How to Dye Your Pubic Hair – A Complete Guide

How to Dye Your Pubic Hair – A Complete Guide

Your pubic area probably gets a hell of a lot more attention as an adult content creator than most people. If you’ve gone the route of keeping some hair down there, you’ve probably wondered about dyeing your pubes at least once.

Whether your subs are super demanding or you just want to add some new shades to your videos, bringing color near your clit or cock can shake things up. If you’ve ever dyed any other hair on your body though, you’ll know to be careful. 

To help you get your pubes whatever luscious or crazy shade you want, we’re going to get into:

  • The reasons you might want to add some hair dye to your pubic region
  • Exactly what you need to do to dye your pubes safely
  • Which products are safe and suitable to dye your money-maker

4 reasons to dye your pubic hair

It must have crossed your mind to dye your pubic hair – otherwise, how did you end up here? Here’s a link to some porn in case you lost your way… 

People want to color the hair around their junk for all kinds of reasons, such as:

1. To cover grey hair

There’s nothing wrong with grey hair – let’s start there. It adds to the authenticity of your MILF or GILF content and if Michelle Visage and George Clooney can rock it, so can you.

If you want to get back to you the pue shade of your younger years, though, we’re not going to stop you. Whether it’ll make you feel youthful or you want to match up to the dude or girl you’re bumping uglies with on camera this weekend, you can definitely get rid of the greys down there. 

2. To be matchy-matchy

Does collar match cuff? Do the carpets match the drapes? Are there any more cheesy euphemisms we’re missing? 

Some people can be self-concious if their pubes and facial and head hair doesn’t match up. If you’re starting out in porn and want to make a name for yourself as being blonde all over or your hardcore BDSM content needs pubes as dark as your content, you’ll want to dye down there. 

3. For a custom request

Your subscribers and fans can have some interesting requests. It’s not unheard of for a paying subscriber to ask you to change the color of your pubes to fulfil a specific fantasy.

It’s up to you as a creator to draw boundaries, but if you’re down with changing your pube colors – for the right price – then go for it! As long as you’re doing it safely, which we’ll look at in a mo’, you’re all good. 

4. For a fresh piece of content

Cosplay and dressing up is a great way to change up the content you do and connect with a new audience. Use the stuff you love to geek out on to show your fans a different side of you and you’ll bring in more cash. 

Making your pubic hair match the outfit you’re putting together can add an extra level of commitment. Imagine you’re doing an anime-inspired scene and your electric blue wig is complimented by matching pubes? Your subscribers will go wild…

How to safely dye your pubic hair

Chemical burns ain’t fun. Chemical burns on your pussy, dick, ass, or frankly anywhere sexy stuff happens is a nightmare we’re not going to contemplate. You need to be careful when you dye your pubic hair. 

We’ve got a step-by-step guide including all the safety precautions you need to be taking, right here. 

  1. Do a patch test – this means taking a small amount of the dye you want to use and testing whether you’ll have an allergic reaction to it. The brand of dye you’re using will tell you how to do the test. Don’t ever skip this – even if you’ve used the dye on your head before, your crotch area is all kinds of sensitive and you don’t want to be out of action. 
  2. Get protected – grab some Vaseline or other petroleum jelly product and protect yourself. Slather it over your balls, shaft, labia, clitoris, ass hole – anywhere that’s that really sensitive, mucus membrane-type skin should be covered so the dye doesn’t get to it. Go wild with this step because the other option is burns. Nope, don’t want that. 
  3. Mix the dye up – once you’ve followed the box or package instructions to mix up the dye, you should mix it with equal parts of moisturizing shampoo. This will dilute the mixture so it’s less likely to irritate your bits. 
  4. Get it on – use the applicator brush and plastic gloves that should come with your dye kit – or buy some if they don’t come included – and spread the dye over the pubes you want to color. Leave it for 30 minutes but pay attention to any burning or weird sensations as the dye sits. 
  5. Clean it up – after the 30 minutes have passed, head to the shower, wash off the dye and Vaseline, and marvel at your handiwork. If you’ve gone for a bright color and your pubes are naturally dark, it might take a couple of applications to get the shade you want. Never use bleach to pre-lighten your pubes before dyeing. 

The best products to dye your pubes

There are some hair dyes that are better suited to coloring your pubes than others. Make a good choice, even if it’s the more expensive option, because this isn’t an area you want to be taking risks. 

Some of the things you need to be checking for are:

  • That it doesn’t contain ammonia
  • That it doesn’t contain parabens
  • Ideally, it’s “all natural”

This should give you a good idea of how safe the dye will be for your pubes, since most companies won’t recommend their product for your bits. 

There is a brand of pubic hair dye that is specifically for this use though – Betty hair dye. It’s perfect for women or men and it comes in natural shades like blonde, brunette, and black, as well as funky shades like pink, blue, and green. 

Another option that we love is Manic Panic. There are as many shades as you can think of available, but it’s not specifically for your pubes so you’re using this one at your own risk. 

Dyeing your pubes for porn

When your content needs you to enhance your pubic hair color, you need to do it right. Burning and itching between your legs isn’t a good look so you want to get it right.

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