Dark Light

By Lady Sin 

Michael ran a tight ship at his boss’ ranch. He kept the discipline old school, and spankings weren’t uncommon for his ranch hands when they got out of line. 

“You came here unannounced,” Michael said, one eyebrow raised. 

Cecile nodded, biting her bottom lip and trying to appear guilty. “So you know what comes next, don’t you?” 

Cecile lowered her eyes. “Yes, Michael. A spanking. I am sorry.” 

It was their rule. She couldn’t go to the barn while he worked there, even if she was his boss.

She’d broken the rule, and now she would pay. He had been washing himself, cold water spilling over his strong chest and legs. 

Michael always washed himself to end his workday and she had interrupted that as well.

He dried off quickly, all the while Cecile couldn’t get stare enough of his naked body. 

Spanking got her off

She masturbated every night thinking about him, biting the pillow to not scream his name. 

Even so, her fantasies were nothing compared to reality. 

He got dressed and sat down before motioning for her to get closer. Cecile, not one to beat around the bush, positioned herself across his lap. 

She could feel her belly tighten with anticipation. Her ass was exposed, the short skirt she was wearing revealed everything. 

“A bit impractical to come here with this kind of clothing, don’t you think?” Michael chuckled. 

She needed him; there was no hiding it.

He smelled like soap. It mixed with the intense aroma of fresh hay in the barn. Cecile knew that she would get aroused every time she entered the barn from now on. 

She looked at his hat, hanging from an iron hook. 

“I like this pair of panties,” he said, distracting her and grazing his fingers along them. 

She smiled to herself. It wasn’t even a thong – she knew he liked practical underwear. 

His right hand tickled her back and her sides. She tried not to giggle or gasp at his touch. It was another rule. 

“What is your safe word, Cecile?” 

“Red,” she said quickly. 

He stopped tickling her. 

The spanking starts

“I am going to spank you thirty times. One for every minute left to the end of my workday if you hadn’t interrupted. Do you understand?” 

“Yes, Michael.”

He hummed. 

He skimmed over her legs, from her ankle to the base of her spine. His hands were rough from work. It added to the arousal she was feeling. 

He stopped and made a few circles on the back of her knees. She shivered and bit the inside of her cheek to avoid making any sound.

Would he spank her there? 

He didn’t. 

His fingers trailed upwards, setting her body on fire. 

The first hit was hard enough for her to draw blood from biting her lips. 

Three quick ones followed, softer but right in the same spot. The sting spread along her buttcheeks.  

He massaged her for a few minutes, easing the muscles, managing to relax her. She almost forgot she was being punished. 

“You like this, Cecile?” 

“Yes, Michael,” she repeated, drowsy with the sensations his hands gave her.

He caressed her before spanking her again, this time on the other side. 

His hands were firm on her. One against her back, to prevent her from moving too much, the other kneading the soft buttcheek. She relaxed again, falling once more into his trap. 

She was already sensitive and her guard was down. 

Cecile cried out when his hand smacked her ass, tensing again. 

He kept spanking her

Cecile tried to make sense of the pattern, to prevent the next hit from making her cry. 

He wasn’t doing it with a discernible rhythm. Some spanks were soft, fingers barely brushing her reddening skin. Others, she was sure, would leave a mark. 

All the while she grew wetter, needier, and less able to fake her composure. 

Her release was building, tightening her muscles, stripping her of her sanity. She couldn’t cum until he touched her, and he wouldn’t do that.

He was the only one who could reduce her to a whimpering mess. 

“Are you okay, Cecile?” 

She snapped out of her daze, realizing she’d been gasping and her eyes were blurry with tears. 

“Yes,” she said, her voice cracking. 

One of his fingers circled her asshole once, twice, three times. Then it went down, feeling the slickness of her pussy. 

Michael took his time there, dragging the tip of his finger from her clit to her entrance, spreading her wetness evenly. 

Cecile moaned at the sensation, at the raw need she was feeling. 

“Please,” she begged, knowing it was useless. She hadn’t been counting, but this teasing of his was always before the last ten or so whippings. 

His index slipped inside of her, moving slowly. 

Her clit was throbbing but remained untouched. Cecile shivered, unable to hide the pleasure he gave her, even without touching her where she needed him the most.  

His free hand tangled in her hair and pulled her back a little bit. She liked the roughness of it. 

He inserted another finger and curled them inside her. Cecile took a deep breath, trying to regain a modicum of control. She knew it would fly out the window as soon as he decided it was enough, but she tried anyway. 

Inviting more spanking

His touch was getting her to the point of frantic swearing, and he knew it. 

She didn’t want to give him the satisfaction. Swearing was forbidden. If she did it, she would get another spanking. 

“You know begging isn’t going to make this better. You’ve been a bad girl, and you know bad girls deserve to be punished, don’t they?”

“Yes, Michael.” 

He stopped touching her and smacked her ass again, in a way that had two fingers hitting her pussy. She cried out. 

Her body was betraying her, bending to his touch, but she’d never felt so much in such a short time. He kept coaxing moans, whimpers, sobs from her. 

Michael slapped her in different places, in different ways, and she couldn’t help herself.

Suddenly, he whipped the back of her knees with two fingers. Her eyes filled with tears. Her nerves were tingling, her body taut, and every one of his hits, soft or sharp, elicited a cry from her.

When he was finished, Cecile was trembling, her breathing ragged. She hadn’t orgasmed once yet. 

She stood up, her legs like jelly. His hands skimmed over her thighs. His eyes were dark and fixed on her, promising a thousand wicked ways to make her scream in pleasure.

What happens next…

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