Where Are All the Big Dicks? Cocks of All Sizes and Where to Find Them – SinParty Blog

Where Are All the Big Dicks? Cocks of All Sizes and Where to Find Them – SinParty Blog

Big Dicks and Where to Find Them

Big dicks are an obsession for lots of people. Mainly men. That’s right, most women don’t care about the size of the penis of a man she has sex with.

We all know that penises come in all shapes, sizes and colors. Yet there seems to be an ideal around dicks that is wholly unachievable for the vast, vast majority of men.

With that, we want to talk about big dicks, massive cocks, huge schlongs. We’re not here to talk about how to make it longer, fatter, or more aesthetically appealing, instead we’re going to look at:

  • The average size of penis and how it varies around the world
  • Some of the biggest penises ever recorded
  • How women feel about extra-long dongs

Ensuring you know all there is to know about big dicks and whether women like them.

How big is the average penis?

Across the globe, the average penis is approximately 5.5 inches, or 14cm for our metric-minded readers. To put that into perspective, that’s roughly the height of the standard iPhone 12.

When it comes to girth – how fat or chubby it is – the average penis is 4.59 inches, or 11.66 cm all around. Ask most women and they’d tell you that girth is equally or even more important than length when they have sex.

These are the numbers for erect penises. What are the measurements for a flaccid dick?

In one study, it was found that a non-erect cock was 3.5 inches or 8.8cm long. This study put the average stiffy at 5.1 inches, though, and done in the USA so there’s no diversity in the sample.

What country has the biggest dicks?

That geographic range is super important. As you can see from our map below, there’s a vast range of penis sizes across the globe.

big dicks around the world

On an international scale, the smallest average penis size is North Korea, coming in at 3.8 inches or 9.7cm. Interestingly, you only have to hop over the demilitarized zone to add an extra half inch – the Kim family are the masters of small dick energy, it seems.

You’ll find the big dicks aplenty in the Democratic Republic of Congo, according to the statistics. Men pack an average of 7.1 inches, or a full 18cm.

On a continental scale, South America is where you’ll find a sustained, larger-than-average penis size. Big dicks are everywhere, with 6.36 inches or 16.2cm available for the dick-enjoyers down those ways.

Who’s had big dicks through history?

Currently, there are two men who claim to have the world’s biggest dicks.

The first is Jonah Falcon, who packs 8-9 inches, 20-23cm, when on flop – he says it varies by temperature. Getting hard, he measures in at 13.5 inches which is 34.2cm long and up to 8 inches, or 20cm, in girth.

Meanwhile, in Mexico Roberto Esquivel Cabrera is packing 18.9 inches – 48 whole centimetres. He claims that women don’t want to have sex with him because it goes past his knees.

Delving into the history books, did you ever hear that famed American bank robber John Dillinger had a huge dick? So huge, that it was pickled and stored at the Smithsonian? Both bullshit, but who are we to get in the way of the story.

dillinger's big dick

The picture of his body in the morgue, that you can see above, lends the man an air big dick energy. Alas, it’s only his arm and the length of his dong will never be known.

Ra-ra-Rasputin is another historic figure who is said to have been rather well endowed. He was an adviser to the last Tsar of Russia and him and his 13-inch, 33cm, dick regularly fucked the Tsar’s wife. Word is, it was even worshipped as a symbol of fertility – some real big dick energy going on.  

Why do Greek and Romans have small penises in sculptures?

When you look at images of Greek and Roman statues, ever noticed the lack of big dicks? Have men evolved to have bigger Johnsons over time?

Not quite. Back in the day, around 2-3,000 years ago, small dicks equalled big brains. If you were an intellectual, having a small penis would underline your braininess. My, how the cultures have changed…

Do women like big dicks?

Every woman is different – they all like different things. What we can say for sure is that most women prefer what the describe as “medium”. We asked a few hundred women, and without putting measurements on small, medium, or big, the vast majority went for medium as their description of choice.

does penis size matter?

What you will find when talking to most women is that it’s not about the dick, it’s what you do with it – “it’s not the size of the wheat, it’s the way that you eat”. If you can give a woman an orgasm, she’s likely not going to care if you use:

  • Hands
  • Mouth
  • Penis
  • Dildo
  • Fruit and vegetables (after they’ve been washed and a condom applied…)

As long as the orgasm is forthcoming.

no such thing as a perfect penis

We even asked women to tell us about their experiences with different penises. Women can still be sexually satisfied by a micro-penis, and some women are outright intimidated by a lengthy member.

Every dick is different, and what each woman likes is also different.

Where are all the big dicks?

Stashed in the pants of men around the world.

Although we’ve been looking at averages here, they are only averages. You could fuck a North Korean guy who’s hung like Jimi Hendrix – although try not to let the dear leader know. You might end up in bed with a dude from the Congo with a drinking straw waiting to satisfy you.

Does size matter, as long as every having sex is enjoying it? Not at all. Some men even get off on having their small dicks humiliated through dick ratings. So there’s always that…

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