Cuckold with Jack’s Boss: Offers One Night Wife Sex

Cuckold with Jack’s Boss: Offers One Night Wife Sex

Jack Plays Cuckold with Boss: Offers One Night Wife Sex 

By Khatoon

For as long as he could remember, Jack was fascinated by wife sex and cuckold categories in porn. He felt excited at the thought of watching his wife getting fucked by someone in a position of authority. 

His boss fit the description, which is why he was invited over to their place tonight. His wife, Gloria, was a curvaceous woman with short black hair. 

Her eyes were deep brown and contrasted well with her sand-colored skin. She had small breasts with fluffy nipples that transformed into a deeper tone when they were hard. 

A few times during conversation, the boss had shown appreciation for her big ass. Jack could imagine his boss fucking her ass and making her scream. He felt his cock pressing hard against his pants.

Gloria walked in wearing a tiny black dress and smiled, “Are you hard already? He isn’t even here yet.”

 She knew that he loved fucking her but he felt even more turned on watching someone else fuck her. 

They had played this scenario out a couple of times.

He liked calling it ‘wife sex’

She enjoyed watching her husband jerk off to another man penetrating her. The last time they did this, both men came at the same time. 

One came inside her, while Jack came on her face. He loved to cum on Gloria’s face whenever he got the chance. 

Jack had broad shoulders and a well-toned body. Gloria loved seeing her muscular husband bending over to see her asshole getting fucked by other men. 

She wondered how things would turn out when his boss finally arrived. The bell rang and they stood in quiet silence, then suddenly Jack rushed to the door in panicked excitement.

Wife sex fantasy

“My wife sex fantasy with the boss is finally coming to life,” he said in a deep voice that was sensual and anxious. 

He opened the door and greeted his boss. Gloria shook hands with him firmly and smiled. 

“Hello Ankit! We are so excited to have you over,” she said. 

“Gloria, you look stunning. Thank you for the invitation,” he replied. 

Without a moment of hesitation, he stepped closer and kissed her on the lips, silently sucking on her lower lip before he pulled away. 

Jack felt a mix of helplessness, jealousy, and excitement. He could feel his dick getting harder.

“Let’s take this to somewhere more comfy,” he said in a soft whisper.

As soon as they stepped into the room, Ankit grabbed Gloria by the waist and undressed her. 

She felt his large hands stripping her dress away. He made it a point to smell her pussy before taking off her lace panties. 

She knew Ankit was interested in rough sex which is why she was thrilled about his visit. Ankit took his own clothes off and threw them in Jack’s direction.

Ready to watch the wife sex scene

As he stood there with his thick cock and glistening brown skin, he said “Are you sure about this whole ‘wife sex’ play?”

Jack was already naked. He nodded in response to the question. 

He was stroking his cock and smiling, “Fuck her until she screams, isn’t that right Gloria? You like being fucked in your pussy and asshole?”

“Yup, and I wouldn’t mind if another friend of yours joined us too,” she laughed.

“Ah, do you like being slapped and called a dirty whore?” Ankit chimed in.

“All. The. Time.” 

Ankit roughly massaged her big boobs and spat on her nipples. He watched her nipples turn darker as they stood erect and perky. He slapped her face lightly and pushed her on the bed. 

“I’ve been wanting to fuck your big ass ever since I laid eyes on you. Lie down like a whore for me, now,” he demanded. 

Gloria obeyed and lay on the bed. She watched Jack come closer. His pink member was bouncing as he got on the bed, and stuffed it in her mouth. 

“Suck my cock while Ankit fucks you in both holes,” he said in an aggressive voice.

Ankit laughed with Jack. He opened her legs wide and slapped her pussy. He could feel her getting wet with every slap. 

“Her cunt looks so good.”

“ Thanks for letting me fuck your wife,” Ankit said and passed a nod onto Jack. 

Ankit thrust his dick inside her pussy and started pounding her as fast as he could. Jack was already fucking her mouth; Gloria could feel the tip of his cock in the back of her throat. 

With every thrust in her mouth and pussy, her entire body shook. Her pert boobs jiggled a little and her mouth had saliva dripping down the sides. 

Ankit grabbed her boob with one hand and squeezed it so hard that she screamed with Jack’s cock in her mouth.

“That’s a dirty whore you got there, Jack. Look at how wide her mouth is while you fuck it. She can fit that mega-size with ease in there. Her pussy feels tight too. I wanna see her cum.” 

She was excited hearing that, and soon felt his firm thumb rubbing her down there. 

Gloria could barely contain the pleasure of the wife sex session. Her pussy was throbbing from Ankit’s cock. It was close to climax as soon as he rubbed her clit. 

Ankit could feel her pussy tighten and soon she let out a muffled scream. 

Jack pulled his cock out of her mouth and asked, “Did you come sweetheart?” 

She nodded yes, serene and spent. Jack pushed his cock back in her mouth. Ankit pulled out from her pussy and slowly pushed his cock into her asshole.

He let out a moan – wife sex was good

He built his pace slowly, and then started going faster. Gloria saw her husband watching Ankit pump her asshole with his big cock. He fucked her so hard that the bed shook. 

“I’m gonna cum,” said Ankit with a heavy breath. 

In a few seconds her asshole was full of cum. As soon as Jack saw this, he exploded in her mouth, leaving no air to breath and sticky cum that she struggled to swallow. 

Gloria took a big gulp of cum and air, “Shall we have a round of drinks before round 2?”

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