5 Reasons Why Santa Claus is the Ultimate Daddy

5 Reasons Why Santa Claus is the Ultimate Daddy

Is Santa the ultimate daddy?

You probably stopped believing in Santa when you were a little kid, but do you really want to magic to end there? When you think about the man the white suit, he definitely a daddy.

He’s a man with infinite knowledge of the naughty and nice people, he’s got a huge sack to empty, and he’s only got to make people happy one time a year. Who doesn’t want to have a sex life like that?

If you’ve ever though about hunting down some Santa porn, you’re not alone. There are plenty of horny people out there who are looking for the exact same thing.

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Want to know more about why Santa Claus is the top daddy? We’re going to look at:

  • Who Santa is
  • What makes a man a daddy
  • The five reasons why Santa is the number one daddy

Who is Santa Claus?

We all know is the jolly fat guy who flies around on a sleigh and wears a red suit as he drops into homes around the world to empty his sack.

The legend of Santa actually goes back to around 1700 years ago. There was a guy in Turkey who was kind to kids and he became the patron saint of children, this is the original Saint Nicholas.

A whole bunch of stories kick around at this time of year about the history or Santa Claus. Lots of people blame his big belly and red suit on Coca Cola. It’s not quite true – he was a red-brown color in the UK before Coke came along.

Wherever he came from, the idea of Santa as a man with a list of the naughty and nice people, who gives away the contents of his sack, and with free access to homes late at night, stands to this day.

What’s a daddy?

Apart from being a father to kids, a daddy when we’re talking about sex is an older man in a position of authority who can tell his partner what to do sexually.

Like so many common sex slang words such as size queen, a daddy started off as a term in gay culture. A daddy is a man who is in charge, who can tell you what to do, and make you happy all at the same time.

There’s also links to sugar baby arrangements. The man who provides the cash and treats for a baby is the sugar daddy – he’s the one with the power in the arrangement and lets his baby have fun and feel young.

All of these ideas get plenty of people hot and horny. It’s not everyone’s kink, but loads of people like to have someone be in control and take charge of their sex.

Does the power that Santa has make him the biggest daddy of them all?

Is Santa Claus the ultimate daddy?

1.      Mrs. Claus is a hottie

Every Christmas we get a taste of the hot young thing that is Santa’s wife. You’ve seen the images – she wears a red corset or teddy, stockings, red lace panties, and a little bit of white fur to top off the look.

Thousands of women dress up like Santa’s missus each festive season, so we know that:

  1. Santa’s wife is certified sexy
  2. Beautiful women everywhere want to bang Santa on the regular

Definite daddy material.

2.      He knows where the naughty women live

Being a good daddy means knowing where to go get what you want.

Santa’s known for having his list – that he checks twice, like a good boss – that’s filled with the names of all the naughty and nice people in the world.

When Ol’ Nick is looking for some hardcore sex and a session of anal with a bad girl, he knows where to go. If he needs some sweet lovin’ from a hottie who knows how to treat him right and be a good girl, he just needs to pull put the nice list.

When you’ve got a list of the best women in the world, you’re definitely in big daddy territory.

3.      There are songs about his daddy credentials

“Santa baby, just slip a Sable under the tree for me

Been an awful good girl

Santa baby, so hurry down the chimney tonight”

Purred Marilyn Monroe and plenty of sex bombs after her.

How many old men with long white beards get invited to hurry down a good girl’s chimney in song?

He’s definitely wanted and desired by women the world over, he even kisses MILFs under the mistletoe and gets away with it.

With offers of naughty moments under Christmas trees the world over, with cookies and milk as an energy booster along the way, Santa is a daddy for sure.

4.      Gays and women love him

Santa isn’t just a fantasy daddy figure for women, there are plenty of gay men that are into the idea of Santa being their daddy.

The searches for “gay Santa” across the world may not be quite as high as “Santa porn” that we saw up top, but there are definite spikes in demand to see Santa’s chubby ass give or receive some attention.

5.      Santa has his own porn genre

If you’re not already convinced that Santa is the ultimate daddy – dude has his own porn genre.

We’ve seen how much people love to watch the big guy get laid with how much they search for him. You don’t have hip-hop stars or magazine owners being the subject of thousands of hours of porn like Santa does.

He hits the heights of sexual stardom and desire that other men can only dream of. Even some of the other big stars of Christianity like Jesus and the Pope just can’t measure up to how much people want to watch Santa get sleighed. 

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