What Are Pelvic Floor Muscles and Why You Should Train Them – SinParty Blog

What Are Pelvic Floor Muscles and Why You Should Train Them – SinParty Blog

Exercising your pelvic floor for better sex

You’ve probably heard of pelvic floor muscles, but what are they actually all about? Are they important, and what can you do to improve them?

If you’ve had a baby – or a friend has – you’ll have come across pelvic floor muscles or Kegels, but they’re not all about childbirth. There are loads of reasons you want to work on these muscles to get your SinParty content and your health on point.

There are already cameras, lighting, toys, and editing to think about – now you’ve got to start working out? Yup, you’ve got to keep your insides healthy and trained to make great content.

Don’t stress, it’s pretty simple, and we’re going to break it down with details on:

  • What your pelvic floor muscles are
  • Why you want to be exercising your pelvic floor muscles
  • How pelvic floor training benefits men, too

And we’ll finish up with some solid examples of how you can whip your pelvic floor into shape.

What are pelvic floor muscles?

Your pelvic floor muscles, sometimes called Kegels or Kegel muscles, give you strength around your ass, your bladder, and your vagina or dick.

Most people won’t notice them until they become an issue, like peeing when you laugh or sneeze.

They run like a hammock from your pubic bone at the front to your tail bone at the back and kind of keep everything held up.

Not sure where your pelvic floor muscles are? Find your Kegels by stopping peeing mid-flow when you’re on the toilet one time. Don’t do that too often, though, because it ain’t great for your bladder.

As well as your pee muscles, they’re the same muscles you’ll use to hold in a fart if that helps you find them.

Why do I need to do pelvic floor exercises?

There are a few health benefits to keeping your pelvic floor in good shape. These include:

  • Better control when you pee
  • More control over pooping
  • For women, less painful sex and stronger orgasms
  • For men, a reduction in problems getting hard

Clearly, here at SinParty, we want to understand those last two better.

For women, the pelvic floor interacts with your vagina and clit – which has parts that wrap around your vagina.

During an orgasm, these muscles contract, so if you work on making them stronger, your orgasm will be stronger, too. You’ll also improve your blood flow to the area, which should make everything around your pussy more sensitive.

Even better, you’re more likely to be able to squirt when you have more control of your pelvic floor muscles. At the height of your orgasm, relaxing your pelvic floor should see those floodgates open and have you squirt like a pro.

For men, there’s been a study done that found that men who changed their lifestyle to eat better and did pelvic floor muscles were able to overcome erectile dysfunction better. Basically, if you struggle to get it up, work on that pelvic floor, guys.

Do pelvic floor muscles affect anal sex, too?

Yes, there does seem to be a link between exercising your pelvic floor muscles and taking it up the ass.

One recent study found that both men and women who had anal sex had higher chances of incontinence – that is, not being able to control your poop so well.

It’s also known that doing your Kegel exercises firm up your ass control muscles as well as the ones that boost pussy and penis control.

By working on your Kegels, you should be able to prevent some nasty ass action. Pun intended, obvs.

What are some exercises for pelvic floor muscles?

Luckily, you can train your pelvic floor muscles safely and easily at home. You can even do it right now, wherever you are, reading this.

Let’s give it go…

  1. Identify your pelvic floor muscles by squeezing the muscles that would stop your pee
  2. Hold them tight for three seconds, and then let go
  3. After another three seconds, squeeze them again

Do that for ten rounds a time, three times per day, and you’re on your way to getting killer pelvic floor muscles.

You don’t want to be using your ass cheeks, thighs, or tummy muscles when you do these steps. If you can feel your body rising or moving on the outside at all, try again and focus only on them pee muscles.

You can also do squats to boost your pelvic floor. Propper squatting works all your core internal muscles, including your Kegels. Firm up your ass, tummy, thighs, and pelvic floor? *squats*

Doing “bridge” exercises can also help. Rather than go into details, here’s a video that really simply shows you what we mean.

Using Kegel balls and butt plugs can also help tighten your vaginal and anal muscles respectively.

Kegel balls are balls attached to a string that you put up your coochie and basically challenge it to keep them in. You can keep them up there all day, just working to improve your orgasm as you’re buying groceries.

Using small butt plugs, rather than the massive ones preferred by size queens, will help your ass clench tight again. Using training butt plugs can make sure you function normally even when you enjoy big dick going up.

Why should I train my pelvic floor muscles?

Your pelvic floor is functional and stronger muscles will give you better bladder and ass control. Whilst that’s great, here at SinParty we’re all about sexual pleasure, and the pelvic floor also improves your sex life.

You’ll be able to better control your squirting if you’re making content, you’ll get a better orgasm, and any penis that goes inside you will feel you clench down stronger. Who doesn’t want all of these benefits?

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