@camilo1410: Man Fantasies About Sexy Stripper With Big Dick

@camilo1410: Man Fantasies About Sexy Stripper With Big Dick

Man furiously masturbates after encounter with sexy stripper

By Maxine Black

Jared had been nursing a hard-on for longer than he could remember and it wasn’t going away. It had lasted the entire walk home. 

He knew there was only one thing that could relieve it. 

Upon entering his apartment, he was glad to see that his housemate was still out. He charged up the stairs, avoiding the broken fourth step, and headed straight to his bedroom. 

He couldn’t get the man out of his mind – his curly, brunette hair, his lips, the way he moved his legs around him, as if he wasn’t even there.  

Most impressive of all, though? His big dick. He could still picture it, the length and girth of it pressing against the inside of his skin-tight underwear.

The throbbing in his pants continued. 

Jared closed the door with an authoritative slam. He imagined staying at the club for longer, for just one more dance, but he had already been bled dry. 

He needed some form of release. 

Jared’s dick was pressing against the inside of his boxers. The throbbing was intensifying. Opening the drawer of his nightstand, he grabbed the lube bottle. 

If Jared couldn’t have him, for a few brief glorious moments, he wanted to feel like he could. 

Jared unzipped his pants and grabbed his hard dick

He gave it a few tugs to get the blood pumping. The desire was only growing. He imagined himself exploding but he didn’t want to cum too soon. 

He poured the lube onto his right hand. It was soft and smooth against his skin. The sensation gave him goosebumps. 

He could see some of the veins in his dick. 

It couldn’t get any harder. As he began rubbing the lube down his shaft, he closed his eyes. 

He wanted to still be there – with the loud music, the expensive drinks, and that man’s eyes on his, seducing him, as he slowly, sensually undressed. 

There had barely been a word spoken. There didn’t need to be. 

“Hi,” he’d said. “I’m Pablo. You want a dance?”

Jared had been alone, surveying his options. There was only one answer to give – the correct one; the one that made it feel as if his pants were tightening. 

Pablo didn’t fuck around. Within thirty seconds, he was completely naked in front of Jared. Pablo gyrated quickly, thrusting himself against Jared’s hips. 

The memory caused Jared’s hand to move faster up and down his shaft. He moaned. 

He felt completely helpless. It was time for the fantasy to take over. 

Pablo grabbed Jared’s dick, placing the tip in his mouth

Pablo inserted more of Jared’s penis between his lips. Pablo’s right hand then moved to the base of his penis. Spit dribbled down his dick as he continued the blowjob

Pablo was quick; fluid in motion. Put it this way – he knew his way around a dick. 

Pablo’s hand moved to Jared’s balls as his mouth took more of Jared. Jared moaned in pleasure, wondering how long he could last. 

There was an authoritarian quality to how Pablo dealt with him. It was impersonal, workmanlike. 

It was hard to care when the craft was being so enticingly performed. 

Jared’s hand was wrapped tightly around his own dick, moving faster and faster. His left hand grabbed onto his bed sheets. 

The fantasy wasn’t done yet. 

Pablo took Jared’s dick out of his mouth. “I want to feel more of you. I want you inside me.”

Pablo turned around to reveal his beautiful, tight arsehole

“You’re big,” Pablo said. 

“Not as big as you,” Jared said, sweat forming on his brow. 

The blowjob had almost caused him to climax. 

Pablo’s smile made him want to keep going – to see what else this man had in store for him. 

Pablo pressed his ass against the underside of Jared’s dick. It was standing there, rigid, stiff, ready to be drained. 

Pablo bent down. He didn’t need to ask what he wanted. 

Jared inserted his dick into Pablo’s anus. Pablo moaned. Jared grabbed Pablo’s hips and drove himself deeper in.

It was so tight. The pressure felt immense. 

Pablo moaned more and more as Jared sped up. Jared could feel his balls slapping against Pablo’s ass. 

Every inch of him was inside Pablo.

“Faster!” Pablo moaned. 

As if Jared had been waiting for permission, using Pablo’s hips for support, he continued thrusting faster. 

It was all he could focus on. He gasped, as he realized he was losing control. Jared was about to finish. 

Jared’s hand increased in speed until he exploded

Thick cum forcibly ejected from his penis. He was covered in sweat. He’d felt, just for a few minutes, like he’d been back at that club. 

His memory was a haze. He was too wrapped up in the intensity of the orgasm. 

How long had it been since he’d come back from the club?

A couple of minutes? Half an hour? He could feel the sweat in his hair. The sensation had been as intense, as wild, as he’d hoped it would be. 

Grabbing a tissue from under his pillow, he began cleaning himself up. In the afterglow of the orgasm, an image came to him. 

He remembered handing his number to Pablo on a piece of paper after the dance had finished. 

Wasn’t that just part of the fantasy? No, he thought. He remembered writing it down with the pen in his pocket. 

As if to confirm it, Jared’s phone started ringing in his pocket. He stared at the screen for a second. 

The number was unrecognized. It couldn’t be, could it?

Jared answered. “Hello?”

“Jared? Hi, it’s Pablo.” 

The pause felt intense, full of mystery and longing. “You there?”

“I’m here.”

“I wondered if you wanted to grab a coffee?”

Jared smiled, his cheeks still red from the orgasm inspired by the man on the other end of the line. “How can I say no?”Like what you read? See content like this and more on @camilo1410’s channel.

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