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To have a powerful man whimpering at my feet

By Freya Ocean

He was a powerful man. He may have been lying at my feet whimpering, but he was still a powerful man. Just not in my apartment.

In my apartment, he had no power. This was something he knew. It was something we had agreed upon.

“Stop the fucking whining already,” I sighed and sunk my 7-inch stiletto heel deeper into his flesh. 

His back was red and raw. Marks caused by my heels, my toys, even a fire poker.

The fire poker he’d requested I buy. I didn’t have a fireplace. My apartment was in midtown Manhattan.

What the client wanted, I was going to provide. Until they crossed a line. 

One man had asked if I would shit on a glass table while he was lying underneath.

He never became my client. 

Another one had wanted me to get pregnant so I would start lactating. It was only so I could breastfeed him.

That one did not become my client either. 

The man lying at my feet, Brian, had asked for different painful objects, but he’d never asked me to shit on him or shoot breast milk at him.

Luckily. Because he paid well, I wanted to give him all that he desired.

“Yes, Mistress,” he said.

His weak voice brought me back to reality. I told him to get up and go stand by the wall. 

A few weeks ago, I’d installed a hook on one of my bedroom walls.

The powerful man had an erection from apprehension

I fished a blindfold out of my dresser and carefully tied it around his head. Knowing it would drive him mad, I took his sight so all he could do was listen.

He would wonder. Be just a bit afraid. The apprehension would make him hard.

He didn’t know what I had planned for him. That was the way that he preferred it. We had discussed his limits, of course.

Other than that, I was free to reign as I saw fit. 

I attached two ropes to the hook on the wall. The metal rings at the ends of the ropes clinked as they dangled.

Deciding that the strong leather cuffs would be best for him this time, I put his hands into them. Then, I pulled his arms above his head and attached the cuffs to the metal rings on the ropes.

Finally, I adjusted the length of the ropes so his arms were tightly pulled above his head. This left him unable to move. 

Luckily he was only 5´10 and I was six feet.

I stood back and watched him, silently. He was in his late forties, but he still had a full and dark head of hair. Only a few strands of grey here and there.

Above his head, his fingers were twitching. My eyes wandered down. His hairy chest was moving rapidly with each breath.

Further down still, his cock was hanging semi-hard. I’d never measured it, but I guessed it was at least eight inches when it was hard. Even semi-hard, it was bigger than most hard cocks.

Nipples and latex

It was the thickness that made me wet just by looking at it. I don’t need a long cock, but I need a thick one. Feeling it stretch my pussy as it enters me.

I resisted the urge to go and touch his cock. To make it hard. It would be hard soon enough.

Instead, I looked at my phone. Ignoring all the notifications I only glanced at the time. Just as I put my phone down, my doorbell rang.

Right on time. On the other side of my apartment door was Nick. I’d never met Nick before.

When I opened the door, he was smiling at me. As he looked at my outfit, his expression changed. 

It became serious, hungry. I was wearing a latex crotchless body with holes where my nipples were.

Nick was 27 years old. He was tall and had messy blonde hair. Freckles splattered his tanned face.

I had found him on Tinder, told him what I wanted for tonight and he was up for it. I motioned for him to follow me.

When we entered the room, I saw Brian notice something was up. He strained against the restraints and his head turned towards us. His cock twitched as it grew harder.

“Hey you, I brought a real powerful man here to fuck me,” I told him. 

He groaned. 

“You are nothing. Just useless. You can never satisfy me so you gave me no choice,” I continued.

Watch a powerful man fuck

His cock was rock hard now, pointing straight out. I sat down on my bed and spread my legs so Nick could get between them. 

He sat down on the floor in front of me and began eating me out.

His tongue moved around my clit and I moaned. 

I moaned extra loud for Brian. Animalistic sounds were coming from his mouth.

My pussy juices, mixed with Nick’s saliva, were dripping down my legs. I moved Nick out of the way and stood up.

Brian had to watch me get fucked so I removed the blindfold. His expression was wild as he looked at me, then at Nick.

After Nick had undressed, he lifted me up and threw me on the bed. His cock was already hard and he pushed inside me.

I threw my head backward and screamed. I turned my head and looked at Brian as Nick pounded me hard. My legs were high in the air.

Brian’s arms were straining against the ropes again. Wanting to touch himself. His cock was throbbing.

Nick grabbed me and turned me around. He spread my legs and pushed his cock deep inside me from behind. No one had ever fucked me that hard before.

I looked over at Brian again. “This is how a powerful man should be able to fuck,” I managed to get out in between moans.

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