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Guy picks up his own dating coach in gay bar

By Gregor Goldrick

Lance slammed the shot glass back down onto the bar. He sucked in air through his teeth as the harsh burn of the tequila worked his throat. 

It was his third night out in a row and the thought crossed his mind as to whether he was getting too old for this.

Maybe he was just destined to be single. Although barely into his late thirties, it was starting to feel that way. 

He looked around the room and ran his eyes over the mass of intertwined bodies on the dancefloor and in the booths of to the side. 

His head pounded with the beat as three stacked hangovers fought for his attention.

“Hey there, sugar,” Lance felt two strong palms grasp his ass from behind. 

Even above the booming music, he could tell who it was from the voice. He turned to greet him.

“Hey, Paulie.”

Paulie grinned. His teeth glowed in the UV as he leaned in and pecked Lance on the cheek. 

His blonde, slicked-back hair had gained flashes of bright blue since last night. 

“What, no shot for me?”

“I was beginning to think you weren’t going to show!”

“Sugar, the night is young.”

Lance, feeling ancient, looked at this watch. “It’s 2am, Paulie.”

Paulie smirked. “Did I fucking stutter?” He gestured for two more shots from the bartender.

Lance grimaced as he nailed another shot

“So, which misguided piece of logic are you gonna use to set me up tonight?”

Paulie pulled an expression of mock offense. “Moi? Misguided? You got a fuck out of it didn’t you? The twink with the sunglasses?”

Lance cast his mind back to the night before. He had been oddly drawn to the skinny dude in the shades. 

When Paulie had told him to go for it, he thought he knew something that Lance didn’t. It turned out that Sunglasses was just an easy fuck.

In fairness to Paulie, Lance had had a great time. It had been a while since he’d had a cock that big

He shook his head to pull himself back into the moment.

“Yeah, and that was fun and all,” said Lance, “but you’re supposed to be my dating coach, not my fuck coach.”

Paulie looked at him with a vague expression. “You aren’t just looking for more action?” His brow furrowed.

Lance clenched his jaw. “Are you kidding me? I told you when I hired you I was looking to settle down.”

Instead of the sheepishness that Lance expected, Paulie softened. “Fuck, really?”

“Fuck, really!” Lance spat back. 

He turned and went to leave. Paulie grabbed him by the wrist. He turned to face his dating coach.

“If I knew that,” said Paulie, “I wouldn’t have pushed you into so many one-nighters.” 

He pulled Lance in close, reached down, and cupped his crotch, “Or at the very least, I’d have put myself forward as a candidate.”

The air caught in Lance’s throat

“Doesn’t this breach some kind of coach-client contract?” Lance teased.

“Probably, yeah,” Paulie replied, kissing him lightly on the neck. “But maybe I’m looking for something a little more serious as well. Fucking around gets old.”

Lance pushed him away softly and smiled. “It does, doesn’t it?” 

The two of them locked tongues, Paulie continuing to fondle Lance’s cock through his trousers.

“Wanna get out of here?” Lance said between their compressed lips.

“Hell yeah,” Paulie replied.

Taking control as he always did, Paulie led the way to the exit. They passed Sunglasses on the way out and Lance covered his face to avoid being recognized. It seemed to work.

They hailed a cab and fell into the rear compartment. 

Their hands explored each other’s forms as the cab hurtled along the road. The driver gave them more than a few warnings when their hands dipped inside the other’s underwear on more than one occasion.

It brought about a laughing fit from the both of them each time it happened. 

A few minutes later, they pulled up outside Paulie’s apartment. Lance hadn’t expected it to be in such a nice part of town. Yet somehow, he also wasn’t surprised.

Paulie stepped out first and held a hand out to help Lance. “Follow me, princess.” Lance giggled animatedly and did as he was told.

They made their way to the front door

As they crossed the threshold, Paulie yanked Lance in the direction of his bedroom. 

When they arrived, the two men began the process of pulling one another’s clothes off. Lance’s pulse thrummed in his wrists as they collapsed to the bed.

He felt Paulie’s smooth hand grasp the shaft of his erect cock and slide it gently back and forth. Lance felt his own moans of appreciation vibrate against his lips. 

He mirrored his naked companion by taking hold of Lance’s erection and stroking it slowly.

“I want you in my mouth,” Paulie moaned.


Paulie pulled away and pushed Lance onto his back. He swung a leg over Lance’s chest and stooped so both of their cocks lined up with their mouths. 

Lance was first to suck one of the waiting dicks. 

It brought an off-guard squeal from Paulie before it transitioned into slurping sounds. Sensing one another’s desires, the two men started to hum, the twin sensations making the soles of Lance’s feet tingle with pleasure. 

He involuntarily curled his toes.

Lance felt himself on the brink of cumming. 

Paulie clearly sensed it and started to fuck Lance’s mouth more aggressively. Lance suppressed his gag reflex as he simultaneously unloaded into Paulie’s mouth and received a load in return.

He swallowed and gasped for air as Paulie disembarked. He repositioned so both of their faces met. 

“Well, that went well,” said Paulie.

“You can say that again,” replied Lance.

Someone came through the door.

“My roommate,” he rolled his eyes. “I’ll be right back.” 

He rose from the bed, opened the door, and stepped outside.

“Paulie, you need to stop fucking your clients,” said the disembodied voice.

“Hey, keep it down!” said Paulie in hushed tones.

Fuck, thought Lance. Back the drawing board, I guess.
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