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Reminding my husband of his place during his birthday

By Rina

It’s his birthday today, but he’s the one who’ll be giving me a gift. More specifically, he’ll be offering his body to me.

He was incredibly giddy during our dinner. It was as if he couldn’t wait for me to use him.

He’s such a good boy, honestly. Last week though? He was a bit… audacious, let’s say.

He needs a bit of punishment. He needs to be reminded of his place.

Tying him up

“Ready?” I call out from the other side of the door.

“…Yeah!” he hollers back, his voice shaky.

“Are you okay? You sounded kinda anxious,” I say with a smirk and a giggle as I enter the room.

His eyes explore my entire body, the body harness snaking all throughout my torso. I stretch out the rope I’ll be using on him in front of me.

He has a silly smile on his face. “No, no, I’m not. Just a bit excited.”

“Oh, my dear David…” I say as I crawl onto the bed with him. “You know what to do.”

He nods fervently, sits up, then turns away from me with his hands behind his back.

I lean into his shoulder and whisper breathily into his ear, “Good boy.”

I tie up his wrists in a tight knot — not too tight that it’ll hurt him, but just uncomfortable enough to constantly remind him of his place in this room. 

His breathing is already noticeably heavier. As I tie his arms to his chest too, I notice that his cock is already throbbing hard and dripping with precum.

I sigh. 

“Baby… you’ve learned before that women want foreplay right? Why is your dick like that already? I’m not going to use it yet.”

“I’m sorry… you just look so hot—”

Before he can finish, I slam him down into the mattress.

Warming myself up while he watches

I lay in the opposite direction — my head near his feet and his feet near my head.

I slip my hands down myself and start spreading the growing wetness all around my pussy lips. 

“You should be doing this, you know? But you don’t have the right to move on your own yet for now. You need to learn from your mistakes first,” I tell him sternly.

He nods halfheartedly, his gaze focused at how my fingers are circling my clit. 

“What you looking at, huh?” I ask and press a foot to his neck. He answers by sucking on my toes. 

His dick starts twitching as he does.

I brush my fingers across his shaft and balls, making him shudder. 

“You poor little thing…” I say as I grip his cock and start stroking. “Fine, you have my pity.”

I fuck the both of us with my hands, all while pushing lightly on his face with my foot. Soon enough, I was cumming.

He exclaims that he’s going to cum, too.

“No. You can’t cum yet,” I say sternly, still enjoying the dying spasm of my orgasm.

“Who the fuck said you can cum!?” I say and slap his cock. “It was fucking a mistake letting you watch.”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” he said, his breath heavy from being denied an orgasm.

Riding his face

I sit up next to him and hold him down as I grip the base of his shaft.

“If you fucking came, then I couldn’t use your dick later!” I scold him and hit his cock. 

“I was already so kind to you after you were fucking spanking me last week? Who even told you you could do that!?” I hit his cock again — harder this time, making him shiver.

Suddenly, precum started to leak out. 

“Oh my god,” I sigh. “You’re so weak that you’re almost cumming from just dick slaps? You better last long enough for me to cum first when I use your cock later.”

“I-I’ll do my best—” he says.

I scoot over and straddle his face. 

“Ugh,” I groan. “I’ll fuck myself with your face first. Make sure your cock cools down first, got it!?”

He nods under me as I lower my pussy down to his mouth. He sticks his tongue out and I grind on it.

“Good,” I say. “Stay like that while I use you.”

With my hands on his belly for stability, I rub my pussy on his face. 

His cock twitches again. I grip it hard — so hard that I know it hurts him. 

“Make sure you don’t cum fast when I fuck you later…” I say coldly and start fucking myself on his face even harder.

Using his cock

I stop after a few minutes and get off his face.

“You’re so fucking pathetic. I could tell that you’re still going to cum soon,” I tell him. 

“Here’s the deal, okay? I’m close too, but I need a rock-hard dick to cum on. You get me?” I tell him sweetly but threateningly.

He nods.

“This shouldn’t take long, so it should be easy enough, okay? If you cum before I do…” I warn him as I lower myself on his cock.

“…I won’t let you cum for an entire month,” I continue as I start fucking myself with his cock.

Despite what I said and the fact that  I’m really close, I pace myself. I edge the both of us as long as I can.

This visibly frustrates him — and I love every second of it.

“I’m tired,” I announce as I stop my movements. “Fuck me as hard as you can and make me cum.”


“Don’t cum, okay?” I glare at him. “I’ll make you cum when — or if — I feel like it.”

He starts thrusting into me from below. I’ve been on edge for several minutes now so my pussy starts spasming around his cock the moment he starts moving.

“Fine, you can cum…” I tell him and roll my eyes.

I jerk him off lazily, but he still shoots out a fuck ton of cum.

“Pathetic,” I exclaim and push his silly grinning face down the bed.Want to see more kinky stuff from these two? Check out NightGames.

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