The Pornstar Martini – What Is It and How Did It Get Its Name? – SinParty Blog

The Pornstar Martini – What Is It and How Did It Get Its Name? – SinParty Blog

What’s a Pornstar Martini and how did it get its name?

If you’ve ever ordered a Pornstar Martini, you’ll know all about the bright orange color with the exotic fruit floating in it.

It might be a novelty to order it, especially if you’ve got a cute bartender you want to strike up a conversation with, but what’s it all about? Is it a drink for pornstars? Why is it linked with the sex industry anyway?

Since we work with pornstars – both amateur and professional – every day, we decided to do some digging on your behalf. We’re going to spoil you will all the details, like:

  • The full story behind how the Pornstar Martini got its name
  • What you need to make a Pornstar Martini
  • How to create your own Pornstar Martini

So you can know all the details and create your own after a long day of content creating.

Who named the Pornstar Martini?

Douglas Ankrah, a famous bar owner and mixologist, invented the Pornstar Martini. He’s originally from South Africa and moved to London in the 1990s to work as a bartender.

Way back in 2002, Douglas invented the Pornstar Martini cocktail. He owned and worked in Townhouse in London’s Soho when he put the famous cocktail together – the recipe is coming up soon.

There’s a lot of myth and legend surrounding how the Pornstar Martini got its name, and Ankrah encourages it. He says on his website, “There’s been so many claims and stories on how this cocktail was created. As we all know, people fall in love with stories that are told by the original creator”.

In an interview back in 2017, he also said, “I called it Pornstar because I thought it was something that a pornstar would drink”. It’d be interesting to know what pornstars think of the drink, so whip one up and let us know in the comments?

You can also call the Pornstar Martini a Maverick Martini. Mavericks is a strip joint in Cape Town, South Africa; a place you’d associate with sexy, confident women, too.

What are the ingredients for a Pornstar Martini?

Anyone who’s drank a Pornstar Martini will know that it’s both pretty damn sweet and there’s a sharpness to it, too.

Considering treating yourself to the drink of your profession? Think your partygoers will appreciate the fun of watching you drink a Pornstar Martini? Here’s what you need to by to whip one up:

  • Vanilla vodka, the two most common brands you’ll find are Absolut or Stolichnaya
  • Passion fruit liqueur, Passoa will be the one easiest to get hold of
  • Champagne, or Prosecco if you can’t get hold of it
  • 2 fresh passion fruits or passion fruit purée
  • Fresh lime juice
  • Simple syrup, also known as sugar syrup

You’ll also need some hardware to make the drink – unless you’re a cocktail fan already and have the kit on hand.

Grab yourself a simple cocktail set from Amazon so you have the shaker and the strainer so it’s easy to create your Pornstar Martini.

You traditionally serve the cocktail in a coupe glass.

You might be familiar with it as a glass to drink sparkling wine or Prosecco out of. It’s not life or death to use this glass, but if you creating the drink to show your partygoers and fans, then you should try and go all out.

How to make a Pornstar Martini

First, you need to know how much of everything you need to create this cocktail.

The ingredient list for a Pornstar Martini is:

  • 2fl oz or 60ml of vanilla vodka
  • ½fl oz or 30ml of passion fruit liqueur
  • ½fl oz or 30ml of freshly squeezed lime juice
  • ½fl oz or 30ml of simple syrup
  • 1 and a half passion fruit
  • 2fl oz or 60ml champagne or Prosecco

This is how you make a Pornstar Martini:

  • Scrape the insides out of the passion fruits, including the juice and seeds into your cocktail shaker. Add the vodka, passion fruit liqueur, lime juice, and syrup with ice.
  • Shake everything well until it’s chilled and mixed.
  • Pour through your cocktail strainer into your coupe glass to avoid seeds getting into the glass.
  • Serve the other half a passion fruit as a garnish, facing up in the glass, plus a teaspoon.
  • One the side, pour the champagne or Prosecco into a chilled shot glass.

That’s your Pornstar Martini made and ready to go.

pornstar martini
Photo by Donna Billson on Unsplash

How to drink a Pornstar Martini

You’ll find a range of different advice on how to enjoy your Pornstar Martini. At the end of the day, you’ve made it and you’re drinking it, so do what on Earth you like!

Some places tell you to eat all the passionfruit, drink all the champagne, and sip the cocktail. Others will tell you to drink the champagne, eat the passion fruit, then drink away.

Actually, they’re both wrong. To be sure, we checked out what the inventor of this cocktail says about how to drink a Pornstar Martini.

First, you should sip the cocktail and at the same time enjoy eating the flesh of the fruit that’s in the cocktail using the teaspoon.

Once the fruit has been eaten, take it in turns to drink the cocktail and the champagne, which is there as a palette cleanser – keeping your mouth fresh for the cocktail.

What is the Pornstar Martini?

The Pornstar Martini is a cocktail; invented in 2002 in a trendy bar in London. It uses vanilla vodka, passion fruit liqueur and fresh passion fruits, plus lime juice and simple syrup to create a mixed drink. Plus, there’s a shot of champagne on the side.

Its name comes from the sexy and evocative impression the inventor, Douglas Ankrah, has of pornstars and it was even originally named after a South African strip joint.

Try out the recipe and let us know how you – and maybe your partygoers – enjoyed your drink.

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