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Anal Feast: Nudist Woman Gets Her Bubble Butt Eaten Out

By Khatoom

Kendra was doing what she usually did on the weekends, walking around the house as a nudist. She felt liberated and empowered in her naked body. 

It also gave her the time and space to accept and embrace herself. 

The doorbell rang. She walked over and casually flung the door open. 

The delivery man stood there, shocked yet pleasantly delighted at the sight of Kendra, the nudist. 

His eyes wandered over the curvaceous woman with long brown hair, big tits and a protruding bubble butt. Her caramel skin shone in the sunlight at the doorstep. 

He forgot about the delivery and visually absorbed every inch of her body. 

“Are you done staring?” Kendra enquired with a smirk on her face. 

“Oh…umm…I’m so sorry. I just…” he stuttered and quickly thrust the delivery package into her hand. 

Kendra noticed his fragile yet strong hands and firm grip. He had a sturdy build and shaved head with tattoos on both his arms. 

He awkwardly smiled at Kendra and turned around to sit in his van and quickly drive away. 

Kendra called out to him, “I’m sure this is your first time delivering a package to a nudist woman. What’s your name?” 

She grinned at him and ruffled her hair as a playful gesture. 

First nudist delivery

“I’m Ali. It’d be an understatement to say I’m pleasantly surprised by my first nudist delivery. I can deliver more than just packages,” he said with a naughty smile. 

He followed her inside. 

Kendra’s bubble butt jiggled as she walked. Her big tits flopped with every step. 

The delivery guy stared at her hairy pussy as she stopped and said, “Do you wanna eat my ass out?”

Without hesitation Ali stepped forward and gently bent her over with the length of his arm. Now he could clearly see her pussy and asshole. 

He bent in front of her ass and used his hands to get a better look inside. Her pussy already looked wet. 

He spat on her asshole and massaged his spit in with his fingers. He traced her pussy and asshole and pressed his thumb in her ass. 

“Squeeze your asshole for me,” he said in a whisper. Kendra did as she was told. 

Nudist asshole

He could feel her asshole tighten on the tip of his thumb.

This excited him even more. He pushed his thumb in her butt and heard her moan. He stuck his face inside her big ass and proceeded to lick her asshole. 

He pulled out his thumb and squeezed her butt cheeks apart. Kendra could feel his tongue and lips slurping around her ass before he pushed his tongue inside. 

Kendra’s body shivered as she felt his tongue resting inside her. She felt his lips sucking and kissing her ass crack and pussy. 

He spanked her ass with one hand. Kendra enjoyed the sexy combination of ass eating and spanking. She touched her pussy and could feel how wet it was. 

“Let me sit on your face, eat my pussy,” she said in a hastened breath. 

She was sweating heavily and saw Ali’s red face as he lay down on the floor. She carefully placed her pussy over his mouth as he grabbed her thighs. 

He flicked his tongue on her clit and sucked on it in a full mouth kiss. He continued to lick her on the clit and nibbled on it with his lips. 

Kendra felt her throbbing pussy and arched her hips 

She began to ride his face at her own pace. Ali dug his fingers deeper into her soft flesh. He tightly held onto her thighs and could feel her dripping pussy push inside his mouth. 

He felt something dripping down his throat. His cock felt hard against his pants. 

Kendra’s thighs pressed hard against the sides of his head as she came closer to an orgasm. She flung her head back, with her brown hair swooshing on her back. 

Her pussy felt raw. 

After a few seconds, she let out a loud moan and thrust her lips against Ali’s mouth one more time. Ali knew she was cumming, and decided to squeeze her big tits in his hands as she came. 

Her brown nipples were hard. Ali’s mouth dripped with Kendra’s pussy juice. Once she was done, Kendra licked off Ali’s wet and sticky mouth. 

“The last thing I expected was to come across a charming nudist on a boring day of deliveries,” he said as he stood fully clothed in front of her.

Kendra slowly unbuttoned his shirt to find a fully tattooed chest. 

She touched his hairy chest with a gentle hand. Her hands slipped down to his belt. With a firm grip she unbuckled it. 

Kendra pulled down his pants and boxers in one go. She held his thick hard cock in her hands and watched him sigh in pleasure.

Nudist pleasure 

Kendra bent down on her knees and licked the tip of his cock. She pursed her lips around it and started kissing it. 

She massaged his balls and took the full length of his cock into her mouth. She could feel it hit the back of her throat. 

Ali grabbed her hair and pushed her mouth up and down the shaft.  He could feel the tight grip of her mouth on his dick. 

Her tongue was sliding across the base of his cock. She felt him push her mouth enough to fill it with his big balls. 

Ali was pumping her mouth faster with every thrust. He kept going until Kendra’s mouth was full of sticky cum that dripped down the corner of her lips. 

Without a second thought, Kendra swallowed it all in one gulp and licked the tip of his cock. 

He smiled and said, “I never expected a blowjob on my delivery rounds. You’re full of surprises!”

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