5 Top Tips for Making Solo Videos – How to Make Solo Porn Pop

5 Top Tips for Making Solo Videos – How to Make Solo Porn Pop

Everything you need to know to make solo videos for SinParty

New to making solo videos? Not sure where to start or how to up your content game? We’ve got all the advice you need to get your content on point and bringing in the dollar.

When you watch the content from successful porn creators, it can look effortless. It should, because that’s what buyers and subscribers want to see. How do you get to that top-level content?

There are different things you need to consider and we’re going to look at how stars making solo videos get things right. Here, we’re going to cover our five top tips, looking at:

  • Where to make content
  • What you need to do with your body
  • How to get the right lights
  • Which camera you need to be using
  • The clothing you need to make great videos

So you can elevate your content and your prices.

Locations for making solo videos

Everyone has a different audience on SinParty and their other platforms. The location you shoot will depend on what type of content you’re making, for example:

  • Scat content might work best in the bathroom
  • A gamer girl will probably want their rig in the background
  • Dom creators might want their props on show or a darker room

Whichever scene or location you pick, keep it simple – you want all eyes to be on you and what you create.

This means getting rid of laundry, having clean bedsheets, and not having unrelated noises – turn off the TV!

You can also consider investing in extra kit like a green screen so you can set the scene. This lets you get creative with your location and you can even personalize content and make money from custom requests.

The best position for making solo videos

Where you position your body will all depend on what you’re doing. Playing with yourself using a dildo will need you to be in a different position than if you’re making a dick rating clip.

For example, if you want to show off your ass, a low angle will show off your curves well. If you’re a submissive, having the camera point down on you shows you’re below the view.

Of course, you want to be in a position that’s comfortable. Your video may only be a few minutes long, but you’ll be filming for much longer.

Check your angles with a test shoot before you start filming. This lets you know if you’re actually happy with how you’re going to look on screen.

Finally, you want to make sure you can easily control your camera. This is where a Bluetooth remote for your phone or camera comes in. It’s a small remote that lets you control when recording starts so you can be in position before you shoot, pause when you want to move, and generally have more power over your shoot.

 Getting the lighting right for your solo videos

The absolute dream is to shoot your content with natural light. However, having your tits and pussy on show through your window in the middle of the day is giving your content to your neighbors for free…

There’s a range of lighting options that you can invest in. A light ring is the first thing you should consider buying. They’re generally pretty cheap but prices can get higher if you want to control the color of your light, have a phone mount in the ring, etc.

When you want to get real serious about your content, you can get more expert-level lighting. This can give you dark, sultry vibes and stark white light for hardcore shoots.

Portable lighting is worth investing in if you plan to travel and shoot, in hotel rooms for example.

The best camera for making solo videos

Cameras can range from a simple smartphone to top-of-the-range iPhones, all the way to pro-level DSLRs and video cameras.

As a general rule of thumb, you should invest in the best camera you can afford. Whilst lots of people appreciate the amateur nature of the content you create; they also appreciate the details like the bumps on your nipples or seeing exactly how wet you get.

Our top picks for phones and cameras for making porn include:

While at the budget end, we like the OnePlus 7 Pro.

Invest in a tripod that works with your camera, too.

When you film, do more than one shot. For example, if you’re filming solo masturbation, start with a full-body shot, then another shot that features your body from waist to mid-thigh, and end with a shot close up as you cum and squirt – if you know how to.

Finally, be sure to edit your content well. There are lots of editing apps that work on your phone or computer that should up the production value of your content.

What to wear when making solo videos

Wear what makes you feel comfortable, confident, and sexy when you’re filming. If you’re not happy with your clothing your subscribers and buyers will know and won’t be down for watching.

Generally, you’ll want to have a decent lingerie collection and you might also want to invest in cosplay outfits and kit for roleplay if that’s your jam.

The clothes and underwear you use will be down to the audience you have. If in doubt, ask them to tell you what they like and even tell them to tip you so you can buy their fantasy outfits!

Tips for making solo videos

Making solo videos is where a lot of creators on SinParty will start out. It’s generally easy; you don’t need to ask for any help, you’re not worrying how soon a guy will blow his load, and the kit you need is minimal.

Following our tips will make sure your content is good enough to command top dollar when you start to sell on SinParty.

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