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Lesbian sex on Valentine’s Day

By Lady Sin

Lesbian sex was the last thing on Ava’s mind after a terrible day at work. She was in a foul mood; hungry, and stressed out of her mind. 

Everything that day had been terrible. She’d gotten stuck in traffic, a meeting running late had ruined her lunch break, and worst of all, it was Valentine’s Day. 

Laura and she had been going through a rough couple of months, and although Ava knew they would be okay, knowing that the situation back home wasn’t exactly cheerful only added to her stress. 

She had to admit that sex was the last thing in their minds these days. At the same time, she missed Laura’s soft skin and beautiful body. 

Sighing, Ava bought flowers and chocolates, deciding that even when they’d been fighting more than anything these days, she would show her girlfriend that she still cared about her. 

Jumping out of the taxi was a bit of a challenge considering Ava was carrying a gigantic bouquet of red roses, but she managed. She opened the door to find the apartment empty. 

Setting the flowers on the nearest table, Ava eyed the room and found a note on the refrigerator. 

“I’m upstairs. There’s food in the fridge.”

Ava’s stomach rumbled but she didn’t pay attention to it. From the note, it seemed as if Laura was considering leaving her. 

She rushed upstairs, the bouquet forgotten, and entered the room like a hurricane. 

 A hot night of lesbian sex 

Laura was lying in bed, wearing her favorite sheer chemise and reading. She barely looked up when Ava got in, but a subtle movement revealed her bare legs under the bedsheets. 

Ava swallowed and sat next to her. 

“Are you okay? You sounded upset in the note.” 

Laura smiled at her and patted her shoulder. 

“I’m fine. You look like you had a terrible day. Come on, I ran you a hot bath before you got here. I’ll take care of you.” 

Ava frowned. She didn’t want to sound too eager, but the possibility of bathing with Laura was exciting. 

She followed her girlfriend to the bathroom and found candles lit in every corner and a sweet smell of roses in the place. 

She inhaled deeply and Laura started tugging her clothes off. The blazer was discarded first, and then the nice silk shirt, her skirt, and her shoes. 

Her fingers caressed her softly, making Ava unsure of Laura’s intentions. She wanted her girlfriend badly, but she would never put pressure on her to do anything.  

When she was down to her underwear, Laura gave her a hair tie and prompted her to finish undressing and getting in the bath. 

Ava obeyed, hypnotized by the ambiance and Laura’s beauty. 

The hot water relaxed her almost immediately. Ava could’ve moaned from the pleasure of feeling her muscles unwind. She closed her eyes.

“Thank you, babe,” she said, a faint smile on her lips. “Happy Valentine’s, by the way. I’m sorry for -”

She felt someone move behind her and realized Laura was getting in the bath too. Her girlfriend opened her legs and embraced her from behind. 

Ava leaned her head on Laura’s shoulder. 

“You’ve had too much work these months. Time to relax. Let me help.” 

Lesbian sex was their answer 

Laura started with soft, innocent strokes. 

She massaged her hands and shoulders first, lightly kissing Ava’s neck. She whispered encouragement to Ava, telling her how much she liked her, how good the work she was doing was.

Then, her hands found Ava’s boobs. She kneaded with care, stroking her nipples until they were hard and sensitive to the lightest touch. 

Ava had never wanted lesbian sex more in her life. Laura’s hand traveled downwards, finding her swollen clit, and gave it a light stroke before entering two fingers inside her. 

Ava moaned loudly, her body reacting to her girlfriend’s touch. Laura crossed her arm over Ava’s chest to keep her in place, and her fingers started sliding in and out, curling over her G-spot. 

Ava’s grip on the tiles or the edge of the tub wasn’t the best, so she ended up clinging to Laura’s thighs, her fingers digging into her soft flesh.

She threw her head back and moaned again when the palm of Laura’s hand pressed against her clit, adding to her pleasure. 

Laura kissed the back of her neck and pinched her nipples when she least expected it, making her whimpers louder each time. 

Ava could feel Laura’s fingers pressing on her spot and she moved her hips to get more friction against her hand. Laura chuckled, knowing exactly how she was feeling, and pressed her entire hand against her pussy. 

“Fuck, fuck, yes, please!” Ava breathed, her hips moving a bit faster. 

Hot baths and hotter nights

When Laura added a third finger, Ava almost cried with pleasure. Lesbian sex was always great, but with Ava, it was a whole different level of great. 

She could feel her girlfriend’s tits against her back, her pussy against her ass. She wanted nothing more than to use her tongue to make her cum over and over again. 

Laura increased the rhythm, her palm crashing against Ava’s sex over and over again, while she moaned with abandon, breathless. 

“I want you to cum all over my hand,” she whispered in Ava’s ears. “I want to feel your climax in my fingers, babe.” 

Ava laughed, sliding against her girlfriend, knowing she would have orgasm after orgasm that night. When Laura pinched her nipples again, it was as if something had snapped inside her. 

Ava came, her pussy spasming around Laura’s hand, and it was glorious. 

Their sexy night had only just started

Knowing that perhaps they’d go back to fighting after Valentine’s Day, Ava didn’t let herself relax after that mind-blowing orgasm. 

She stood, splashing water everywhere, and helped Laura get off the bathtub. 

She practically ran to the bedroom, wanting to show Ava how much she wanted her through lesbian sex. 

“I am going to eat you out now,” she announced to Ava, legs spread over the bed, body still wet. 

Laura kneeled between her girlfriend’s legs and licked her lips.

She was going to have a feast.

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