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Lesbian domination: Kate’s first experiment

By Kira Kison

Kate was infatuated by tattooed women. She spent hours and hours daydreaming about tall, strong inked women tying her up and dominating her. Lesbian domination was her number one porn search go-to. 

She would hole up in her room and spend a whole evening pouring over videos with her vibrator at the ready. The feeling of elation she felt while watching bondage videos of glamazon women dominating each other was better than actual sex.

Every morning, Kate would put on a power suit for work and skip out the door to her local coffee shop. Her brown hair flowing in curls behind her; she looked like a boss. 

Her luscious lips painted red and her big blue eyes made her nearly invisible to all lesbians. They just assumed she was straight so she would always need to flirt extra hard with them to make up for their assumptions.

Meeting the tattooed woman of her dreams

Entering the coffee shop, she eyed up the hot woman covered in tattoos working as a barista that she’d been flirting with for a whole month now. All she could think of when she looked at her tattooed arms was how she wanted them to tie her up to a bed, dominate her, and fuck her so hard she was screaming in ecstasy.

The woman smiled at her and Kate’s heart melted. 

“Hey there, nice to see you this morning. What can I get you today? The usual?”

 Kate was in the middle of a lesbian domination fantasy and it took her ages to respond. She looked at the woman all flustered and finally said, “Just the usual for me thank you ma’am.” 

As soon as the words left her lips, her cheeks burned a scarlet red. She couldn’t believe herself; had she really just called this gorgeous woman ma’am? All her hopes of experiencing lesbian domination with her just flew out the window. 

She left the coffee shop in a hurry, as if she was a dog retreating with her tail between her legs.

Distracted at work by fantasies of lesbian domination

Kate arrived at work still flustered, her mind still wandering. She thought back to the way the barista’s tattooed arms had flexed as she made the coffee. Her eyes had wandered down to her strong legs and tight ass. 

She imagined the woman bursting through the door to her office right then with bondage gear in hand. Kate could practically feel the weight of the tattooed woman as she imagined being pushed up against the wall, tied up in shibari bondage, and teased. 

Kate started touching herself as she had this super vivid and detailed lesbian domination fantasy right in her office. Within minutes, she had an intense orgasm and fell to the floor writhing in pleasure.

Tha evening, she spent her time searching lesbian domination on her favorite porn sites. She looked specifically for ones featuring tattooed women and imagined it was her and her coffee shop crush. 

She looked up bondage tips and videos and gathered up the courage to go after what she wanted the next morning. She fell into a deep sleep with dreams of bondage, lesbian domination and tattoed women floating through her head.

Achieving a session of lesbian domination

The next day, Kate woke up with a determination she had never felt before. Dreams of hot bondage scenes with this hot woman and lesbian domination flashed through her head and flushed her cheeks a bright red. 

She knew that today she needed to go after what she wanted with intense passion. She walked into the coffee shop and right up to the tattooed woman. 

She looked her square in the eyes and said, “Have a drink with me tonight.” 

The tattooed woman looked so caught off guard Kate almost laughed. 

The woman looked up and smiled with a mischievous twinkle in her eyes and said, “where and what time?”

Kate walked like she was on cloud nine for the rest of the day. Her mind was racing full of sexy bondage scenes and flashing through all the lesbian domination porn she’d been watching.

After work, she raced to the sex shop to buy a bunch of equipment. She purchased a rope, some handcuffs, and restraints that clip right onto your bed. Just as she was about to leave, she spotted the ultimate of all the bondage gear; a St Andrew’s Cross. 

As her purchases were rung up, she wondered if she was going way too far with this lesbian domination fantasy; she hadn’t even had a drink with the woman yet. 

She decided it would hopefully pay off in the end when she was tied up and fucked to the mercy of the tattooed woman of her dreams.

Lesbian domination fantasy becomes reality

The night was a blur as she met the tattooed woman, whose name she still didn’t know, at a speakeasy near her apartment. They threw some drinks back, chatted about life, and flirted shamelessly. 

The tattooed woman was surprisingly shy and Kate started to wonder if her lesbian domination fantasy of being tied up in bondage gear and fucked by this woman would ever come true. 

As Kate was deep in thought, something came over the tattooed woman and she grabbed Kate with passion and gave her a very hot kiss, ending in a bite on the lip that left Kate dripping wet. 

Kate said, “Let’s get out of here,” and before she knew it, they were tangled up in her bed.

The tattooed woman was a different person in the bedroom and not afraid to be aggressive. She pushed Kate on the bed and ripped her clothes off. The woman started to taste every inch of Kate’s body as she moaned in pleasure. 

Kate coyly grabbed all the bondage gear and her partner quickly got to work tying the perfect shibari knots as she fucked Kate hard with her fingers and bit at her nipples. 

Kate was in ecstacy; it was the perfect lesbian domination bondage scene, almost straight out of one of her pornos.

Three intense orgasms later, Kate knew it was time for the big reveal. She opened her closet.

She revealed the St. Andrew’s Cross 

The tattooed woman looked at her with shock and excitement. She proceeded to tie her to the cross and fuck her until Kate couldn’t feel her pussy and lost count of how many orgasms she had. 

Laying next to each other panting in the bed; Kate turned to the tattooed woman with a little smile and said, “So you never told me, what’s your name?”

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