A Fleshlight and Handcuffs: Edging All Night

A Fleshlight and Handcuffs: Edging All Night

I spent my birthday being handcuffed; wife jerking me off with a Fleshlight

By Rina

My wife has a ton of sex toys; many of them were gifts from me. For my birthday this year, she returned the favor and got me my first ever sex toy: a special Fleshlight molded in the shape of her pussy.

It all started when she asked me what I wanted for my birthday. 

“Hmm… I’m actually not sure, honestly,” I said. “Surprise me.”

We’re a horny and kinky couple, so it’s been a tradition for us to have something sexual as part of our birthday gifts to each other. 

|Even with this, she still definitely surprised me with this one, for sure.

Little did I know that this wasn’t the only surprise she had planned. She had some femdom action for me, too.

Getting handcuffed for my birthday

After eating a fancy dinner on the night before my birthday, I found myself handcuffed to the bedpost. At exactly 12am sharp on the day of my birthday, my wife strutted out wearing the sexiest set of black lace lingerie I’d ever seen.

“Ooh,” I exclaimed.

She smirked. “Ready for your gift, birthday boy?”

By this time, I already knew she got me the Fleshlight made in the shape of her pussy. What we were going to do with it exactly, I wasn’t so sure.

Now, I was handcuffed naked to the bed, I guess I knew.

She mounted me then kissed me lightly.

“I know you love my pussy so much. Maybe too much, actually,” she said before lightly grazing my semi-erect cock with her fingers. “That’s why I thought you’d like this — you know, for when I’m away.”

We hadn’t had any sex on the days leading up to my birthday so my cock was extra sensitive. Her light touches on my cock were both amazing and agonizing.

They felt ticklish in an intense way. It felt so good, but also left me craving for so much more.

In no time, my cock was incredibly stiff, twitching and leaking precum just from her fingers tickling me. 

“Oh lord, what do we have here,” she said, before taking my entire cock in her mouth. “They said to lube everything up first.”

Then, she sucked on it firmly, taking my entire cock deep into her throat.  She coated the entire shaft with her saliva before it plopped out back onto my stomach.

She kissed me again before gradually sticking my cock into the Fleshlight.

Getting tortured with the Fleshlight

I was surprised by how the Fleshlight felt. I could definitely tell that it was shaped similar to her pussy, but the texture was different.

Either way, it felt different but also amazing.

“Suck on me too, baby,” my wife purred. 

She slid one bra strap down her arm and moved her big breasts towards my face. I sucked on her nipples hard.

“Ah fuck,” she moaned. “You know, this reminds me of the last time we had sex. I was riding your cock while you were sucking on my tits.”

I sucked harder in response. “I came so hard on your cock that night.”

All of a sudden, her slow but firm strokes on my dick with the Fleshlight felt even better. Honestly, I was already getting a bit close. 

“You know what, I think I need something in me right now,” she said. 

She got her dildo and started fucking herself with it with her other hand.

“You’re going to make me cum if you put on a show while you’re jerking me off, you know?” I said, my breath getting heavier as I got even closer to cumming.

Then, she started fucking me hard with the Fleshlight. I gritted my teeth, trying my absolute hardest not to cum already.

Just before I was about to bust, however, she stopped. “Oh baby, I love you, but you’re not going to cum until I let you, okay?”

Then, she started fucking herself with the dildo. 

While she masturbated in front of me, she regularly grazed the shaft of my cock with her fingers.

She kept me on the edge like that as she fucked herself.

Fucking my mouth while she fucked me with a Fleshlight

“Babe, you’re cruel,” I said.

She smiled. “Okay, I’m sorry.” 

She stopped teasing my cock and focused on pleasuring herself. Within minutes, her body was writhing in orgasm.

The sight made my cock twitch.

“Hmm, I think I want to cum twice before I let you cum,” she purred. “Mind if I sit on your face, baby?”

She did. She straddled my chest and sank her pussy down onto my lips, flooding my face with her juices and her scent. 

How she smelled drove me nuts.

She ground her clit and pussy lips on my mouth as she resumed fucking me with the Fleshlight. I’d been on the edge for so long that the sensations were a bit too strong already.

She was torturing me. She jerked me more vigorously the closer I got, but then stopped all of a sudden when I was right on the edge. 

She timed it perfectly, stopping just before I came. She simply repeated that for god knows how long.

Eventually, she couldn’t hold out though, and she came and squirted on my face. I lapped at her pussy and juices as she pressed down on my face.

“Oh baby, good job,” she purred. 

She got off me and took her sweet time stroking softly and slowly.

It took me no time before I was approaching climax again.

“Cum for me, baby,” she said. 

Just as I was about to teeter over the brink, however, she stopped again.

She frowned at me. 

“Sorry babe, I think I wanna cum another time again first,” she said.

Then, she got her vibrator and masturbated again in front of me.

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