Dreams of gloryhole throatfucks with strangers

Dreams of gloryhole throatfucks with strangers

Dreams of gloryhole throatfucks with strangers

By Kira Kison

Neil unzipped his fly at the urinal and took out his cock to take a leak. His eyes wandered per usual around the bar’s bathroom, checking for gloryholes. He always locked eyes with some sexy queer and have a hot makeout session before going back to a very straight bar. 

This time his eyes floated over to one of the stalls where he spotted a fresh, never-before-seen gloryhole. His mind wandered straight to throat fucking a stranger and he was rock hard.

Neil pulled himself away from the alluring hold of the fantasy and went back to his table. Surrounded by his straight friends, Neil proceeded to finish his beer. 

His cock had a mind of its own that night. It stayed hard at the thought of his new discovery. The thrill of no one knowing about his love of cock had always been the ultimate turn on. 

It’s not that Neil was in the closet; he just was a mystery to most people. With his soft brown eyes, floppy curls, golden skin, built body, and tall stature, most people just assumed he was straight and he never corrected them. 

Women fawned over him and he loved to entertain them by flirting back but eventually he’d lose interest in this game.

Choking on hard cocks of all shapes and sizes – gloryhole dreams

His mind was constantly in overdrive thinking about hard bodies and throbbing cocks. He thought of every way he could explore men’s bodies. 

Thoughts drifted from deep throating a 10-inch dick to getting fucked by a 7-inch, uncut hottie. He imagined himself in every position; top and bottom, threesomes, foursomes, even orgies. There was nothing Neil didn’t dream about trying. 

Now his mind was filled with gloryholes. He thought of putting his cock in one whilst a train of men, of all shapes, sizes, and colors, sucked him off in a queue. 

He imagined their wet, hot mouths teasing and suctioning at his hard dick. He then imagined sucking every type of dick imaginable through the same gloryhole. 

His imagination jumped from dark, 12-inch stunners that barely fit through the gloryhole, to modest 5-inch cocks that were perfectly symmetrical and pink. 

He thought of throat fucking glorious cock after glorious cock.

Returning to the gloryhole to get throat fucked

The next week, Neil went back to the same bar with determination in his eye. He knew that today was the day but he wasn’t sure with who. 

He scanned around the bar and his heart stopped when he saw the cutest Asian twink looking at him. He locked eyes with him and they both gave each other a very subtle nod. 

It was the sort of thing a straight person wouldn’t have even noticed, but it was all they needed to get up and go meet each other in the bathroom.

In the bathroom, they fell into a stall. They fumbled with their pants and Neil threw the man against the wall. He started to talk, probably to tell Neil his name, but Neil brought a finger up to his mouth to shush him. 

It was better if they didn’t know names, what good was a name anyways? All he cared about was the guy’s tight asshole and wet mouth. 

They were now unwrapping from their clothes and throwing them on the floor. 

As he suspected, the man had a tight butt with the most perfect plumpness to it. Neil slapped and pawed at it until he was inside the man. 

The mystery man moaned with pleasure and grunted as Neil fucked him hard from behind. They both were so caught up in the moment that they forgot they were even in a public bathroom in a straight bar. 

Neil had even forgotten about the gloryhole for a minute – the whole reason he had come here.

A mysterious voyeur arrives at the gloryhole

Suddenly, the door to the main bathroom swung open. They heard someone enter the room. The Asian guy looked startled, but Neil just kept on railing him hard. 

He wasn’t nervous about someone coming inside; in fact it turned him on more. He looked over at his slutty partner in crime – he had a look of pure bliss on his face with small whimpers of pleasure escaping him.

They kept going and to the complete surprise of both of them, they saw someone step into the next stall. Neil looked at the gloryhole and noticed a steely blue eye staring back at him. 

He started to hear grunts from where the eye was positioned. He realized with surprise and exuberance that their voyeuristic neighbor was stroking himself while watching them.

He looked at the guy he was fucking and they both had a mutual understanding; they were both to put on one hell of a show. He ramped it up by doubling his speed and slapping the guys ass.

The Asian man belted out moans and screams to the point where people outside in the bar were wondering what the noise was. They heard the noises from the stall and knew that this voyeur was enjoying an epic performance. 

A couple minutes of vigorous fucking went by. 

A long, slightly curved, pink, 10-inch cock came poking through the gloryhole

It was just inches from the twink’s face. 

He was bent over with Neil inside of him and a huge dick protruding in front. The man didn’t waste any time. All of a sudden, he was getting throat fucked and fucked in the ass at the same time. 

He was gagging in pleasure and all three were having an incredible experience. 

They kept at it for so long that Neil was worried that the Asian guy wasn’t able to breathe. The look on the guy’s face showed he was in heaven. 

All at once, he gripped the man’s ass and came while the voyeur shot his load and the Asian man screamed in orgasmic joy. The three of them had cum at the same time, in a hot, sticky, glorious mess.

It all happened so quickly. Before he knew it, the man in the next stall was gone and the Asian man was wiping up and left without a word. 

Neil was all alone in the stall and he was left staring at the gloryhole in disbelief. His dream of getting throat fucked through the gloryhole was a silly idea compared to the incredible sex he had just had. 

He walked out of the bathroom with a huge smile on his face. 

As he was walking out, he noticed his group of straight friends sitting at the corner booth. He headed over to say “hi” but something stopped him dead in his tracks. 

His friend Andy, the hottest but straightest guy he knew, had on the exact same shoes as the gloryhole mystery man. 

Neil slid into the booth next to Andy with a toothy grin and said “hey gang, how long have you been here?” 

His fingers slowly crawled up Andy’s pants and rested on his rock hard cock. “Let’s get drunk,” Neil shouted.

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