What’s in Santa’s Sack? Sexy Christmas Gift Guide

What’s in Santa’s Sack? Sexy Christmas Gift Guide

Sexy Christmas gifts and where to find them

Christmas might conjure up ideas of innocence and family-friendly fun, it’s the perfect time to get a bit kinky. While most of the world is cold and dark, you can get under the sheets – solo or with a partner – and use some sexy Christmas gifts.

Giving naughty Christmas presents is the perfect way to show your friends that you really care about their needs. After all, there are huge health benefits to orgasms and sexy toys like dildos, vibrators, or even paddles and whips can all add to the bedroom fun.

If you want to give the gift of orgasms this Christmas, we’ve prepared a list of the sexiest Christmas gifts for all the special people in your life, including:

  • Your favorite lesbian pal
  • The vanilla couple who need some spice
  • A horny woman bestie who needs some orgasms
  • A man who wants to up his sex game

Plus, we’ll tell you the best gift you can give your favorite porn creator this holiday season.

A sexy Christmas gift for your favorite lesbian

Really want lesbian best friend to go wild over the Christmas gift you give her?

Hook her up with the latest sex toy technology and invest in a clit sucker and she’ll have a very happy new year. This new way to orgasm solo sends sound waves through the clit and feels just like your pussy is being eaten.

We adore the Lovehoney Womanizer Starlet 2, because:

  • It’s a cute orange color – no tacky pinks here
  • It’s rechargeable
  • It’s waterproof and submergible so your bestie can have the best bath of her life
  • It’s palm-sized so can be kept discreet
Image source: Lovehoney

The best Christmas gift for the dom in your life

A dom, dominatrix, or dominator – the person who tells their partner exactly how to behave during sex – can be tough to buy a sexy Christmas gift for. After all, they’re used to getting what they want.

As well, every dom is different – some like to mete out physical punishment, some like to be worshipped… You get the picture.

We’re going to make the assumption that most folks into the BDSM lifestyle are into restraint and recommend you get them some under-the-bed restraints. Even kinky folk that are new to restraints will appreciate having some kit good to go.

sexy christmas gift under bed restraints
Image source: Adam and Eve

A sexy Christmas gift to spice up a vanilla couple

Maybe you’re the vanilla couple, or maybe your friend has been telling you about their unfulfilling sex life and you want to give them a hand. You don’t have to join them in the bedroom – although that’s an option – you can buy them a toy to enjoy together.

A remote sex toy, like the Lush 3 from Lovense, can bring some gentle adventure to a couple without being too daring.

She puts the toy in her pussy and her partner gets control of the vibrations through Bluetooth and a mobile app. The Lush 3 should stay in place on a shopping trip, dinner date, or through a movie, with the controlling partner giving good vibes at their discretion.

If your friend looks a little flushed next time you see her, you’ll have yourself to thank…

lush 3 sex toy
Image source: Lovense

A horny Christmas present for a woman who needs to cum

The ultimate sex toy for a woman who just needs to get the orgasm in, through, and out her system has to be the Magic Wand.

It’s a legend among sex toys and features is more porn than we’ve ever watched – and we’re here on a porn site. The Hitachi wand has a glorious history of helping women get their orgasms and porn creators swear by the intense vibrations to get them squirting.

Possibly the only down side of buying your horny woman friend a magic wand is that you might not see her for a while. When you do see her, expect a whole lot of appreciation for the fun you brought to her life, though.

best sex toy for porn magic wand
Image source: Amazon

The Christmas gift for a man who aims to please

Sex toys have a reputation as being about female pleasure and men tend to get left behind. There is the Fleshlight which can be made into a celebrity vulva, but that’s pretty much a solo toy.

For a man who wants to go all out and impress his partner, a vibrating cock ring is where it’s at. With this type of toy, you get:

  • A more sustained erection since it’s kinda tight around the dick
  • Vibrations through your dick and balls
  • The vibey sensation sent through to the partner you’re penetrating

Meaning everyone involved in the action is getting some fun out of it.

We love the Tor 2 from Lelo. It’s a sleek design with super intense vibrations that all involved are going to get thrills from. You can even use it on your partner as a finger vibe once your hardon has been spent to make sure they get the pleasure they deserve.

tor 2 sexy christmas gifts
Image source: Lelo

The best Christmas gift for the porn creator in your life

People who make porn know all about sex and will usually have a good stash of sexy clothes, their favorite sex toys, and all the production gear they need to do their thing.

What do you buy the porn star who has everything? We reckon you keep it as simple as a tip to their account. Spending money on their content will give them a buzz that you enjoy what they do and let them buy the toys or lingerie they want.

Feel the need to give them something more personal? Drop them a message, ask what they want for themselves, then drop the cash. You can even request some custom content with your gift – for an extra tip.

Sexy Christmas gifts

Being naughty is always fun, and being on Santa’s naughty list can bring you some sexy presents to keep you warm until the summer months hit. Our hot Christmas gift guide should be all the inspiration you need.

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