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Third wheel friend watches her best friend fuck her boyfriend

By Mary Magic

Cherry was frustrated. Her best friends, John and Kara, had decided to hook up, and it had really made the dynamic weird.

They had all been friends since the first year of high school. It was always obvious to Cherry that John had a thing for Kara. 

When they reached college, they decided to dorm together and it only made things even clearer. 

Whenever Kara would come out of the shower, John would not-so-subtly stare. Kara’s breasts and ass would stretch the short towels and John took in every bit of it. 

Of course, Cherry knew Kara felt the same. After all, she was the one who went out of her way to wear such short towels.

While Kara was out of the apartment, Cherry would spot John sniffing Kara’s panties.

He would quickly hide it and say he was just “looking for something”. 

When Cherry told Kara about this, she just shrugged. 

When John finally decided to confess his feelings, Cherry was unsurprised at Kara’s emphatic yes. 

The annoying part, however, was how shameless the two became in the dorm. 

At first, it was slow. They would snuggle more often and even Cherry found that cute. In the mornings, she’d find them asleep on the couch arms around each other. 

Soon the innocent flirtations got less innocent

Cherry would catch them making out and they’d quickly separate once she entered. She told them off about this, and they even had the decency to pretend to listen. 

After that happened enough times, the couple stopped caring, and openly made out in front of her. 

Cherry stopped caring too and simply left the room when they started their makeout sessions. 

When that became too much hassle, she simply sat by the couch and ignored the wet sounds of their deep kisses. 

One day, one of these makeout sessions got a lot more heated. 

Cherry had fallen asleep on the sofa, but the sight she saw when she awoke was wild. John, without warning, slipped his hand down Kara’s panties. 

Kara didn’t resist and John slowly fingered her as they exchanged tongues. 

Their moans got louder and louder. Cherry had chosen to keep her eyes slightly closed. 

They hadn’t noticed she was awake. The blanket she had was all the way up to her mouth. 

Cherry was no prude but she had never seen people have sex before. 

She was fascinated, despite herself. 

Her two best friends in the world were “defiling” each other in this way. 

Cherry’s loins started to get warm and wet 

Kara bit John’s ear and whispered something. John’s eyes widened and he smiled. Without a word, he unbuttoned her shirt and started sucking on her breasts. 

Kara’s breasts were heavy and her nipples dark. Now, they glistened with John’s spit. 

John greedily licked and suckled on Kara’s nipples and her moans got louder. 

Cherry slowly put her hands into her snatch. Under the sheets, she started to pleasure herself. 

“Oh my god,” Cherry thought. “What am I doing?” 

Still, she continued to finger her pussy, now slick with juices. 

John then started to take off his boxers. Kara gasped; Cherry whimpered, though she quickly covered her mouth. 

John’s cock was huge. It was slender yet toned much like the man it belonged to.  

Cherry was now at her limit

She got bolder with her schlicking. Still, she bit down on the blanket to prevent herself from moaning. 

Soon enough, Kara took off her panties. Her snatch was even wetter than Cherry’s, and she spread it open for John. 

Her fingers revealed the vivid pink of her pussy. John wasted no time putting on a condom and slowly pushed his cock into Kara. 

Kara clung to the sofa for dear life and she shivered with every inch that entered her pussy. 

John held her cheek and asked if she was okay. Kara nodded, and John sped up in turn. 

Kara’s moans got even louder and she begged for John to fuck her harder. 

 “Kara, I’m cumming!” John shouted. 

“Inside me, please, John,” she responded. 

John moaned as he came inside her. He pulled out his cock and Kara took off the condom. 

With a smile, she let the condom’s contents drip onto her tongue. 

Cherry came at that moment as well, but she made a mistake. 

With a moan, the blanket slipped

She revealed herself and what she’d been doing to the couple. The couple’s eyes widened and Cherry realized it too late. 

Her face red, she ran out of the dorm room and hid in one of the college restrooms. 

Soon, she heard “Cherry! Where are you, please come out!” 

Kara walked into the restroom and found her in one of the stalls. 

“Look, we’re sorry about-” Kara started. 

Cherry put up her hand and said, “No, let’s just, forget about it.” 

They awkwardly made their way back to the dorm room. John had cleaned up in the meantime. He was about to say something, but Kara shushed her. 

After a few days, things went back to “normal”. 

Kara and John were still lovey-dovey but they weren’t as bold around Cherry. 

Cherry was relieved at first, but another feeling started to swell. She felt disappointed. 

One day, Kara asked Cherry if she wanted to go to her parent’s house for the weekend. 

“We have a pool!” Kara said with a smile.

Cherry nodded and felt this was a good time to talk about “what happened”. 

Arriving at Kara’s house, Cherry found it was empty inside. Cherry called out, and Kara responded “out here, Cherry!”

Cherry walked out and yelped at the sight 

Kara and John were fully nude. They both smiled and she said, “Instead of watching the show, why not join us this time?” 

Cherry gulped as Kara led her to the poolside and laid her down. 

Cherry didn’t resist. She had wanted this. She was jealous of the pair. 

Fully naked, Kara spread Cherry’s pussy and told John to fuck her. 
Want to see what happens next? Watch the clip on Cherry Adams’ page here!

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