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Verify Your Age

Want to be a pornstar? The most important requirement is that you are over 18 years old. You, and every person in the content you create, must be 18 years or older. As a responsible porn website, we have an age verification process you'll have to follow.

What do I need to verify my age?

Step 1 - Create an account

To be a porn creator on SinParty, you need to create an account. Once you're signed up, you need to add an avatar image to your account - this doesn't have to include your face, but must be a photo that belongs to you.

Step 2 - Upload Age Verification

You need to upload an age verification image. This image will not be made public, altough we will store it for our records. We have very clear and strict requirements. These rules keep you and SinParty safe.

An age verification photo requires:
  • Your full face without any obstructions - no masks, sunglasses, magazines, etc.
  • No digital enhancements - Photoshop or similar.
  • A piece of paper with the words "SinParty.com" and your username - you can write this on your body if you prefer.
  • The gender of your profile to match the gender you present in the image - it's not about biology, it's about how you represent.

Check out some examples of the type of photos we accept and reject.

The following verification images will be rejected.

We can't see a face

We can't see a face or a sign

The following images are all fine and would be accepted.



Tech rules for the photo.
  • The size must be no more than 5MB - Lower the quality on your phone or camera if you struggle.
  • File types we accept: .jpg, .gif and .png - Most camera phones use .jpg format
Upload Photo
Step 3 - Upload Photo Identification

You need to upload a photo ID. We accept most government issued ID documents from most countries. As a general rule, you can submit:

An identity verification photo requires:
  • Government issues driver's license.
  • State or government issues ID card.
  • State, government or official agency proof of age card.
  • State or government issued health card.
  • Uniformed services / military ID card.
Tech rules for the photo.
  • The image must be in .jpg, .gif or .png format and be a scanned document or a high-resolution photography.

Note: The details on the ID must match the details that you've on your account. We must be able to tell that the person in the ID and the person in the age verification photo are the same person.

Upload ID