How to Have Sex in Public: Your Complete Guide

How to Have Sex in Public: Your Complete Guide

Your complete guide to fucking alfresco

Alfresco sex, or sex in public, is a fantasy for loads of people, but how does it work?

If you’ve only ever thought about it and not gotten round to it yet, or you’re into it and want some fresh inspiration, this is the guide for you. Sex in public can be a great way to put some kink back into your relationship It’s also a popular porn category that you can branch into.

To get you fucking in the sunshine – or star shine – we’re going to go through:

  • How to plan your public sex session
  • Ideas for where you can have sex in public
  • Some of the things you need to consider before you start

Time to bone up on public sex etiquette.

How do I plan to have sex in public?

Sex in public can be all kinds of fun. A major thrill is knowing you can get caught. Also, the sun and the wind on your naked body or new sensory experience can all add up to a different sexual experience.

It’s possible to have sex in public on the fly, but putting some planning in, even for the first couple of times, helps. Here are the things you need to prepare for your public fuck fest:

  • A partner – not everyone is going to be into the idea of their ass bouncing under the moonlight or sucking dick in a public restroom. Scout out your current partner if you have one or find someone with the same ideas as you.
  • Some research – there are lots of countries and states where public nudity and sex are illegal. Know your local laws. It’s even possible to end up on the sex offenders’ register in some US states so tread carefully.
  • The right time – plan where you’re going public and when it won’t – and will – be busy. You have no right to make people watch you have sex. On the flip side, there are places dedicated to letting others voyeur on your sexual exploits.
  • The right place – there’s a whole lot of options for where to have sex in public – ideas coming up. Everyone will have a different fantasy. If you want to get jiggy in nature you’ll want somewhere very different than if you want to thrill of maybe getting caught.

Where can I have sex in public?

As we’ve said, the first thing is to make sure you’re not getting in on anywhere that’s going to get you into trouble.

Next, don’t start obviously banging in a place people don’t want to see it. It’s not fair and you’re going to get into trouble with someone.

That being said, here are some top places to consider having sex in public.

The garden, balcony, or rooftop

Having public sex in your own home is possible. Get laid in your own garden with the grass on your knees or even up against the window of your apartment. You never know who might see or hear you. Try it in the daytime for an extra thrill.

The car

Car sex is super common; a cheeky blowjob, a quick fingering, or all out riding in the back seat. Choose your location wisely – there’ll be spots in your area where people go to watch and be watched if that’s your thing.

The forest or beach

Get back into nature and explore your carnal pleasures surrounded by sand or trees. Head of the path or to a quiet bay to not disturb people, and if you’re still getting started having a tent with you isn’t uncommon in these areas.

Public bathroom

From the Mile High Club to a Mcdonald’s bathroom (other fast-food joints are available), sex in toilets is a common fetish. There’s a risk of getting heard or otherwise caught, but there’s a lock for a little extra safety. Condoms are usually close by too!

A sex club

Swingers parties and sex clubs are downright designed for getting dirty in front of others. Party sex is a fully consensual way to have other people watch you and your partner fuck. It also presents the opportunity for threesomes and group sex.

What do I need to think about when having public sex?

Along with local laws and not pissing people off, you need to think about the actual logistics of sex in public. This is especially true if you’re planning on filming public sex to post on your SinParty feed.

Of course, for a filming session, you need to have your equipment with you. Will this just be a quickie on a smartphone or do you want a tripod and a couple of cameras on hand?

What are you going to wear? Yes, you want to look fuckable as you and your partner hit the great outdoors. You also want to have easy access to pussies and penises and be able to cover up quickly if someone finds you.

Sunscreen is probably needed for most daytime settings. I promise you from experience that a sunburnt ass isn’t pleasant. A sunburnt ass that peels is even worse. You’re exposing flesh that doesn’t usually get sun – get protected!

If you’re planning on being on the ground, think about your cushioning. The forest floor isn’t all that comfy and a concrete rooftop isn’t sexy after about two minutes. Take a camp bed or yoga mat to add some padding.

Having sex in public

Public sex is a fantasy that’s reasonably easy to make come true. This can be for you and a partner or even catching it on camera for your SinParty content.

It’s not without its risks so be careful where you go and when you’re there. Try and make it comfortable – sunburn, sand in crevices, and tree branches in the wrong places are mood killers.

Have fun, and only get caught if that’s what you want!

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