The Future of Pornography – Porn After Pornhub – SinParty Blog

The Future of Pornography – Porn After Pornhub – SinParty Blog

The Future of Pornography – Porn After Pornhub

The future of pornography as an industry isn’t in question, but how we consume porn is always changing. The advent of the internet was a revolutionary moment for the skin industry and how we access content is in a constant state of flux.

In December, PornHub, up to then the biggest porn tube site on the internet, was forced to remove around 9 million uploaded videos. We’ve already explored why and how that happened. The question now is, what is the future of pornography?

It seems there are likely different ways the game we’re in here at SinParty will go. Of course, we’re optimistic that people will still want porn and access it over the internet. There are some things pornography needs to be cautious about, but as long the industry adapts, things are gloomy.

The positive future of pornography

The future of pornography
Image by Igor Link from Pixabay

The big thing that caused Pornhub to have to remove so much content was that there was a lot of illegal content uploaded and reuploaded. People have been reporting for years that child pornography and rape videos were available, and something finally got done about it.

This has finally shone a light on the industry and the responsibilities of studios and content hosts. Pornhub has stopped letting just anyone upload content – a practice that needs to be followed across the industry.

We can expect to see more stringent age verification and confirming consent through model release forms. It can only be a good thing that you can be assured everyone you’re watching was old enough to have sex and be filmed, and is doing it of their own free will.

On that note, will there be a drive towards custom content? With public porn maybe becoming more cautious, people who want fetish content or something specific like BDSM or megaphilia, might start seeking out porn models to give them exactly what they want. SinParty’s creator platform will be a great outlet for these needs.

In general, those who used to make money from Pornhub will likely migrate to new platforms that have more payment options available. A site like SinParty, which is at once a porn tube and a platform for direct content sales, is a natural home for porn creators.

The market for online porn consumption may well open up more. The stranglehold Pornhub had on the industry is showing signs of waning. With the controversy about user generated content on the site, it may no longer be a byword for internet porn.

What could be the negative side of the future of the porn industry?

future of home pornogrpahy
Photo by gbarkz on Unsplash

Whilst we can see the benefits of the fresh shake up of the sex industry, the future of pornography isn’t all roses and beautiful orgasms. The spotlight has been put on the industry and everyone making money in the field needs to step up.

It’s likely that will be more regulation on pornography. Whilst this isn’t terrible in and of itself, regulating the sex industry can cause issues. When trafficking laws have been tightened, it can inadvertently make it harder for victims to report crimes. If more types of porn become illegal, it could be harder to keep the industry safe for performers. We hope this isn’t the case, though.

The US senator for Missouri, Josh Hawley, has already introduced a bill to Congress to allow for victims of revenge porn or having their videos illegally uploaded to be allowed to sue the website. The potential negative effect is that there could be less sites willing to work in porn, removing user choice.

Concerns about porn moving into darker corners of the internet may not be too far-fetched. Here at SinParty, we want to be the first choice for people to consume and sell their porn and don’t intend of hiding anywhere. However, some people may head over to the dark web out of fear of over-regulation.

It’s important that everyone does their bit to keep the porn industry on track. Yes, websites and studios need to be sure every single person working on and off camera is legally allowed to and consenting. It’s also up to authorities around the world to police the illegal content as it goes underground.

The future pornography and payments

Another major shake up that’s already happened is with how consumers pay for porn. In the future, pornography is likely going to be purchased without the help of Visa or Mastercard. This is indeed a shame since it will make it that little bit harder for people to consume the legal porn they want.

However, it could make the use of Bitcoin in the industry more common. As a payment method, it’ll never get pulled from under sex workers – there’s no central bank or executives to make a decision about who can and can’t own a Bitcoin.

Will payment providers get more cautious about working with sites like SinParty and OnlyFans? How could this affect the livelihoods of at home, amateur creators just trying to work on their side hustle. Let’s hope the big companies don’t throw the lube tube out with the condoms.

What does the future of pornography look like?

Humans are sexual and lots of us get off on watching other people have sex, orgasms, and perform all kinds of fetishes. Internet pornography has been a great leveller for people into alternative sexual desires – we all now know about foot fetishists, BDSM is commonly talked about, squirting is all the rage.

People want to consume this visually. There’s nothing inherently wrong with porn, as long as it’s consensual and legal. Yes, we want to see horrific content like child porn and rape never find its way on to the internet. We have to be careful to not get rid of everything adjacent to it in the meantime.

Pornhub may loose its position as the number one porn site – we’d love SinParty to take over that mantle. The future should see a shift towards decentralised payments and people choosing the exact porn they want through creators rather than mass-produced studio porn, although there will still be a place for that through out tubes.

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