Tips Menus – Services, suggestions, and treats for 2021 – SinParty Blog

Tips Menus – Services, suggestions, and treats for 2021 – SinParty Blog

Tips Menus – Services, suggestions, treats, and more

Having a tips menu on your SinParty feed is a great idea. It gives your subscribers an idea of the services that you offer and the prices that you charge.

Every creator is different. The services on your tips menu is going to be a whole lot different if you’re a submissive, a furry, or making hardcore porn.

Whatever the vibe of your party, we’ve got some great ideas for what to include on your tips menu. You might have been working in the skin industry for years or are just starting out on your career; there’s always something new that you can try adding to your tips menu.

Here’s our top 10 tips menu ideas that you can use for your SinParty account.

1.      Dick ratings

Turn unsolicited dick pics into a money maker. You can charge for a whole range of services – there are plenty of men who want you to talk about their penis. Some of the different things you can add to your tips menu include:

  • A rating out of ten
  • A message with detailed feedback
  • A humiliating rating – as long as it’s asked for
  • A voice message giving your opinion

Be creative and remember that the more time and effort you put into making the rating, the more you can charge for it.

Check out our complete guide to dick ratings for more help and information.

2.      Picture sets

Your subscribers want to see your flesh, usually. Having collections of photos that you can sell for tips is a great way to boost your income on SinParty.

Consider grouping your sets based on the clothes you’re wearing, or not wearing, or the poses you’re pulling, for example. Have them ready to go, saved as a set, so that when someone sends you a tip asking for a set, you’re able to send them straight away.

You can include some examples of the sets you have, “Bubble butt from five different angles” or “Playing with my pussy until I cum”, on your menu or have subscribers ask for what they want.

3.      Custom photos

Everyone wants to feel special, and your fans sometimes will want you to take a photo or set of photos just for them. Maybe they want you to write their name on your thigh when you take pussy photos. Since you won’t be able to see that to anyone else, that’s a custom request that you can charge for.

You don’t have to specify a price for your custom photos, but include it on your menu:

“Slide into my messages to chat about custom photos”

Or whatever works for you to get them in your inbox.

4.      Custom videos

Most of the time, you’ll charge by the minute for custom videos. You can price simple requests, like “squirting and moaning your name” or “telling you how naughty you’ve been” depending on your style.

Invite your partygoers to send you a message for more specific content. As always, only ever do what you’re comfortable with and charge a price that you know your work is worth.

5.      Sexting

When your partygoers want to talk dirty with you, you can charge for your services – you’re a professional after all! Tell your subscribers that they can tip you to send sexual messages, with different rates for:

  • Text only
  • Messages with photos
  • Voice messages
  • Video clips

Your time is worth money and you can expect to be paid when you’re helping your party people get off.

6.      Pampering

You’ll have plenty of people who want to help you be you best. Make sure that you add options to treat you well to your tips menu.

There are lots of different options you can let people pay for, and reward them with pictures after. Ask your SinParty subscribers to pay for things like:

  • Manicure and pedicure
  • Trip to the hair salon
  • Massage
  • Facial

And anything else that’s available at your local spa. Hosting a SinParty is tough work, you deserve a treat.

7.      The girlfriend experience

This may mean different things to different people. You can define what you mean by “the girlfriend experience” on your tips menu or through chatting with your party pal.

It may include unlimited sexting, daily personal videos, live camera sessions, or anything else that you agree on. You’re basically bundling up some of your services and giving them cheaper to get the money up front.

8.      Showing support

We’ve all heard of sugar daddies, elusive as they may actually be. Although you may never land a daddy who’ll keep you in bank, you may well still find fans who want to make your life easier.

Add options to your tips menu such as “Pay my phone bill”, “Pay my rent”, or “Buy me drinks”. This lets your partygoers feel like they’re spoiling you, and you can choose to send thank you photos once you get the tip.

9.      Gifts

Your subscribers want you to keep your content fresh. Give them the option to help you along by buying you gifts to use in your videos.

You can add your Amazon wish list link to your SinParty account and refer to it on your tips menu. Alternatively, add a standard price for toys and lingerie or ask them to contact you. Having this option will appeal to subscribers who like the idea of directing your content or being more involved in your Party.

10. Playing games

Are you a gamer? You can charge your partygoers to join you to play online games, for a fee. Decide how much your time is worth – even if you’d be playing the game anyways.

Any game will work as long as it’s what your fan wants. Playing Call of Duty and talking to them or engaging in a game of Scrabble – it takes all kinds and having this as an option could set you apart from other parties they’re thinking of joining.

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