Looking for a solo sex toy? Here’s our pick of the best for 2021 – SinParty Blog

Looking for a solo sex toy? Here’s our pick of the best for 2021 – SinParty Blog

Looking for a solo sex toy? Here’s our pick of the best for 2021 – SinParty Blog

Self love is important and giving yourself some “me time” has all kinds of benefits. You should be including solo sex toys your self care regime.

Whether you’re a stress out momma, a busy office worker, or a sexed-out sex worker or creator or SinParty, you deserve an orgasm that’s just for you. It’s perfectly fine to masturbate even when you’ve got a partner or spend half your day cumming on camera.

Sex toys for solo use have different benefits than toys for couples or ones you use when making your porn content. Some of the great things about solo sex toys include:

  • You get to pick your pleasure and be utterly selfish in what you want
  • There’s no one be intimidated when you use a 9-inch veiny dildo
  • It’s easy to explore new pleasures for the first time, such as trying out anal play

To be fair, the argument for getting yourself off after a long day is probably already won. What we need to get into is the best toys for you to get yours when there’s no one else around. Let’s take a look at some of the best sex toys for solo use for a range of needs and budgets.

Best technologically advanced solo sex toy

Don’t be put off, tech is your friend when it comes to sex toys.

Anyone else remember when the rampant rabbit was the best dildo there was? Well, sonar suckers are the next big thing, ready to literally pull your orgasm out of you.

The toys use sonic pulses to simulate oral sex – it’s like it’s sucking on your clit with pulses. Your orgasm is going to be intense, and if you’ve never stacked multiple orgasms, this is probably your opportunity.

Even better, there’s not need to move the sucker around whilst it does its job. It’s the ultimate lazy sex toy, as well as being super discreet.

Check out the Lelo Sona Cruise for $99. You’ll get a lovely, long, tingly orgasm with the device that creates air waves around your clit. It’s designed to sit over your bean without pressure changes – it’s made of hard plastic so you don’t want to push down too hard!

lelo sona solo sex toy
Image source: Lelo

The best bullet solo sex toy

Bullets are small and barely noticeable. They pack a lot of vibrations and pulses into a small package that can work to stimulate you all over your body. Use your bullet on your:

  • Neck
  • Inner thighs
  • Nipples
  • Ass
  • Clit
  • Labia
  • Vaginal opening

And get your whole body vibing (see what we did there?)

Target your bullet where you know your orgasm comes from or experiment with areas that you’ve maybe not given a lot of attention – it’s all about you with your sex toys for solo use.

The Cooxer bullet is waterproof, meaning you can mix your self-love with self-care in the bath or shower. It doesn’t look like a typical sex toy with its sleek, black design and it even comes with a remote if you do decide to share the pleasure with a partner.

Bullet solo sex toy
Image source: Amazon

You get ten different vibration speeds, a USB charging cable and even a cut carry tin to put everything in. Throw it in your weekend bag and no one will know what you’ve got in store for your time away.

Best of all, it’s a steal at $24 for all the orgasms you’re going to get out of it.

Best solo sex toy that doesn’t look like a sex toy

Whether you feel like you’ve tried all the solo sex toys or you’re just starting out on your masturbatory journey, you need to know about The Ballerina from Smile Makers.

solo sex toy the ballerina
Image source: Smile Makers

Check out the shape. Doesn’t look like your typical sex toy, right? Named because it looks like the toes of a ballerina, it’s designed for your whole vulva.

Rather than focussing purely on the bean of your clit, or on heading into your love tunnel, the vibes get spread around. Hold the toy in the palm of your hand and place it over your whole intimate area.

Playing with the pressure is where you’re going to find the fun here. You can press it down against the clit whilst your lips and entrance to your pussy still get stimulated. Take the force down to the entry and rock it side to side to get the lesser pleasured internal parts of your clit.

It ain’t cheap at $200 a pop, but it’s definitely worth the investment to discover new joys.

Best g-spot sex toy for solo play

Along with the clit, all women know the joy of hitting the g-spot juuuuuuust right. For any men who’ve made it this far, the g-spot is a couple of inches up on the front – clit side – of the vagina.

A sex toy specifically for the spot will have a curved or bulbed tip to make sure the vibrations target right where you want it. They’re generally not very long, it’s not about length to get to the g-spot.

The Je Joune G-spot Bullet Vibe has an angled, flared tip to stimulate your g-spot. It’s waterproof so you can use it to get horny as you clean up. You get seven intensity and pulsing sensations to experiment with what gets you off, too.

solo sex toy for g spot
Image source: Babeland

It ain’t pink, either. Lots of sex toys play into traditional ideas of femininity and go for shades of pink. This one comes in dark purple or blue – making it a little more subtle if you want you take it on your holidays, too.

At just shy of $60, it’s a good value option that’ll be oh-so-worth it.

Best solo sex toy for anal pleasure

Anal isn’t for everyone, but you have to try it to know. Experimenting on your own can be a lot less intimidating that with a partner. You’ll figure out if you like and what you want before opening your ass to anyone.

The Flora Anal and Vaginal Rechargeable Sex Toy Vibrator is a toy that will introduce anal play to you at your own pace. It’s also a good way to see if you like the idea of double penetration.

anal solo sex toy
Image source: V for Vibes

The two heads – one smooth and one contoured – can go into either hole and vibrate at seven speeds. Try one at a time or have both inside you and understand the different pleasures that can come from the area.

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