Small Penis Humiliation: What Is It and How to Do It

Small Penis Humiliation: What Is It and How to Do It

What is small penis humiliation, why do men like it, and how to do it

Small penis humiliation, sometimes shortened to SPH, is an internet subculture and a kink. As a creator on SinParty, it’s likely you’ll come across it as a custom request.

It’s not the most common of kinks. You’re more likely to get asked for feet pics or role play, yet small penis humiliation has a lot of fans. It’s worth knowing what it is and how it’s done.

To help you understand the kink and to give creators the inside track on how to satisfy requests, we’re going to look at:

  • What a guy means when he asks for small penis humiliation
  • How to can deliver on their request to humiliate their penis
  • Words and actions you can do to help make them feel tiny

So you’ve got the knowledge you need the next time SPH comes up in a discussion.

What is small penis humiliation?

Small penis humiliation is part of the dominant/submissive dynamic where the dominant – usually a woman – verbally insults and degrades a person with a penis.

It’s used a way to assert dominance over the man or person with a dick by insulting it and making them feel less of a man. It can also feel good for the dom in the situation. They can get turned on by being able to express power over the penis.

Interestingly, the person getting humiliated doesn’t always have a tiny dick.

A lot of the time, the penis is small and the person being bullied about it has accepted their shortcomings and have started to get turned on by it.

However, there are men with average-sized or even larger than average cocks that enjoy being berated for the cock size.

Just going to throw it out there at this point – there is a huuuuuuge range of penis sizes out there. It’s not all about size when it comes to pleasing women. Trust us, we asked them.

If men want to have their cock…

  • Judged
  • Berated
  • Humiliated
  • Degraded
  • Compared to tiny little things

… then we’re not going to stand in anyone’s way.

Why do men enjoy having their penis humiliated?

Link with any kink or fetish, there’s no one exact reason why men are into or why women and other men enjoy doing it.

A lot of the guys get off on it since they know they’re small and being told the truth. Think it of it like having their lifelong comparisons validated being a turn on.

There are also men who have small dicks, identify as straight, but still get horny when they see very big dicks. Maybe that’s about wanting what they know they can’t have?

There is also a link between cuckolding and SPH, which is when a woman cheats on her husband. In terms of SPH, the husband is told that she needs a bigger dick to satisfy her and he’s not worthy.

As with everything in sex, kink, and eroticism, there’s not one reason why people like what they do. The important thing, as ever, is consent. People should only be humiliated if they’ve given consent; no one should be made to speak to people in a way they’re not happy with.  

How to do small penis humiliation

Every person who wants their small dick to be degraded will want it done in their own way. It’s a kink, after all, so everyone will get off on it a little different.

The common ways you may be asked to deliver SPH include:

  • In writing – the simplest way that you’ll be asked to humiliate a dick is through a message. The man will send you a dick pic and you write a message telling exactly how little you think of his member
  • By voice – you may be asked to make a voice recording and send the audio file over. This would be you speaking about the tiny dick and why you’d never ever want to go near it, like, ever
  • In a video – small penis humiliation can be a real turn on for the man when they can see your facial and other physical reactions, such as seeing you point and laugh.

Inspiration for small penis humiliation

When you’ve agreed how you’re going to send the humiliating dick rating, you might want some ideas to help you craft your content.

First, there are some common words and phrases that people like to hear when having their peepee made a fool of. Work in things like…

  • Sad carrot
  • Pin dick
  • Shrimp dick
  • Mini hotdog
  • Baby dick
  • Boy cock
  • Jelly bean
  • Little clit

… and your fan should be happy.

Some other ideas to keep your content fresh, especially if you have repeat customers, include:


Tell them to go get a tape and measure it and report back to you, preferably by them sending a picture showing you how poorly it measures up.


Show the person you’re humiliating pictures of big dicks that you think are better than theirs, talk about past partners who were all a lot bigger, and pull out your big juicy dildos to shame them.


If you build up a dom/sub relationship with a person who enjoys SPH, consider giving them a nickname that points out how small their dick is and use every time you connect.

Masturbate to humiliate

Delivery your humiliating dick rating whilst you’re masturbating – obviously this works best on video – and explain exactly what their cock can’t do for you.

Get active

Laugh, make vomit noises and actions, point and giggle, yawn as you look at a picture of it; all of these things are a physical reaction that emphasizes why you don’t want their penis.

What is small penis humiliation?

Small penis humiliation is a kink that you’re going to come across and can make decent money when you fulfil the requests.

Men want you to tell them how awful, disgusting, tiny, and pointless their dick is, even if it’s not all that bad.

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