5 Sex Positions to Burn Calories and Improve Strength

5 Sex Positions to Burn Calories and Improve Strength

How many calories do you burn during sex?

Porn stars tend to be hotties with tight bodies, nice abs, and a pert ass – is it down to all the sex they get? The idea that sex burns calories and helps you get fit is pretty appealing, but the truth might not be so much fun.

Having sex can get pretty active, with your core engaged, quads assisting with thrusting, and arms used to brace yourself. Whether you can work your way to a six-pack through fucking alone is the big question.

When we look at the science, the average energy used during sex is 5-6 METS, which is a fancy way to say the same energy as a brisk walk at 3-4 mph. If you’ve heard of the idea that orgasms burn more calories, it’s still the same as going for a stroll.

Add to this that the average sex session – measured as a dick going in the pussy until the dick cums – is only about 5.4 minutes, and you won’t be giving up the treadmill any time soon.

There’s more to it though; blowjobs certainly feel like a whole lot of effort. Here, we’re going to look at:

  • Sex positions that give the dick haver or strap-on wearer a good workout
  • How to burn calories when you’re getting penetrated
  • The sex positions that give everyone involved a bit of cardio

So you can decide if you can give the HIIT class a miss this week.

1.      Doggy style

Who doesn’t love a bit of doggy? For the taker, it makes your waist look small and your ass round and appealing. The giver gets an interesting view and has easy access to the ass for anal play or spanking.

doggy style illustration

Doggy style workout for the taker

On all fours, you’ll tend to brace yourself on your arms so you can take the thrust. This means your biceps, triceps, and shoulders are all engaged. If you do some twerking while your partner’s back there, you can also get some good abs movement.

Doggy style workout for the giver

Giving dick – flesh, plastic, or silicon – tends to have an element of working out. During doggy, you need to use your ass and abs to get the thrust on, which is a reasonable workout.

Add some extra muscles groups to the sex workout by positioning your partner at the edge of the bed, sofa, etc., and stand behind them to push into them. This engages more leg muscles and gets more blood pumping.

2.      Cowgirl

One of the most common porn sex positions, boobs are on show and the person taking the D gets full control on the angle and depth they take it. It’s a sex position of power for the taker, deciding when to go down for the kiss or get their orgasm when they want.

Cowgirl workout for the taker

The person on top has to put their quads to good use to get the bounce on. Holding the position upright also takes some decent core muscles.

You can add two variations to cowgirl to add even more exercise to your sex:

  1. Go for the squat rather than resting on your knees – your ass and thighs will thank you in the long run.
  2. Turn away from your partner into reverse cowgirl. They get a great view of your booty and when you do this in squat, you’re in the classic porn position, too.

Cowgirl workout for the giver

It’s a pretty passive position for the person on the bottom. You can choose to push up and meet your partner’s hole, but other than that, this is a “lie back and enjoy” sex position.

3.      Standing

It’s like missionary, but with more effort involved. There are quite a few ways to fuck when standing and each will work different muscle groups.

The dick-taker can simply lift one leg to allow forward access, they can jump up and wrap their legs around the giver’s waist, or even do an adapted doggy style and brace against a wall and take it from behind.

Standing workout for the taker

It’ll depend on how active you are in the sex position as to how much of a workout you’ll get. If you have your legs wrapped around your partner and actively bounce on the dick, you’ll be working out your legs and core for sure.

Standing workout for the giver

Anything that has you standing will have your heart racing faster than lying down. When you inevitably put a bend in your knees to brace yourself, you’ll be engaging the quads and glutes for sure. Supporting the weight of a partner wrapped around you will also take arm, shoulder, and core strength.

4.      Lotus

Getting into a nice tangle with the lotus sex position is not only super intimate, but it gives a strong workout, too. Sit facing each other, legs wrapped around your partner, and have the take mount the dick and sit on top of the giver’s thighs.

lotus sex position illustration

Lotus workout for the taker

You’ll need to really work those abs and ass to get a good lift up and down the dick.

Lotus workout for the giver

This is a position where the giver can be as active or as passive as they like. You can choose to thrust up and meet your partner which will work your core and ass, plus you might want to brace with your arms behind you which will work your upper arms and shoulders.

Or you can sit there and watch and feel them do the work.

5.      Wheelbarrow

If you’ve not heard of this one, think of the wheelbarrow race you used to do in school. The taker lies face down, the giver stands between their legs.

Lift up the legs of the taker and they should lift up using their arms. Imagine you’re doing a push-up and you’re raised up by the hips.

wheelbarrow sex position illutration

Wheelbarrow workout for the taker

You’re engaging everything you would when you’re doing plank – core, shoulders, arms, legs. You can even throw in some push-ups if you’re serious about a sex workout!

Wheelbarrow workout for the giver

You’ll need to have a steady core for this and your arms will get a good workout holding on to your partner’s legs. The usual thrusting muscles in your ass and quads will get activity, too.

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