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Erotic massage for a stressed-out lesbian

By Lady Sin

The sun shimmered over the surface of the sea and a gentle breeze made the palm trees sway. I had been stressed for so long that not even a week of relaxing in paradise had helped me with the back pain. I finally gathered the courage to go to the spa and get a massage.  

“Good afternoon, Miss Reynolds. My name’s Daisy Morgan. Welcome to Elite Retreat. Are you looking for a particular kind of massage or would you like me to show you the options we have?”

Daisy was a beautiful brunette. Her voice was low and calming, with a velvety note that already eased some tension from my shoulders. 

I immediately noticed her soft skin and hourglass figure. I wanted her hands on me from the moment I entered the place.  

“I just want to get a full massage,” I replied, intimidated by the sensations flooding my body. 

“I mean… I haven’t had a moment to relax in years.”

“I want the full experience.”

She smiled with a naughty shine on her eyes that sent a thrill of arousal through my body. 

“Ok. I’ll do my best to help you and make this a pleasurable moment. Please, follow me.” 

She turned around and I followed her into a small room. It was lit with a lot of candles and smelling of sandalwood.   

“This is incredible,” I said to Daisy. 

She smiled; her plump mouth shining with lip balm. I thought of that mouth sucking on my nipples and had to look away. 

“Thank you, Miss Reynolds. Now, as this is a relaxing massage, you have to undress to your comfort level,” she said formally. 

“I’d suggest taking all of your clothes off. Sometimes less is better, and with massages, this is usually the case. There’s a towel on the table. When you’re ready, lie down and cover yourself with it.” 

I didn’t know I had a kink for massages

I freed myself from my dress and underwear, wrapping the soft towel around my waist.

“I’m ready”, I said, lying face down and closing my eyes. 

I heard her steps coming closer. She let a small amount of oil fall on my back. It was warm and it smelled heavenly. 

I sighed, finally ready to relax. 

Her hands made small circles around my back and shoulders. Her fingers were soft but strong, easing the tension and undoing the knots that made my nights difficult sometimes. 

Between the warmth of her body and the sweet perfume of the room, I started to doze off. 

“Would you like me to massage your backside? There’s normally a lot of tension in the area, especially if you have a desk job.”

She was whispering, so close to me I could feel her breath in my ear. My skin raised into goosebumps. I nodded, not daring to open my eyes. 

The towel was gently shedded, leaving me completely naked. I couldn’t help to think about her fingers massaging my pussy

The thought made my clit throb. 

“I’ll place your legs in the right position now,” she said gently. 

Then she took my thigh with both of her hands and made me bend one of my legs. “Perfect, you’re very good.”

I don’t know why, but her praise made me smile and I got even more aroused. 

Daisy poured warm oil to massage my ass 

When some drops slid down towards my pussy, she caught them with her hand. 

Her touch was soft and teasing. I was already so worked up that I gasped. 

She continued as if nothing was happening. Using the palm of her hands to press down on my butt, she massaged firmly. Her fingers brushed the sensitive skin around my pussy. 

My masseuse was slowly driving me crazy. I was biting my lip to stop from moaning, feeling myself getting wet. 

She continued massaging me there, her fingers randomly grazing my ass, my pussy, and, from time to time, my clit. 

“Turn around, please, so I can continue,” she whispered. 

I did, absolutely flushed and horny. 

“Open your legs for me, please,” she said. I looked at her, bewildered. The words were as calm as ever. 

“I’ll massage your upper thighs, but for that, I need you to raise your knees and open your legs.”

Hypnotized by the subtle smile, I obeyed. 

“Good girl,” she praised me again.

She oiled her hands once more and caressed my thigh, going down, towards the place where it joined the hip. 

I couldn’t help but take in a sharp breath and arch my back towards her hand. She seemed to notice my state then and smiled knowingly as we maintained eye contact 

“Would you like me to massage your pussy, Miss Reynolds?” 

Her fingers skimmed lightly over my cunt, as if she were trying to see how much I could take. 

It was torture. I shivered; unable to speak; my eyes rolling back. She suddenly pressed the base of her palm against my clit and made a small and firm circle. 

I moaned and grasped her wrist, but she didn’t stop. 

“You’re so tense, Miss Reynolds. I want to help you relax. Do you want me to do that? Do you want me to fuck you?” 

I nodded several times, my back arching, my pussy quivering with her touch. I wanted her to finger me until I couldn’t take it anymore, and I was already close to my orgasm. 

One of her hands glided towards my breasts, pinching them and hardening my nipples. 

The oil softened her touch – the pressure was perfect. When she moved me towards the end of the table, I was so aroused I barely noticed. 

Daisy put my legs on her shoulders. I moaned, feeling vulnerable and incredibly aroused. 

Her eyes were fixed on mine and I tried not to squirm when she licked her lips. She lowered her head between my legs, a playful smile on her face.

She slipped her tongue between my lips. Her hands held my thighs in place. While her thumbs rubbed my hips, her tongue moved up and down my cunt, tasting my arousal.

I could feel the vibration in the center of my body 

I threw my head back and screamed out loud, not caring if anybody listened. She moved away for an instant and winked at me. 

“Please, please,” I sobbed, afraid that she would stop. 

But she didn’t. 

She slid two fingers inside me and moved them in and out slowly, like we had all the time in the world. 

Her lips closed around my clit and she sucked lightly. Her tongue pushed against it as if she was still massaging me. 

The other hand made lazy circles on my belly, building up my climax. I took a deep breath and her fingers curled inside me, making me moan uncontrollably.

I could feel the orgasm burning inside me, blinding me to the room and making me feel each stroke of her tongue on my clit. When it came, I yelled her name over and over. 

She swallowed my orgasm, keeping me longer on the edge. When I begged her to stop, she obeyed. 
I laughed, suddenly more relaxed than I’d been in years. Daisy took off her shirt and I stared at her small tits, thinking of a thousand ways to make her cum.

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