Just Another Innocent Sex Story – A Tale of BFFs

Just Another Innocent Sex Story – A Tale of BFFs

Just Another Innocent Sex Story – A Tale of BFFs

By Lil Miss Brown

I had always imagined my first time to be like the sex stories I had read growing up. Little did I know my first would be with my best friend Dylan. 

We were always in each other’s lives; our parents were friends and we were neighbors. We walked to school together every morning and after school, D and I would play in the park for hours. When either of our parents had weekend plans, we would have sleepovers at each other’s houses.

It was one such night when his folks were out of town. D had come over for supper and we fell asleep watching The Avengers in my room. It was 2am when I woke up, thirsty. 

D was lightly snoring and seemed fast asleep. He looked so sexy with his curly hair and ripped arms. I gazed at him as I sipped some cold water and wondered how he would feel inside me. Just the thought of him deep inside my pussy gave me tingles. My nipples were hard. 

I felt a warm trickle between my legs

His eyes were closed; I leaned towards his face wanting to kiss him so badly. My heart was pounding a million miles an hour. His lips were so inviting and all I wanted was to devour this decadent dessert of a man in all his glory.  

He may have felt my long hair on his cheek as he winced a little. Not wanting to give up on my sinister homemade plan, I innocently brushed my arm against his thigh pretending to turn in my sleep. My back was against him now and I wondered what my next move should be.

I stretched my body again and wiggled my butt against him as I curled into a ball. To my surprise, Dylan turned towards me and I felt his throbbing hard cock poke me from behind. I felt his warm breath on my back and his arm slid towards my chest, softly pinching my nipple over my tee. 

My pussy ached in anticipation as I realized this was not going to be another innocent sleepover tonight.

It was as if he could hear my thoughts out loud. He leaned over to my neck and planted a wet kiss that sent shivers down my spine. His hand slipped into my t-shirt, finding its way to my breasts. He cupped one softly as if to gauge their size and whispered in my ear, “I’ve always wanted play with them.” 

He squeezed them like a little boy, but his hard cock kept pressing harder between my thighs reminding me what a fine man he had turned out to be. 

I turned around and looked into his eyes. His lips met mine and it was sheer bliss! So many sleepovers wasted, I thought to myself. We wasted no more time and began undressing each other. Before I knew it we were butt naked in each other’s embrace. 

My pussy was dripping wet and was screaming to be pounded 

My sweet Dylan had other plans. He gave me a naughty smile and traced little kisses from my boobs to my navel, all the way down to my wet little love hole. He pulled my lips apart and licked my clit in circles. 

I moaned in pleasure as his tongue worked his magic and made me want his thick, hard manhood inside of me throwing my innocence right out of the window. When I couldn’t stand it any longer, I grabbed his hair and pulled his head up, begging him to take me. 

He slid up to my face and kissed me to give me a taste of my own wetness. Before I knew, I sensed his throbbing member sliding inside me. I urged him to go slow and he was a true gentleman. He nibbled on my cheek and moved his mouth to my ear whispering sweet nothings.

His fingers skillfully played with my nipples and before I knew, with one deep thrust, my sweet Dylan was wholly inside me. I whimpered a little and he looked into my eyes to assure me he would never hurt me. 

We began this slow dance to each other’s rhythm not aware of a single thing around us. My first time was as good as I had always imagined, just like in those sex stories. 

Slowly his strokes got harder and I caught myself begging him to go even harder… and faster! I lifted my legs up in the air to give him deeper access to my sweet spot. I sensed my orgasm building and wanted nothing more than Dylan’s hot sticky love juice deep inside me. 

In these throes of passion, I wanted to control Dylan now. 

I took charge and playfully swung my body to the right which caught him by surprise. I pushed him down just as he was about to cum and sat right on top of him. Tonight was my night and I wasn’t about to let him finish so soon. 

I straddled my sweet Dylan and slowly slid down on his hard cock to start riding my stallion. The look on his face was priceless. He got the best view of my jiggling titties while I took him to town. He cupped my breasts and pinched my nipples, making me squeal in excitement. 

I could feel his rock-hard cock ready to explode deep inside me. He spanked my right butt cheek making me gush right on him, taking me over the moon. Feeling my release, he came hard, deep inside me as I collapsed on his chest. 

I laid there for what seemed like an eternity until I felt him move my hair from my face. His lips reached for mine, still holding me tightly as if he would never let me go. He looked into my eyes and I blushed a little, hugging him right back. 

He spooned me in his embrace, and before I could say anything, I heard him whisper, “I can’t wait for our next sleepover,” with a naughty little smile on his face. 

I turned around and whispered, “me neither!” as we fell asleep in each other’s arms. 

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