Ex-Girlfriend Asks For Sex Tape Back Over Drinks

Ex-Girlfriend Asks For Sex Tape Back Over Drinks

Ex-girlfriend asks for sex tape back over drinks

By Gregor Goldrick

Chris sat at the tall table in his favorite bar. Their favorite bar. At least, it had been. 

He was waiting for Lydia to arrive. A USB drive sat in his pocket, ready to be handed over. It felt unusually heavy. He reasoned with himself that it was all psychological.

That didn’t make it any harder to bear. 

It was all about to end. Four years, down the drain. And all because of a stupid mistake. He’d been an absolute fucking idiot and shown his asshole friend what he and Lydia had made together.

At the time, he’d thought it had been funny. When he woke up the day after, regret swam in his veins. 

Although, it didn’t stop him from jerking off to it again. It had become a morning ritual when Lydia wasn’t there.

He swilled the last of his beer round in the glass, then knocked it back in one final gulp. When he placed the empty vessel down on the table, Lydia was stood at the doorway.

She looked amazing. Her top hung off her shoulders, revealing her tattoos. Chris loved tattooed women, and she knew that. She was torturing him.

Lydia walked over to Chris’ table

“Hey,” she said, coldly. She reached the table and stood there staring at him.


Chris stood and went to greet her with a hug. She cut off the action by sitting down at the table.

Chris tried not to roll his eyes and sat back down. The waiter came over and took their drinks order. Lydia ordered a vodka soda and Chris ordered another beer. 

The waiter left to fulfill the request.

“You look amazing,” tried Chris, trying to get her to soften. 

The truth was, that she did. Her brunette locks hung down over her shoulders. It was unfair; she was well aware that he loved it when she wore her hair down like that.

The only way he could play her the same way would be to get out his huge, black cock and rest it on the table between them. She’d be begging for it to be inside of her within seconds. 

Unfortunately, their current surroundings made that scenario impossible.

“Thanks,” she replied. “Not that it matters what you think. We broke up a week ago. All because of your dumbass decisions.”

“I know. I’ve already apologized as much as a man can.” Chris paused. “Is there nothing I can do to convince you to take me back?”

“Not a thing. Stop asking.”

The waiter arrived with their drinks

“Thanks, honey,” Lydia said to the irritatingly handsome man who placed their drinks down on the table before them. 

She finished off the exchange by winking at him.

Chris clenched his fists in jealousy under the table as the waiter winked back. 

He quickly unclenched them when he realized that was the reaction the woman across from him wanted.

She took a sip from her drink, slowly dipping her tongue into the liquid beforehand. Chris’ cock twitched in his trousers. His physical desire for her hadn’t waned, despite him cutting himself off from her emotionally. 

He distracted himself by taking a swig of his own drink.

“I trust you’ve got it then,” said Lydia. Then, she held out her hand expectantly. “Hand it over.”

Chris hesitated, then pulled out the USB drive from his pocket. He held it in his hand.

“I won’t show anyone else if you let me keep it, you know?”

“Like that matters,” spat Lydia. “I didn’t even want to record it in the first place. You had to convince me. You said it’d be hot as all hell.”

“And wasn’t it?”

Lydia offered no verbal reply, but her expression all but confirmed that she did think it was indeed hot as all hell.

“Give,” she finally said. 

She pointed with her other hand into the waiting palm. 

“I start my teaching job in a few days. I can’t have a sex tape floating around threatening to ruin my career.”

Chris didn’t want to surrender the USB stick. Handing it over meant the two of them were done. Probably for good. 

The image of him fucking her from behind burst into his head. He had to concentrate not to get caught up in the daydream.

Then, Chris had an idea.

He cleared his throat as if suggesting a business transaction

“How about we make a deal?” he asked.

Lydia narrowed her eyes. “What kind of a deal?”

“Break-up sex. One last time. You know we were good together, baby. I know I fucked up, and I can’t make it right by apologizing. But the thought of never feeling your tight, wet pussy around my cock… It’s too much to handle.”

A faint smile appeared at the edges of Lydia’s mouth. 

“I do miss the Black Python,” she finally said. 

Then, she seemed to immediately shake herself out of the idea.

“No, fuck you. Give me the USB drive.”

“Lydia, please. I don’t think I’ll ever have a fuck as good as you ever again. And I know you’d be lying if you told me I wasn’t the best man to ever eat your pussy.”

“You were,” she said, surprising Chris with the compliment. “But you’re not getting anywhere near it ever again. And I’m kissing your cock goodbye too.”

Chris dared to hope. Lydia spotted it.

“Not literally. Give.”

Neither of them moved for what felt like an eternity.

“Chris, I will take it from you and I will scream. Do you want to make a scene?”

Quickly deciding that the answer was no, he pressed the USB drive into Lydia’s palm. The softness of her skin took him back to the first time they’d fucked.

Lydia got to her feet.

“Hopefully you won’t fuck up so massively with the next woman you meet,” she said as she turned to leave. “Not that any of them will live up to the memory of me.”

The truth of the statement was painful. He watched as she pushed open the door to the bar and left.

Suddenly, he was extra grateful that he’d made a second copy of the sex tape.
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