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School sex done right: professor fucks old student 

By Madame Meta

Everyone knows that school sex is wrong. Everyone also knows that it’s the number one fantasy of almost everyone who has been to school. 

At some point in our lives, we’ve all thought about fucking in a school. Professors are no exception. 

I knew the second this undergrad student walked into my lecture that I wanted to fuck her. 

I spent the whole term trying not to hit on her and trying to avoid being put in situations where I’d be alone with her.

It was her last term at the university and I waited until graduation day to make a move. 

She spent the whole term flirting with me. She’d bump into me by “accident” in the hallways. Accidentally flash me whenever she wore a short skirt sans panties. 

On that day, I let her know the feeling were reciprocated. Her eyes grew big and a huge smile flashed across her face as I shook her hand and leaned in to whisper into her ear, “Meet me at the campus pub tomorrow night.”

I knew I was going to fuck her from the moment I saw her and it was finally time to act out all the school sex fantasies that had built up in my mind over the past six months. 

School sex fantasies

I’ve scouted so many areas of the campus looking for the perfect place to fuck this hot young thing into complete submission. 

There were too many liabilities in the STEM building and laboratories. 

The art department would be fun with paint, but wouldn’t give us an opportunity to be sneaky. 

I decided the perfect place was the classroom I taught her in. 

I’m sitting at the pub bar waiting for her to arrive. Catching my reflection in the mirror behind the bar, I can’t help but think that I should feel confident in my appearance. 

I’ve got the sexy salt and pepper daddy look going for me. 

I see her walking up to the pub entrance. 

She’s practically jogging as she crosses over the quad and pushes her way into the pub. Her eyes dart around the room and her smile widens as she sees me sitting at the bar. 

She skips over and plops down in the barstool next to me. Face in hands, she slides her elbows across the bar top, pressing her perky tits into the edge of the bar. 

“Hello,” I say with a seductive smirk. 

She giggles and leans back in the chair, grabbing her knees with both hands and pressing her tits together in front of her. 

“Well, hello professor…” she says playfully. 

Begging for school sex

My cock hardens immediately. 

This is how I’d always imagined it starting. 

I turn to the bartender and I ask him to pour her a drink that’ll make her regret drinking. 

She giggles and grabs my hand as the bartender walks away to make a Long Island Iced Tea.

“You know, you don’t have to get me drunk – I want to be here,” she coos into my ear. 

The bartender puts the drink down in front of her. She grabs the straw with her tongue while maintaining eye contact with me. 

“I thought school sex was off-limits?” she ponders aloud. 

“Well, technically it is,” I say mischievously. 

“Hmm… too bad… It was on my bucket list before I leave this place,” she says into her drink. 

“Maybe something can be arranged,” I say in a low voice. 

“Maybe it can…” she says while spinning in her chair and sipping from the straw of her drink. 

“Perhaps we can revisit some of the theories I taught you last term? I think the old classroom would be a suitable location?” 

“Perhaps it would…” she states matter-of-factly as she reaches for my wallet. Her fingers slide my credit card across to the bartender. 

They take my card with a raised eyebrow. I nod in agreement and they shake their head, running the card. 

I sign for the bill; she stands up; grabs my hand; pulls me out the door. 

School sex in the classroom

I never imagined that school sex would be so easy to accomplish. 

She’s begging me to fuck her. 

We walk swiftly to the old lecture hall and she stands to the side, requesting I unlock the door. 

I pull the key from my inner jacket pocket and stare into her greedy eyes as I unlock the door and push it open. 

She plunges through the doorway and prances over to the bottom row of the tiered desks. 

I saunter into the classroom behind her. My eye fix on her as she makes an effort to show me she isn’t wearing any panties underneath her short skirt with a bend over the desks and raising one knee at a time slowly over the edge. 

I lock the door behind me. She climbs onto the desktop and spreads her legs wide, revealing a perfectly pink, hairless pussy, dripping with anticipation. 

She looks directly into my eyes and points to me with her index finger. 

I begin walking towards her as she flips her hand and makes the ‘come hither’ motion. My dick is fully erect. 

I want to walk right up to her and act out every fantasy I’ve ever had. 

Making her cum

As soon as I get within arms reach of her, she’s grabbing me. 

She rips off my suit jacket and pulls me by my belt to the edge of the desk. She unbuckles it and folds it in half in front of her. Her hands snap it while biting her bottom lip. 

This whore wants school sex more than anything, I think to myself. 

I pull down my trousers and grab her. I push my now fully erect cock into her wet pussy, thrusting deep. 

Her mouth falls agape. She moans softly as she puts her arms over her head and pulls off her thin top, revealing perfectly perky tits and fully erect nipples. 

She grabs one tit with her left hand and pushes my face into it with her right hand. 

“Suck it,” she demands. 

I oblige and grab her tit for support. With one hand on her ass and the other on her tit, thrusting into her, I feel her hand slide down to play with her clitoris. 

I’m determined to make her cum. I can feel my cock throbbing in orgasm as her vaginal walls tighten around it. 

The cum starts to drip out of her all over the desk, hot and sticky. 

She grabs my head harder and throws hers back with a giant exhale. The clenching releases and she screams, “I’m cumming professor!”

I grab her ass with both hands and lift her off the desk, thrusting my cock into her as deep as I can until I feel her body go limp. Her lips meet mine in a sloppy, lustful kiss. 

I set her back down on the desktop and fall into her chest, bent over her topless body, cock still inside her pussy. 

“A+ work darling. A+.”

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