Jerk-Off Instructions – Your Complete Guide to JOI

Jerk-Off Instructions – Your Complete Guide to JOI

Your first request for a JOI video can be unnerving. What does JOI mean? How do you even start to make a jerk-off instruction video? 

JOI, or jerk-off instructions, are a super common request that you’ll get as a spicy content creator but you’re probably not familiar with the idea – that’s how you’ve got here. At SinParty, we know about spicy content, so we go you covered. 

To help you, er, get to grips with JOI, we’re going to get into:

  • Exactly what jerk-off instructions are
  • The different types of JOI you might encounter
  • A guide to making a JOI video

Helping you make the content your users are looking for. 

What is JOI?

JOI stands for jerk-off instructions, or you might sometimes hear it called jack-off instructions. It’s a type of porn video where a creator gives detailed instructions to their audience about how to masturbate themselves. 

In a JOI video, the creator – that’ll be you… – tells their audience exactly what they need to do to jerk themselves off. What you say will be super detailed and explicit and you’ll usually be talking straight into the camera. 

Often you’ll find creators in the femdom or dominatrix niche get these instructions a lot. There is an exchange of power in these interactions where the fan gets off on having their pleasure controlled by someone else. 

Jerk-off instructions vs. jerk-off encouragement (JOE)

A JOI video will be very directive; you’re telling the person watching your content exactly what to do to get themselves off – or not, if that’s your thing. You may sometimes be asked for jerk-off encouragement, which is a less dominating version of JOI. 

JOE is gentler in its approach. You’ll be telling the viewer that they’re doing a good job and that you like their dick. It’s a less submissive version of JOI and is more a part of the girlfriend experience that you may also offer. 

Different types of JOI

Jerking off is jerking off, right? Not when it comes to what your fans and followers are looking for. 

You may get asked for some pretty vanilla JOI videos that tell the watcher what to do and for how long, you’re going to find buyers with more niche tastes. This isn’t an exhaustive list of what you’ll find, but it should give you an idea of what might land in your SinParty inbox. 

  • Ruined orgasms and edging JOI: This type of JOI will bring your viewer right to the brink of cumming and then you won’t let them – you’ll ruin their orgasm. This is a type of domination where you take complete control of their pleasure and it’ll be your choice if you let them orgasm at the end of your video
  • Step-family JOI: Step-family content has boomed in the last couple of years and that translates into making JOI as well. Making a video where you roleplay being your viewer’s stepmom or stepsister will add to the thrill for them, if that’s their kink and if you’re into it. 
  • Cosplay JOI: A lot of JOI is going to be about the verbal instructions you give, but don’t underestimate the visual stimulation you offer. Putting on a cosplay outfit will add to the fantasy you offer to your audience and can even help you become more confident because you’re in character. 
  • Small penis humiliation JOI: Small penis humiliation, or SPH, is a niche all of its own, but you may be asked to mix telling someone how disgustingly tiny their dick is by instructing them on how to jerk it off at the same time. 

Now you know the different ways you might be asked to do JOI, let’s get into the details and see how to make a JOI video. 

How to make a JOI video

Every buyer will be different and some will want a different angle on the standard JOI video. There are some general guidelines that experienced creators will give you though…

Step 1 – Be comfortable

Talking directly into the camera can feel a lot different from masturbating or fucking on film. Take your time to get used to talking straight into the lens – it’s fine to practice, and you never know if these practices can be used as teasers or even as paid content!

Step 2 – Make a plan

Before you start filming your JOI video, make sure you know where it’s going to go. Write a script so you don’t get any uncomfortable umms and ahhhs as you’re dominating your audience. 

Have an idea of how long you want the video to be and how long each element is going to be, e.g. how many times are you going to tell them to stop, how long you’re going to have them play with their balls, etc. 

Step 3 – Pick your outfit

If you’re JOI video is a custom request, you probably want to check what the buyer wants you to wear. If it’s a video to go on your MyParty or a PPV, then decide what you’re going to wear. 

Some creators will stay fully clothed and even wear unsexy clothes – it’s all a part of the domination and control. It’ll depend on your style, but you can choose to wear lingerie or a cosplay outfit and even build a strip into your video to make sure your audience is desperate to cum for you. 

Step 4 – Make your set

Are you going to be lying in bed giving something of a girlfriend experience? Sat on your sofa? Wherever you are, make sure you get your lighting spot on because your camera is going to be intensely focused on you. 

Step 5 – Get into it

When you start filming, get into character. This is how you will be convincing for your buyers and have people stay subscribed and buy extra content. 

We get it, telling your phone how to have a wank is going to feel weird. If you tell yourself you’re a sexy teacher corrupting their college student for example, you should find it easy to take control of your video. 

Tips for making a JOI video

Still want to figure out how to make your JOI content for SinParty? Here are some tips that can help you…

  1. Having props handy can help you guide your viewer, so have your favorite dildo ready to show exactly what you’re telling them to do can help. 
  2. Talk about things like the pace you want them to go at and make sure you play with it so they get a jerk-off session they wouldn’t normally give themselves. 
  3. Control the intensity of the masturbation; tell them if you want them to use their whole hand around their dick or just a finger and thumb, for example.
  4. Use the timer on your phone so you can see how long you’ve been guiding your viewer in their jerk-off session. Remember, the longer the video, the more you can charge. 
  5. If your JOI video is a custom request, be sure to check what the buyer expects in terms of what you’re wearing, how they want you to talk to them, etc. 

 All about jerk-off instructions

Jerk-off instructions are a common request that you’ll get on SinParty. You get to take control of the masturbation session of your audience and have their dick in your hands – virtually at least. 

Want to bring your JOI content over to SinParty? Become a Sinner and tell your fans about your hottest new platform.

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