The Uncle and Nicole: Sex in the Summer

The Uncle and Nicole: Sex in the Summer

Nicole and Her Uncle: Sex in the Summer

By Madame Meta

This is the story of Nicole and her stay at her uncle and aunt’s house. She was petite with long, red hair which she braided to the side. The rebellious, flaming curls poked out every which way.

She was very cute, but not the conventional beauty; or so she thought. Braces, rosy cheeks that always blushed into an awkward smile, and a budding figure underneath it all. 

She’d just graduated, freshly 18 and always horny. She really wanted to have one last crazy summer before officially joining the adult world. Her parents were going through a divorce and they had sent her to live with her aunt and her boyfriend that everyone in the family called “uncle”, in Harrowgate. 

Harrowgate wasn’t boring by any means, the North Yorkshire town had scenic gardens, spas, and amazing scenery. It just wasn’t the place a horny, young woman wanted to spend her summer after graduation. 

She sighed, looking out the window of the car. The clouds looked like a cloudburst was going to occur. 

Her uncle looked over at her from the corner of his eye as he drove slowly down the scenic road. Endless rolling hills of green, beautiful but all wrong, something like herself.

“Cheer up Red! We’re almost there,”  he said, making a ridiculous face and trying to cheer her up. He had always called her that; Red.

It worked. Her uncle had always been a very charming man, even though he was much older. 

Some men just age well, she thought to herself. They pulled into the driveway of the house and he stepped out and moved quickly outside to the car boot to remove her luggage. 

He’d barely stepped into his house when, all of a sudden, the floodgates opened and buckets of rain poured across the fields.

“Fuck!” he screamed.  

She giggled and stepped out of the car, her white shirt immediately becoming soaked. 

Her perky young tits were suddenly on show 

He turned around, embarrassed and motioned for her to quickly get inside the house.

“You alright?” he asked.

“Yeah, I’m good, just soaked.” she laughed.

“You and me both Red.” He motioned in the general direction of the guest room and passed her a towel.

“You remember where the bath is?” he asked.

“Yes uncle!” she half shouted as she walked down the hall to the bathroom. 

She quickly emerged, dressed in nothing but a long sweater and her underwear, her figure ever so slightly visible beneath the garment. 

He had removed his shirt and started a fire in the fireplace to bring heat into the room. She’d forgotten how cozy it was there and couldn’t help but notice her uncle had a great figure for a man of his age. He almost had abs. 

He turned to her with a twinkle in his eye and poured out two glasses of wine. 

“Might as well! You’re old enough, and your aunt is still out of town visiting her cousin.” 

She gleefully accepted the drink, god knows it might be the only drink she’d get while staying here.

They sat and talked for what felt like hours, wine flowing freely. 

In time, she found herself snuggled up next to him, his arm around her as they were giggling at all his old stories. He was such a funny man and she had forgotten the crush she had on him when she was younger. 

There was a long, silent pause as she reminisced about those times she used to visit. 

Suddenly, he turned towards her and gave her a quick kiss on the lips and then turned back to swirling the drink in his hand as he looked into the fireplace.

She leaned across and placed a longer, deeper kiss on his lips

She felt the stubble on his jaw and her first thought was that she wanted to feel it on her pussy. The next thing she knew, he was feeling up under her sweater and sliding his hands up to her tits. 

She undid his pants as he took off her sweater and her underwear and soon they were both naked. 

It felt wrong but she didn’t want to think about it and neither did he. The sudden lust that built up around them in the room was thick like the scent of musk. 

She looked into his eyes as she pulled him in for another kiss and before long they were making out, his hands caressing the gentle curves of her young body, her soft, pale skin. 

She felt her lips redden and her cheeks blush as her nipples hardened laying on top of him, an older man, like a delicate English rose.

“Uncle…” she muttered.

“I’ve always had a thing for you, I’ve always been so curious…” she brought his strong hands up to caress her breasts as she let out a lustful moan. 

He couldn’t resist and took her into his arms, lifting her petite frame up and laying her down on the couch. 

She was so wet with anticipation, the soft ebb and flow of light from the fireplace catching the glistening dampness of her pussy dripping down her thighs. 

His cock was hard, almost throbbing with animalistic excitement. Their eyes locked as he got on top of her and slid his cock into her pussy. He began to thrust deeply.

“Fuck me…” She whimpered just before her moans got louder and soon they were both screaming in ecstasy. His manly heaves of pleasure induced her into orgasm as her eyes rolled back. 

Sweat poured from her and her uncle

He continued to pound her. 

Before long, he felt her tighten around his big cock and he couldn’t hold back anymore. 

He let out a long deep moan as he came into Nicole’s soft, young pussy. He could feel her vagina pulsating around his dick at the same time. 

She wasn’t sure how much time had passed, but they ended up falling asleep by the fireplace naked under a blanket. 
She could feel the creampie dripping out of her pussy and as she dozed off she thought to herself, Maybe this isn’t such a bad place after all for a teenage girl to spend her last summer after high school.

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