Teen’s surprise going home from school; neighbor’s slutty wife

Teen’s surprise going home from school; neighbor’s slutty wife

Teen’s surprise going home from school; neighbor’s slutty wife

By Netcat

My neighbor’s got a slutty wife and everyone knows it. Small town. Her husband is away for business most of the year and she entertains herself by keeping legs open 24/7. At least that’s what I heard. 

One day, on my way home from school, she called my name from her door. 


“Mrs. Smith?”

“Come here,” she waved at me.

I walked over and asked if she was ok. 

“My internet’s down. Would you come have a look?”

I guess she knows I’ll be studying IT at college next term. “Ok. Sure, Mrs. Smith.”

I walked in her house and she led me upstairs to the study. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her round ass and thick thighs while she was swerving those hips in my face. 

She led me to the computer and I took a seat. Her computer wouldn’t switch on. I looked around and noticed it wasn’t plugged in. 

“Mrs. Smith, you know you have to … uhm …”

“Oh my,” she replied with a devious smirk. “Let me just,” and she dropped on all fours. 

The slutty wife slid her hand up my thigh

Looking up at me, she bit her bottom lip. I felt a sudden hot surge in my body as she stroked past my cock. It was getting hard. 

“Hello there,” she purred, pulling my shorts off with one swift move. She opened her plump red lips and took me in her mouth. 

It was hot and wet; her tongue circling my cock, head bobbing up and down giving me a blowjob, one hand stroking my balls and the other between her legs. 

“Deeper … slower,” I whispered. 

She stood up, pulled up her dress, and simply sat on my hard cock. Slowly, while I groaned. Her pussy was so wet, juices running down her thighs. She started grinding on me, swirling her hips, tits in my face. 

“Slower, I’m gonna cum,” I groaned. She was coming too. 

I felt a sudden surge of heat hit my cock and couldn’t hold it for much longer. 

“You made me squirt, boy! Fuck me harder, Martin!” she demanded as she grabbed my throat. That was too much. The rush of her tight pussy and hot squirt, her firm hand on my throat… I couldn’t hold it any longer. I was coming hard. 

I grabbed her hips and slammed my cock harder inside her. “Ah, wait!” she squealed. “You’re too …” I lifted her from my hips and slammed my big cock inside even harder, coming deep inside her while her hot pussy twitched around me in pleasure and pain. 

I was still hard. I pushed her off me, onto the table. “I’m not done, dress off,” I commanded, walking around the desk. 

“Martin, I …” she sighed. 

“ I’m not done,” I repeated, tearing open her dress at the front. The lacy bra barely covering her perky tits and rock-hard nipples. 

I pulled her closer to me and left her head hanging over the table while I pushed her tits together. My cock was still wet from her squirt and slid between her tits with ease. 

The bra snapped and I pushed her tits together, pinching the hard nipples while I fucked her between the boobs. She started moaning and slid one hand back between her legs. 

“No,” I snapped, pulling her hand away roughly. “You’ve had enough fun!”

“ Martin, I’m so wet, I need to come right now.”

The slutty wife pleaded

“Shut up.” She whimpered and started licking my balls. “That’s right, suck my balls you slut,” I groaned, fucking her between tits. “Please Martin,” she begged between licks and sucks, “I can’t wait!”

“You need to shut up, that’s what you need!” I replied, losing my patience. 

I pulled my cock from between her tits and slapped her right between the legs. That made her moan even louder. 

“Oh you like that, do you?” I asked, slapping her again, even harder. She pushed her knees together and whimpered. “Don’t close your legs on me. Does your husband know what a slut wife he has?” I snapped, pushing her knees open, dropping my balls back in her wet mouth. 

I wasn’t done with her. I pulled my balls out of her mouth and spat in it. She moaned harder. I spat in her mouth again and shoved my cock in it. 

That goddamn mouth was so hot. 

Holding her head, I slid my cock straight in her throat. She didn’t even gag, “Oh you like that, do you?” I looked down, her eyes were rolling with pleasure. 

I could see my hard cock move in her throat and it turned me on so bad. I pulled my cock out so she could catch her breath but she simply grabbed my ass and shoved me back in her. 

I was so tight against my thick, hard cock. I was getting close. Very close. Grabbing her tits, stroking and pinching her hard nipples, watching her hips pleadingly rise as I was sliding in-and-out of her mouth, denying her the full pleasure. Leaving her high and … well … not dry. 

I pulled my cock out of her mouth, leaned over, and slid my cock back between her tits, pushing them together with one hand. Fucking her tits, I leaned over and slipped my other hand between her thighs – just a finger. Fast first, then slower. 

“Martin, I can’t, wait … “ she whimpered, quivering. 

I slid my finger across her clit one more time. Again, feeling her body tense under the tip of my finger. We were both close. 

I held her head and slipped my cock in her mouth again. I wanted to come in her throat. Senior girls at school never let me do that. Hell, they can’t even take it in the throat. 

I was fucking her faster now, my cock pulsing, ready to come. I finally let her touch herself. Her back arched as I came in her throat, still pushing, blowing my load in her mouth and throat, looking at her fast fingers move as she came hard, wetting the table with a mix of her squirt and my cum.

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