The Best Video Editing Apps for Your SinParty Content – SinParty Blog

The Best Video Editing Apps for Your SinParty Content – SinParty Blog

The Best Video Editing Apps for Your SinParty Content

To make great filmed content for your SinParty feed, you need an amazing video editing app. Polished and well-made content is going to get you noticed by more party goers and eventually turn into more money.

There’s a lot of free porn available out there; you need what you do to stand out. You don’t have to make graphic-heavy epics like Avengers, or even studio quality porn. However, having your video content trimmed, filtered, and with music will make them worth more.

So that know which video editing apps to try out, we’ve put together this article, covering:

  • The benefits of using video editing apps
  • Our top 5 apps to edit your videos
  • What makes them great and why you might struggle with them

Each app we’ve chosen is free to use and available on both Android and iPhone. Whichever phone you’ve gone for to shoot your content, these will work fine.

Why do I need to use video editing apps?

Would you post a photo on your SinParty feed, or even your Insta without touching it up? Your videos deserve the same, if not better treatment. You can make big money from videos of solo play, blow jobs, or full sex scenes, and editing them will is going to make them worth more.

You don’t need to be amazing at editing your videos, but you should learn how to tidy things up around the edges, so to speak. With video editing apps, you can:

  • Get rid of the shaky start where you’re pressing Record and getting into position
  • Cut out bits where your cat gets in the way or you get a notification on your phone
  • Put a filter on to enhance the mood you’re going for in the video clip
  • Add music over your videos – make it a feature of your custom requests to up the price
  • Include text on the video to personalize the content for each party goer
  • Add emojis so you can post a teaser whilst covering up your nipples and vulva

It might all sound complicated, but the apps we’ve picked out are super user-friendly and you should be able to get started on some right away.

Being able to edit videos together is also a good way to recycle and refresh your content. You can make highlight reels of different times you’ve squirted or different creampies – anything you know your part goers are into.

Best Free Video Editing Apps for Your Phone


When you’re just getting to grips with editing your video content, keep it simple with InShot. It has a basic suite of features, allowing you to:

  • Trim the beginning and end of your video
  • Speed up or slow down the content
  • Add music over your scene
  • Put filters on to change the mood

Everything is really quick so you can get a quick custom ordered video shot and sent fast.

It is pretty limited so if you’re looking to really get into deep editing then keep reading for video editing apps with more features.

Wondershare FilmoraGo

With an Easy mode when you just want to quickly add a filter and trim the edges, or a more details suite of tools, FilmoraGo is a useful app to learn a few more tricks. There’s also a computer-based app so you can use your skills across devices.

There are transitions and other cool features for cutting between different scenes. The main drawback is that there will be watermark on your content unless you choose to upgrade to the paid version,

Adobe Premier Rush

You’ve probably already heard how great Adobe is for media apps, including their apps for making your tips menu pop. Premier Rush is a pared back version of Adobe Premier Pro so if you’re thinking you really want to get into editing your porn content, this is a great video editing to start with.

You can do all kinds, such as:

  • Trim, cut, and paste
  • Add music over the clip
  • Put a filter on
  • Change the video speed

Which may be a bit of a drawback – you’ll to spend some time really learning about the app to get the most out of it.


With YouCut there are a whole stack of features that you’d not expect on a free app. Basic functions like trimming down the beginning and end are there, as well as the music and filters you’d expect. You can add text and emojis on to your videos so that you can take one shot and personalize it many times over.

The interface is generally user-friendly but if you make a mistake it’s not always easy to undo and you might find yourself starting again.


You get to edit your video on your phone by adding multiple layers over your shots. This makes it easy to add text, stickers, and emojis which can come and go at different points. A stand out feature is the option to add handwriting over you video – extra personalization!

It is going to take some getting used to, so if you have this app, you’ll probably want to have something a little easier downloaded for quick edits, too.

The best video editing apps for making porn

You can charge per minute for the videos that you make, and you can up that per minute rate when you start to make really great, visually appealing content. Adding filters can make you and your beautiful body look amazing and trimming the start and end makes you look more professional.

The aim is to make more money with your videos. It really is worth the time and effort you need to put in to learn about video editing so you can really get your party popping.

You’ve hopefully already invested some time in kit like light rings, Bluetooth clickers, and tripods. Invest your time into learning about these free apps to make everything else work even better.

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