Wife Sharing For The First Time

Wife Sharing For The First Time

Kinky hot wife shared with her husband’s friend for the first time 

By Lady Sin 

Wife sharing was one of Michael’s darkest fantasies. He didn’t just want to share his wife, he wanted to see her come undone by someone else. 

Someone who could give her everything he couldn’t in terms of sex. 

He wanted to see her orgasm over and over again. 

She’d been hinting at her desire to open their relationship or explore their sexuality a bit more. Michael was more than ready to convince her to try what he had dreamt of for years. 

He even had a man in mind; one he knew Miranda would immediately want: his swimming partner, James. 

The man was muscular but lean and he has some kinky tendencies Michael found difficult to share. Miranda, however… She had a very high libido. 

She was going to enjoy fucking James, and Michael would enjoy watching them even more.  

When Michael broached the subject with Miranda, she was shocked at first. However, after some talk and a few flattering pictures of James, she accepted. 

They would go to dinner, get to know each other, see if they wanted to go further. 

“Are you going to kill me afterward?” James laughed as he dried himself off after swimming. “Yeah, your wife’s hot but are you sure? I don’t mind an audience, never have.” 

“It’ll make her happy, and me too. I know my wife’s hot, and I’m a generous man.” 

With that, it was settled. 

Dinner went more than well. By the end of it, Miranda looked downright flushed whenever James touched her hand or caressed her thigh. 

Kinky wife sharing is worth exploring

They shared drinks as soon as they got to the house and when James leaned in to kiss Miranda, she glanced at her husband, unsure. 

He nodded, and she accepted James’ kiss, hesitantly at first. However, soon enough, she melted into him. 

James’ hands wandered down Miranda’s butt, squeezing her lightly at first and then with a firmer touch. They made their way to the bedroom, Michael following behind, his erection tenting the front of his pants. 

As soon as they got in, James pushed her to the bed, and she fell with a gasp, her tight dress sliding up her legs. 

Michael could see her black panties, part of one of his favorite lingerie sets. James saw it too, and he winked at Michael. 

He traced his fingers over the panties and Miranda let out a soft moan, her hands pulling him closer. 

James took the chance to free her boobs. Kneeling between her legs, he started kissing and suckling her nipples until they hardened. Miranda tangled her fingers in his hair, her head thrown back in pleasure. 

Wife sharing for the entire night 

She palmed his big dick before sliding her hand down his pants. James climbed on the bed and she stopped touching him to help him get rid of his clothes. 

Michael liked to see her so aroused by his friend, so eager to explore him. 

Once James was finally naked, Miranda got on top of him. 

She made her way down his body, her mouth working on him. James’ erection looked almost painful. 

When she got to his dick, she gave him a naughty smile before kissing it, her tongue darting out. 

She played with him for a while, swirling her tongue around his head and wrapping her lips around him. Michael was fascinated by the way her blonde curls moved with every bob of her head. 

Miranda took him into her mouth and worked him until the tip of his dick touched the back of her throat. 

Michael could see her eyes watering and the way her throat moved to accommodate him. James was gasping every time she moaned and moved. 

Michael knew it was the best blowjob of James’ life. 

The arousal of wife sharing 

Michael started touching himself, fascinated by the show he had organized by this wife sharing. His breathing became shallow, his eyes glazing over. 

James stopped Miranda right when he was about to cum. With a quick movement and a feral look, he flipped her and left her facing her husband. 

Miranda looked directly at Michael and tried to go in his direction. James pulled her back and laughed. 

“He shared you with me for the night. You can watch him, but I’ll fuck you.” 

With a powerful thrust, he penetrated her from behind. Miranda gasped, her eyes fixed on her husband. 

Michael could see the pleasure his friend was giving her and he went faster, his fist moving up and down with every moan of Miranda. His first experience with wife sharing was hotter than he expected. 

Michael knew she liked being fucked like this – hard and fast – and how crazy she became for it. Insatiable. 

She was being loud, her fingers tangled in the bedsheets, her hair pulled by James. A string of incoherent words left her mouth – she was going to cum. 

Wife sharing had only begun

James reached for her bouncing tits and pinched her nipples roughly. She whimpered and begged for more, her voice broken with arousal. 

James angled himself differently and hit the perfect spot inside Michael’s wife with every deep thrust. 

She was almost sobbing in pleasure, her back tense like a bow. Her eyes rolled back and she finally gave in. 

She squirted, abandoned to the intensity of her orgasm. James kept thrusting and it was the most erotic moment of Michael’s life. 

Wife sharing with someone that made her squirt like that was perfect. 

James pulled out before cumming and added to the mess they’d made. Seeing him come undone was Michael’s last moment before he too orgasmed, his gasp echoing in the exhausted silence of the bedroom. 

He was the first to rise, going to the bathroom and bringing a towel for his wife. Seeing her so still, sweaty and tired… he wanted more. Wife sharing only once wasn’t going to be enough. 

She accepted his care while James went to the bathroom to clean himself. Michael kissed her brow and whispered praise into her ears. 

Slowly, she smiled at him and let him kiss her.

For her, the night had just started.

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