Lick It Up – How to Use Oral in Your Porn Content

Lick It Up – How to Use Oral in Your Porn Content

Odds are, if you have sex, you do oral. Whatever your genitals or those of your partner, getting your lips around and tongue inside usually feels pretty good. 

It looks hot as well. Blowjob is one of the most populated categories on the straight and gay sides of SinParty – clearly, people want to watch it. When 85% of people who have sex partake in a cheeky blowjob or a bit of clit licking, you know it’s content that’s going to sell well. 

Whether you’re new to creating porn content or want to change up the videos you’re already putting out there, you need to be building cunnilingus and fellatio into the mix. You’ll get your content into SinParty searches and recommendations and reach new audiences. 

To help you figure out what type of tongue action you can film, we’re going to look at:

  • Pussy licking content when you make boy on girl or penis and vagina content
  • How to make pussy eating videos for double vagina content
  • Blowjob tips and tricks when it’s dick sucking for straight viewers
  • Filming blowjobs when it’s two penis-haver videos

Pussy licking content for boy/girl content

Here, we’re talking about…

  • Pussy licking
  • Eating out
  • Muff diving
  • Cunnilingus

… when a man is pleasuring a woman. In porn terms, we’re talking about content made for straight viewers, although anyone can watch and enjoy. 

You’ll find plenty of videos that feature this sex act, however, it’s rarely the main event. Looking at the sex life of an average American, oral leads to other sex acts more often than not and that’s reflected in porn. 

Think of adding a pussy licking scene to one of your sex tapes before the penetration begins. As a rule of thumb, longer videos tend to sell for a higher price and some good clit sucking action can add minutes – and orgasms – to the scene. 

In terms of what people are looking for, focus on the female’s pleasure. When you watch pussy licking videos, you’ll see that the camera tends to stay on the woman, her face, and what else she’s getting up to, like playing with her nipples. 

If the muff-eating session does give the woman a squirting orgasm, be sure to get the camera into the scene. You’ll probably already know that squirting is highly sought after in porn so never miss a scene…

Lesbian pussy licking content tips and tricks

With two women or vagina-havers in the porn scene you’re shooting, the dynamic changes. Again, we’re assuming that we’re talking about content with the main audience of straight people – this means that watching a woman cum is the main goal. 

With lesbian content, there are double the clitorises and so double the female orgasm opportunities. 

This tends to mean that the viewer wants to see something a little different. In lesbian pussy licking videos, you can get in close to watch one woman giving oral stimulation to the other. The act of eating pussy is as important as the act of orgasm. 

Shooting porn, you’ll know that you need to be aware of a lot more than where the sex is happening. When doing a lesbian oral sex scene, make sure any long hair is under control so the camera can see what’s going on. The receiver can hold it up or the giver can tie it out the way – either way, know that you need to fix it up. 

With g/g oral scenes, it’s likely the main event and usually follows some mutual fingering. This means the eating will last longer and after all the cumming is done, the scene will probably end. Don’t discount moving on to sex toys next, but you can leave the licking as the main event. 

Filming a blowjob when one person has a dick

A woman sucking a man’s dick is porn watched by mainly straight viewers. If you’ve ever checked out a man giving a blowjob vs a woman giving a blowjob, you’ll know what you see is pretty different. 

When you’re making a scene with a woman sucking a man’s dick some of the things you’ll want to consider are:

  • A build-up with sensual strokes
  • A focus on the giver’s eyes 
  • Some sloppy action including extra spit and saliva
  • Moans that show they’re enjoying it

Most of the time, you’ll see this scene shot from a point-of-view or POV. This is where the person receiving the blowjob holds the camera and directs it down to the person doing the sucking. 

We don’t claim to know how the mind of every porn viewer works, but odds are this angle lets the viewer image it’s their dick getting sucked. 

A blowjob scene intended for straight viewers should keep attention on the woman. Putting her ass and boobs on camera as well as getting a good shot of her looking directly into the camera while on her knees will hit some of the most common tropes your viewers want to see. 

Man-on-man blowjob scenes

A blowjob between two people with penises has different demands and a different audience. Of course, a lot of the mechanics are the same, but expectations are a little different. 

To shoot a cock sucking scene for gay viewers, you should ask yourself what are they there to watch:

  • The person doing the sucking?
  • The dick getting sucked?

This is where you’re going to focus your camera and attention.

Depending on your audience, they might want to see their favorite performer taking it deep in their throat. On the other hand, it might be all about the dick getting orally worshipped. Figure this out and go from there. 

One thing gay and straight blowjob filming has in common is the POV angle. Much of porn watching is about fantasy and there’ll be lots of guys who want to imagine getting their dick sucked. 

There is the alternative dynamic, where the viewer wants to be the one giving pleasure during a blowie. This might mean you’ll need to set up a tripod so you can shoot the cock licking with a view up to the receiver. 

Filming oral content for your SinParty

You need to focus on what your audience is looking for. Think about the type of person who is looking to watch the porn you make and film what they want to see. 

This could be dependent on their sexual orientation, whether their sub or dom, top or bottom… Only you will truly know what to give them. 
Work with your camera angles so you can show what they want. Most of all, enjoy creating your content – this is what amateur porn production is all about. 

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