work?

When you offer your partygoers the girlfriend experience, you’re giving them more than pornographic content. You take on the role of their girlfriend for the duration of the time that they pay for.

Your partygoer will pay you through a tip on SinParty and you provide the services you deal on. It’s a much more intimate arrangement, with regular contact, conversation, and selfies.

The GFE is much more than sex. You’re offering your paying client access to you and your personality, letting them into your life somewhat. It’s a much more intimate experience.

That intimacy attracts a price. Because you’re likely going to be at the beck and call for however long you agree, that service comes at a premium. It’s not just your time, you give a little piece of you in the conversation – there’s emotional labour involved rather than just shooting and editing a video.

Bottom line – you charge a partygoer to have regular access to you through messages and photos, chatting about life as well as sexting including sharing images, usually. It’s just like you were their girlfriend in a long-distance relationship. You offer companionship.

How are the traditional and SinParty girlfriend experience different?

As sex worker in a legal brother or a freelancer, the girlfriend experience would usually mean going on dates, attending meeting, and generally spending time together. Think of it like an escort, but more long-term. Sex can and will be traded in the transaction, but it’s not always the case.

Working on SinParty, we don’t condone our creators arranging to meetup with anyone you connect with at your party. Your SinParty girlfriend experience can run through the chat feature with you sending messages and images back and forth.

The similarities are things like:

  • You’ll share about your day and your life
  • You need to show empathy towards your paying customer
  • It’s up to you to remember details about their life so you appear caring
  • You need to have time and energy to dedicate to their needs

What services can I include when I offer the girlfriend experience?

What you offer to your partygoer when you agree to a GFE is entirely up to you. You need to set clear boundaries and expectations.

It’s really important you know what you’re agreeing to before you discuss money. You might get offered what seems like a nice chunk of cash but you’re expected to do two hours of sexting each night which you didn’t bargain for.

Some things you can consider as part of your GFE package includes:

  • How much access will they get? Is it 24/7 contact or do you need to be at another job?
  • How many messages can they have each day? Agree on limits either in time or message count.
  • Are images included? You can charge more money if you’re expected to send selfies of your day. Consider adding a cap to this, too.
  • Is sexting a separate service to normal chatting? Sexting takes more time and energy than listening to someone’s work problems.

Agreeing these things before money changes hands and the GFE starts will make for a smooth service and no requests for refunds at the end of the time period.

What you need to know when doing the GFE

You’ve got potential to make some serious money when you offer the GFE. You’ll be investing a lot of time so make sure you’re charging appropriately. That price will depend on you and how you value yourself, but realistically think about how much an hour of your time is worth.

Beyond that, here are our pointers and words of advice for creators offering the girlfriend experience:

  • Set boundaries from the beginning. Use the questions above to determine what both sides will and won’t do
  • Know how much time you can dedicate to the GFE. You have a life, you need to make content, maybe have a family to look after; don’t promise time that you don’t have
  • Be aware of the emotional labor you’re expected to invest. You might get told about a bad day or a troubled life, it’s up to you to be kind and compassionate – unless you’re a dom, but that’s another day
  • Stay safe and keep communication within SinParty. We want you to be safe and not put yourself in any danger so don’t give out any contact information – use our chat function instead
  • Agree payment – most creators take payment upfront. We can’t guarantee a user won’t close their account or go offline at a later date so make sure you’re happy with your payment arrangement
  • Be professional with your client. You don’t have to disclose a lot of information about yourself, remember that it’s a financial transaction that you’ve both agreed to

The girlfriend experience on SinParty

Now you’re fully versed in what the GFE is, you can start to offer it as a service to your partygoers. You can add to your bio on your page that you offer it and even add it as an option to your tips menu.

Remember you’re offering a service in return for money so be clear and upfront about what your partygoer is buying from you.

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