Becoming a Cuckold With a Businessman and Redhead Wife

Becoming a Cuckold With a Businessman and Redhead Wife

Becoming a Cuckold With a Businessman and My Redhead Wife

By Madame Meta

They stood at the bar looking across at the muscular, Asian, businessman chatting with his colleagues. He was a skinny, caucasian man with tousled hair and a strong jawline and his wife was a slight, busty, redhead with eyes full of mischief. Tonight was going to be the night he became a cuckold.  

“Him.” he said decisively. 

She looked over to the chosen one, nodded, then slid off her barstool, flipped her red locks over her shoulder and danced her way over to the other side of the bar. He watched as his wife “accidentally” bumped into the stocky, Asian guy and began to flirt. 

The man bought her a drink and her husband sat across the bar, staring at their flirtatious banter. His cock became more erect by the second. 

She grabbed his firm bicep, stood up on her tip-toes, and whispered into his ear. His face grew flushed and he reached for his wallet, eager to pay the bill. 

The husband followed them down the hallway to their hotel room. The Asian man was looking back over his shoulder uncomfortably at the husband as he followed the energetic redheaded wife down to their door. 

Before he could say anything to the husband for following too closely, the wife stopped, turned and explained to him directly what would happen. The husband stood watching her speak to the businessman. 

“Cuckold?” the businessman inquired.

The husband nodded his head in affirmation and said nothing. The businessman agreed and the three of them entered the hotel room. The wife immediately went to make drinks and the husband went into the other room of the suite. 

He could hear his wife giggling and the businessman taking his time seducing her. He felt a jealous erotic rage building inside him that he knew he wouldn’t release until the perfect time. 

The giggling stopped and he could hear the muffled voices of his wife and the businessman, and the soft pat of pieces of clothing falling to the floor. He dropped down on his knees and peered under the door, trying his best to see out of the space between the floor and the bottom of the door. 

He saw the pale, naked, white feet of his wife walking towards the bed and the unclothed, tanned feet of the businessman following hers. The interracial aspect of the whole experience reminded him of a porn he had once watched and his cock grew harder.

He leaned up against the door and placed his ear to the wood. Unzipping his pants, his cock nearly burst out, fully erect. 

He could hear the sounds of his wife sloppily kissing the businessman and the harsh slap! of his huge, manly hands spanking her perfect ass. 

He imagined how this Asian man had a big dick, fully erect, rubbing against his wife’s soft skin. He heard the businessman speak.

“Let me cuckold him now.” 

The wife whispered in response, “Put it in my mouth…”

He stroked his dick while listening intently to his wife sucking off the Asian man in their bedroom. The slurping noises told him this man had a big dick and she was choking on his cock with every thrust. 

Masturbating behind the closed door, the man closed his eyes and arched his head back. The whole situation was so hot to him that he was about to cum right there. 

He wasn’t allowed to. He had to wait for the Asian man to finish first. 

His wife let out a huge moan and the Asian man grunted heavily. He dropped his face to the floor to try to see under the door. 

All he saw was his wife’s hair sliding off the edge of the bed and the ankles of the Asian man on the other end. 

He knew he had his big dick inside her now and he could hear how much she enjoyed it. He stopped stroking himself, trying his hardest not to cum before he was allowed. Edging was so much harder in practice than in theory. 

His wife moaned louder and longer.

She was begging for more of the Asian man’s big cock inside her. He could hear the sound of her wet pussy taking all the Asian man had in him. 

He grabbed his rock hard cock and tried his hardest not to stroke it. The veins pulsated underneath his palm. 

The man let out a moan at the same time his wife made the tell-tale sounds that she was orgasming. She sounded so turned on that he couldn’t help himself, he began stroking himself again. 

The wife told the man he had to leave, and he watched from under the door as the man picked up his clothing, thanked her profusely, and left the room. 

He immediately stood up and opened the door, his dick aching to be inside his beautiful wife. She looked at him seductively from the bed, lying there flushed, covered in sweat, and fingered her clit. 

She spread her legs and beckoned him over, the man’s creampie was left inside her pussy. 

He pushed himself inside her and immediately came. He poured into her excessively. Her pussy began dripping with his cum, the man’s, and her own fluids. 

She contracted her vagina and he came even more. 

Finally, he fell back, grinning ear to ear, completely satisfied as his wife licked his cock clean and laid down beside him. He grabbed her waist and pulled her on top of him. 

She smiled down at him and grabbed his hands to place them on her perfect huge tits. 

He squeezed her nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and she let out a small moan of pleasure. His cock immediately grew harder and he could feel the intense urge to throw his wife down and fuck her harder than the man before. 

She pushed down on his chest and slid her pussy back onto his dick with the seductive look she had given him earlier.

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