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Beautiful Latina Sucking Dick in Cafe Restroom

By Madame Meta

She sat at the café in her slinky white silk dress staring at the man sitting in the corner, fantasizing about sucking dick. Her beautiful long, Latina hair cascaded down her tanned shoulders. Her big, round, black eyes pierced through the sunny afternoon and into his soul. 

He could feel someone staring at him so he looked up. He scanned the patio and saw her. The most beautiful Latina woman he had ever seen, staring at him from the opposite corner of the cafe. Biting her plump bottom lip and running her hand slowly over the white silk draped over her thighs. 

He could see her nipples through the fabric

With each pass over her fingertips over her thighs they grew more erect. 

She put one elbow on the table and rested her chin on her hand, leaning into his direction, keeping intense eye contact. The white silk dripped down her chest. When she leaned over he could see that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

The perfect outline of her plump, large breasts taunting him. 

He shifted in his seat as his penis began to harden. She caught his movement and smirked; eyes glinting with seduction. She slowly stood up and walked over to his table. 

She sat down next to him and slid her hand across the tabletop, touching his arm. She played with each individual hair and traced her fingertips along his forearm. 

He looked down at her hand and then up to her face. Her big, dark eyes stared right back into him. 

The man stood up and grabbed her arm. The outline of his erect dick pressed into the front of his pants and she smiled with anticipation. As she stood up and pressed her body into his. 

He pulled her into the cafe and into the back to the restrooms. 

She followed him with the kind of blissful excitement people exhibit before going on a holiday. She was a nymphomaniac – completely enslaved by her desires, constantly searching for her next sexual encounter. Her looks made it very easy. 

He fervently opened the door to the restroom, jerked her inside, and locked the door. All he could think about was this gorgeous woman sucking dick; his dick. 

She placed one finger over his lips as he tried to pull her in for a passionate, wet, kiss. She shook her head back and forth and took two steps back, pushing him into the wall behind him with one hand, while untying her dress with the other.

The white silk dress fell from her shoulders and dropped to the floor. She was completely naked. Her tanned, fit body bursting with femininity. 

Her breasts were perfect; huge tits waiting to be fondled. The pussy was hairy, a natural bush; thick and inviting, like a magical forest.

He couldn’t hide his erection any longer. His dick was bursting out of his pants and a small drop of pre cum had stained the front of the khaki linen. He unbuttoned his pants and slid them down below his hips. 

Her pussy began to drip as he pulled out his penis.

She had been fantasizing about sucking his dick for hours now. 

Purposefully, she stepped closer to him, grabbing his hand and placing it against her hairy pubis. His hand slipped between her labia, silently instructing him to feel her wetness and play with her clitoris.

She pressed her fully erect nipples into his chest, rubbing them slightly against him as he rubbed her clit. 

She looked up into his eyes and bit her bottom lip. Her hand grabbed his dick and placed it at the entrance of her wet pussy. It throbbed with anticipation and he grabbed onto her, begging her to put him inside. 

She smiled and slowly slid down onto her knees. She licked her own wetness off his fingers and fondled his balls as he threw his head back in pleasure. She loved sucking dick, and this guy was a good candidate for her services. 

She took his fingers out of her mouth and placed them on the back of her head. She slowly began to lick her way down his shaft. 

Her tongue lingered on the head of his penis, tracing circles and watching with enthusiasm as he convulsed in pleasure. 

As she licked her way down the sides of his shaft, making sure to brush the tip of his cock ever so slightly against the outside of her cheek, she moved her hands to the base of his dick. With her index finger and thumb she made a firm ring, pressing her remaining three fingers into his pubis. 

She tightened her grip and looked up at him.

Smiling, she made his knees buckled slightly. She kissed the tip of his cock and began playing with her nipples with her free hand. A small string of pre cum stuck to her lips as she pulled away and he watched, completely enthralled. 

He couldn’t take the waiting anymore. He was so close to cumming without her having inserted his cock into her mouth once. She placed her lips around the head of his cock and began to suck his dick. 

He pushed her head into him as hard as he could and felt his dick slide down the back of her throat. At the same time, she used her tongue to massage the underside of his penis.

She tightened her grip at the base of his cock and began to rhythmically push her head forward and back. Circling her tongue around the head of his dick every time she pulled away from his body. 

His cock grew harder and harder and the veins on his shaft began to bulge. He let out a grunt and used his hand to stabilize himself against the wall. 

Watching the beautiful Latina woman suck his dick turned him on so much that the cum shot out of him almost immediately and gunned down her throat

She pulled away, slipped her dress back on, and kissed him. 

He could taste himself on her lips. He was completely out of breath, and before he knew it she was already gone. Leaving him alone in the cafe bathroom with his pants around his knees and his cock completely used up.

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