What’s the Best Sex Toy for Couples in 2021? – SinParty Blog

What’s the Best Sex Toy for Couples in 2021? – SinParty Blog

Best Sex Toys for Couples in 2021

Sex isn’t all about dicks, mouths, and hands. Sex toys often crop up on porn and they’re a great addition to your sex life. With that in mind, we’ve put together this guide to the best sex toy for couples for you to try.

Everyone looks for something different in a sex toy. Toy for creating porn content on SinParty will be different to the toys you’ll want to use for intimate moment with your partner. Obvs, there’ll be a crossover but the general demands are different.

This list has toys that can be used by same- or different-sex couples equally and has ideas whether you know your rabbit from your rings or are just starting to explore toys in the bedroom.

Best sex toy for couples starting to experiment

love honey

If you’re just starting out on your journey of brining toys into you sex life, something that’s small and sweet should keep everyone happy. The Love Honey Fifty Shades Freed Lost in Each Other vibrating cock ring works for couples who want to explore vibration together.

Primarily, it works for woman/man relationships although there’s nothing stopping a couple with two dicks or two vaginas and a strap on trying it out, too. You get a vibrating ring that will help sustain a longer, harder erection.

The good stuff

  • Three vibration speeds with seven patterns
  • The rabbit ears offer clitoral stimulation
  • Good value at $38

Be wary of

  • The battery life, it might need recharging often

Best sex toy for long distance relationships

we vibe sync

The power of the internet has finally reached your knickers. The We-Vibe Sync is a remote and app-controlled sex toy for couples to enjoy even when they’re continents apart.

The toy sits in your vagina with a small piece that sits outside, right on your clit. As well as adding an extra element to penetrative or digital stimulation, you can pass control of when it vibrates to your partner. It connects to an app that lets someone turn on the vibrations. As long as there’s an internet connection, you’re good to go.

The good stuff

  • It hits the two female orgasm hot spots – the clitoris and G-spot
  • Can be worn anywhere, whether you’re at your desk or out shopping
  • Each charge should last up to two hours of play time

Be wary of

  • The price – it’s $149 dollars so it’s an investment in pleasure

Toys for the experimental couple

When you’ve explored dildos, vibrators, bullets, and rings, you might want to explore a different side to sex. Fantasies like spanking, blindfolding, or gagging are a lot more common than a lot of people would assume and the PALOQUETH Bondage Set allows couples to explore.

bondage set uses

Anyone can enjoy the bits of kit you get, from furry teasers to a ball gag and handcuffs. You can start gentle and explore the type of impact and pain play you enjoy as a couple without having to buy new things every week.

The good stuff

  • The kit has ten pieces of BDSM gear so you can try out different elements of BDSM
  • Everything is made of leather and metal which can play into other fetishes and kinks
  • At $25 it’s amazing value for the amount of fun you can get

Be wary of

  • It’s not super sturdy – it’s a starter kit so nothing is too solid or strong

Sex toys for couples who are experienced with play

anal education

Looked at these and thinking “next!”? Tried the cock rings and vibrators and ready to experience something new? Ass play might be your next experiment, on the men or women in the relationship. The Anal Education Set from B-Vibe is the kit you need to start explore your rear entry.

Anal sex needs time and patience, not a dry dick or dildo penetrating first time. This kit has three different sized anal plugs to help you and your partner learn about the feeling and decide if you want to progress up to the next size.

Interested in how to introduce a butt plug into your sex life? Our erotica stories are here to inspire you.

The good stuff

  • Includes three sizes of plugs, including a vibrating one and a weighted one
  • Comes with a lube launcher and a travel bag, creating travel plugs for your holidays
  • You get a free book all about ass play to help you learn the ropes (see above)

Be wary of

  • The intense vibrations – they can be transmitted through your body rather than concentrated

Sex toys for couples who want to spoil her

le wand

Not leaving anyone out here – men can get in on the vibey action of the Le Wand Pleasure Set – but it does focus on clitoral and vaginal stimulation. It looks similar to the porn classic Hitachi Magic Wand but it comes with an array of attachments.

The additions to the soft and flexible vibrating end can change the texture of the stimulation for your clit and some are designed to be inserted too. It’s small enough to bring it to your clit for dick in pussy sex and will add new, non-penis looking elements to femme-on-femme action.

The good stuff

  • Comes with five attachments to change up the action and use
  • You get 20 vibe patterns and ten levels of intensity to experiment with
  • As well as working as a couple vibe for massaging and sex, it’s a great solo toy, too

Be wary of

  • Water use – it’s splashproof for rinsing off but can’t be used in the bath or shower

What’s the best sex toy for couples?

Whichever stage you’re at in your relationship – experimenting in the honeymoon phase or working to keep the flame sparking – you’ll find a good sex toy for couples in this list. Cock rings work great for those who are hesitant, whilst bondage sets will give you chance to really explore and let go.

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