How to Be a Webcam Model – 4 Steps to Making Money

How to Be a Webcam Model – 4 Steps to Making Money

4 steps to be a webcam model, explained

Looking to be a webcam model? Along with being a creator on SinParty, running live shows on webcams can be a lucrative way to make money with porn.

Being a cam girl is a way to add an income stream to your porn content and can meet the demands of your buyers who want to see you perform live.

Have you got what it takes to be a webcam model? It can feel a little scary to start, but it’s not a whole bunch different to creating custom videos for your fans and partygoers.

Our guide to how to be a cam girl is going to cover:

  • The technical stuff you need to start webcamming
  • Your options to sign up for a cam site
  • What your camgirl profile should look like
  • Marketing your webcam model streams to your fans

So you can get your webcam career started quickly.

What equipment do I need to be a webcam model?

To start being a camgirl, you’re going to need something a little more than a phone. You’ll need to have:

  • A computer
  • A webcam with a microphone
  • A decent internet connection

There might be a little bit of investment needed, but there is a lot of earnings potential when you start webcamming.

Your computer needs to be running at least Windows XP or MacOSX, but get one with the most up-to-date system possible. An I7 processor and at least 4GB of RAM should be fine.

Make sure your webcam runs in HD and does widescreen, 16:9 is the ratio to look for. It also needs to have a microphone so you don’t need to buy a separate one.

We recommend the Logitech C920 webcam. It’s HD, has the mic you need, and is only $75. It’s a bargain for the money it’ll help you make.

best camera to be a webcam model
Image Source: Amazon

In terms of internet, it’s your upload speed that’s crucial. You want to have a minimum upload of 1Mbps but 2Mbps will be better. If you Google the word “speedtest”, you’ll have a handy tool to check your speeds, like in the screenshot below.

Image Source: Google

What are the best sites to be a webcam model?

To start camming, you need to find a site that will host your content. The things you should be looking for when choosing a site to start being a camgirl are:

  • The percentage cut they take – sometimes higher cuts can be better with higher quality services.
  • How much traffic the site gets – you need to choose a site that gets lots of visitors who can find your streams.
  • The services available – being able to do private rooms is a great way to make extra bank.

Here are our top three sites to consider when you want to be a webcam model.


Streamate is one of the biggest cam sites in the business. You get roughly 30-35% of the money your fans pay, which may seem high but you get a lot of traffic to the site. Up to 500 million people per month visit Streamate.

You can run streams for tips and take people into private rooms. The site has a lot of filters to help the right people find your streaming sessions, too.

use streamate to be a webcam model
Image Source: Streamate


LiveJasmin is a streaming site that focuses on high-end and well-known cam models – perfect if you’ve already got a following and a portfolio. The cut the site takes is on a tiered basis and can change from month to month.

It also has a non-nudity section for general chat and flirting. There are tens of millions of users of LiveJasmin.

Image Source: LiveJasmin


One of the newer webcam sites where you can be a webcam model, Chaturbate takes a 50% cut. It’s a little less than the other two, but it is a less established site with less traffic.

It is well-known to users and you have the option of doing private sessions as well as your live streams.

Image Source: Chaturbate

What makes a good camgirl profile?

You need to make your profile appealing to viewers so they join your stream. This is the first step to having them pay for your time.

First, choose a name on the site. Keep your branding on-point and have the name follow your SinParty and other social media handles. This makes you memorable and easy to find.

Next, choose a profile photo that shows who you are – are you BBW? Fetish and kink-friendly? Do you do cosplay? Show what they can get with your profile to attract buyers in your niche.

Some sites give you the option of uploading free and pay-per-view videos to your profile. Use this space as teasers and to make a little extra money when people visit your profile but you’re not online.

Where do I market my webcam modeling?

Once you’re signed up to be a webcam model, you need to let your fans know about it. Be sure to add your links to your Linktree profile. The social media you use may not let you link out to adult content so be careful where you share it.

You can also advertise your live-stream sessions on your SinParty or other adult profiles. Create graphics to let your subscribers and fans know you’re streaming and what you’re planning to do.

How to be a webcam model

When you follow our four simple steps, you’ll be ready to start camming and making extra money from your porn. It’s a logical step to be a webcam model after you’ve established yourself on SinParty.

It can also be a way to attract buyers over to your content. They can find you on SinParty to get custom content they can keep forever and make sure your porn is only for them.

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