Dark Light

By Reika 

Part 1: Spanking at the Ranch: Role Reversal

If someone saw Cecile and Michael, it would be a scandal. She, however, couldn’t care less. 

Cecile sat on his lap, her small tits pressing against his chest. Her panties were soaked through. 

The first touch of her cunt against his dick, even over the fabric of his pants, made her whimper. 

“Hush now, your boyfriend and some journalist are going to come around and take pictures,” he teased. “You wouldn’t want a scandal on this ranch and yourself, would you?”

Michael nibbled along her shoulder. When she tried to move and get some friction, he gripped her thighs firmly and held her in place.

“I don’t care,” she said desperately, “I like scandal. I don’t give a fuck.”

Michael slapped her ass but allowed her to rub her pussy against him twice. When she moaned loudly, he stopped her again.

“Do you want to ride me, Cecile? Do you want to have the power for a little bit?” 

She nodded. He took off her shirt and smiled at the lack of a bra. Then he pinched her nipples. 

The mix of pain and pleasure made Cecile cry out. She brought a hand to her cunt, trying to masturbate, but he grabbed her wrist before she could reach it.

Begging for scandal 

“Let me ride you, please,” she begged, drawing her nails along his naked torso. 

He hissed and thrust his hips upwards. Cecile moaned. 

Michael stood up and she wrapped her legs around his waist. She could barely breathe. 

“Do you want to get to the house?” 

Cecile shook her head no. Her eyes rolled back with the movement of his hips against her.

“I can’t, I need- right now-,” she trailed off.

He chuckled again and lowered her on to a pile of hay covered by an old blanket. Cecile took advantage and as soon as she was able to, she flipped and ended up right above him. 

He was smirking as if he knew what he was doing to her. She didn’t care anymore. The need for him was too strong.

“The watchman and your boyfriend are going to hear you,” he warned. 

Cecile unzipped his pants and freed his dick. She licked her lips, wanting him to feel as wrecked as she was before riding him. 

“You said the word scandal,” she shrugged, “now we’re both going to make it happen.” 

She pressed her clit against the base of his dick and moaned before wrapping her hand around him. He was harder than she thought he would be. 

There were small veins on his dick and she wanted to trace them with her tongue. That would be for another day, when she wasn’t so needy. 

Now, she wanted him to scream as loud as she would.

A scandal indeed

Moving her hand up and down, she stared at his perfectly composed face.

After stroking him a few times, his hips started thrusting and his eyes glazed over. 

His fingers rested on her thighs, tensing when she did something especially good with her hand.

Eyes closed, he didn’t want to see her lowering her mouth. 

She wrapped her lips around the tip of his cock and hollowed her cheeks. He flinched beneath her. His fingers tangled on her hair, pulling softly.

She gave him a broad stroke with her tongue flat against his length, then kissed the sensitive edge of his dick. 

He thrust upwards and she smiled before sucking him firmly. She tasted the saltiness of his precum and moaned around him. 

He let out a stream of curses. Cecile wanted him whole in her mouth, so she kept lowering her head until his dick hit the back of her throat. Then, she moaned again. 

He was shivering under her and she was proud of herself. She enjoyed deepthroating a man like him, so used to being in control. 

She released him with a loud pop. 

“Fucking come here right now,” he demanded with a growl. She giggled. 

Cecile was dripping wet. 

She reached to her panties and pulled them aside, before centering herself above him.

He stared at her through heavy lidded eyes, needier than he intended. Cecile lowered herself on his dick, marveling at the feeling of being stretched and filled. 

She threw her head back and let out a loud, wanton moan. 

“Baby, you feel so good,” she gasped. “So deep inside me!”

She moved and cried out. He made her feel so many things. 

He tensed her up and kept her on the edge, and now she wanted to return the favor. 

The pace she set was slow and he was having trouble restraining himself. 

“Faster, go faster,” he demanded, but she shook her head.

“Not until you scream my name,” Cecile whimpered and felt him twitch inside her cunt.

They could both hear her boyfriend’s car parking beside the barn where they were fucking. 

Cecile picked up the pace suddenly, tired of controlling herself. 

If her boyfriend was coming around with a journalist, he better take some good pictures of her scandal.

The veins in Michael’s neck stood out, his head thrown back and his hips moving beneath her. He said her name like a prayer, louder and more desperate each time he buried his dick inside her. 

Cecile whimpered and swore and jumped up and down his dick, each time faster than the previous one. 

The rhythm was brutal, and her tightening pussy told her it wouldn’t be long before she came. 

Someone was screaming outside, but she didn’t care.

The door to the barn opened with a loud bang

She had the perfect view of her boyfriend and the journalist entering the room. 

Michael changed the angle and his dick hit the perfect spot, and she screamed in pleasure, eyes rolling back in her head. Her pussy quivered around him, his hands squeezed her tits, and she kept whining and whimpering, riding him frantically.

Cecile could hear the flash of the journalist’s camera. She knew that her fresh scandal would be on the front page of many newspapers the following day, but, lost in her orgasm, she dismissed the idea. 

She felt Michael still beneath her and his cum filling her pussy. 

When she could open her eyes, they were alone again. 

She was bone-deep tired and aching in the best way possible. She’d face the scandal when it came, and not before.

For now, she smiled and decided to get inside and take a long, hot bath.

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