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Babes in Toyland: Throes of a Sex Party Part 2

By Emma Morton

“Hello, darling.” 

He looked well dressed. Horsey in his dress sense but casual, with a pair of jeans and a gilet. His lack of attractiveness turned her on for some reason. Or was it the whole situation? “Are you excited?” He asked. 

They arrived at the house. It was in a private manor house with many expensive cars and flashy number plates. John had provided matching masquerade masks for them. He reminded her of the rules quickly and, sensing her nerves, told her she looked beautiful. 

She had gotten her hair done at the hotel they were staying in, a classic bob to simulate power. 

A burly but well put together man opened the car door. “Welcome, I can take it from here, you can escort the lady inside.” 

Goosebumps shot up on her skin as her nipples hardened. As soon as they opened the door, there was an aroma of lavish passion in the air. She feigned confidence, feeling out of place until a hostess came up to her and asked to take her coat. 

Underneath was revealed a classy satin teal corset supporting her trembling body. She wore a matching g-string to mask her amateur status. 

They entered hand in hand, him becoming visibly aroused by the expectation of what was to come. His cock pressed against his dress pants. She swore she saw a bit of drool escape his mouth.  “Let’s do this!” he said. 

Each room had a theme. The first had a bar with some seating, and two physically endowed barmen, serving a couple who’d taken interest in a single, older lady. Her clit throbbed at the expectation of experiencing what those fucking babes had; she would only be a voyeur. 

She was more nervous about being a disappointment to the women there than the fact she was in a whole new world of debauchery. 

Just then, John shot up next to her. He brushed her hair behind her ears and said, “business darling! You go and enjoy yourself.” 

Before she could protest, he was walking excitedly over to a man and his partner who were being spanked by a woman in all leathers and 6-inch plastic heels. 

She caught herself biting her fingernails and gave herself a scolding. Reluctantly, she went to investigate. There was smooth jazz in some rooms and a type of lo-fi hip hop, some with harder tastes. 

All the sex stories she would encounter

She chose to go upstairs. A door was slightly ajar, she creaked it open slowly. The room was a slight crimson color. There was a couple fucking on the bed, the man entering her while two women were sucking her tits. The woman writhed in pleasure, her whimpering only being muffled by one of the women passionately forcing their tongue down her throat; she remained tied to the bed.

A tall, blonde woman sashayed over towards Amelia, slowly and with intent. Amelia’s nipples hardened, feeling like they would burst through her expensive lingerie. The women gestured. “And who are you?”

“Uh uh … Amelia..” 

The woman casually held her finger out and circled around her protruding nipples. “Well, these look happy to be here. Would you like to join me for a drink?” The blonde woman ran her fingers down Amelia’s arm and gently took her by the hand, over to the couch. 

“Do you like what you see?” asked the mystery female, gesturing to the performance on the bed. Amelia shuffled nervously. Her new friend, sensing her to be fresh meat, slowly sat down in front of her, kneeling in she said, “It’s ok. I’ll take care of you.”

“Is it ok if I touch you?” 

Amelia nodded cautiously. The woman ran her fingers up her leg so gently it almost tickled. All over her body felt on fire and excited for what was to come. She ran her finger just inside of Amelia’s lacy underwear. Teasing her, so wet but also burning inside. 

The new woman kissed the inside of her leg and made her way up to her well-groomed lady garden. A finger along the outside of her vagina, feeling how wet she was. Suddenly, the finger was whipped away and thrust inside her mouth. “Hmm… newbie, I’m going to make you scream!”

Amelia’s heart jumped with excitement, as this babe pushed her back against the velvet sofa, pushing her g-string aside. She gently but firmly licked her clit all around, using Amelia’s shrieks to finding the right spot. She placed two fingers inside her, slow at first but becoming quicker and quicker until she could feel she was about to explode.

Feeling a new surge of confidence, Amelia grabbed her pussy licker by the hair, wiping her own wetness of the face. Passionately, she started kissing her, hard. 

Just then, the man who John had been talking to earlier peaked his head around the door. “Honey?” he said lightly, not wanting to disturb the entertainment on the bed. The girls giggled. 

“This is Sam, my husband,” she said, realizing they hadn’t even exchanged names. 

“I’m Amelia,” she giggled. 

“Emma, pleased to meet your pussy!” They laughed in unison. Amelia wanted more. “You should taste this girl’s pussy”. Emma marched over to the occupied bed and demanded them all to get off. They shockingly complied, and though visibly annoyed, left the room. 

“Who is she?” Amelia thought. 

Sam was not her usual type. In his 40’s. He exercised but was not too muscly, but she was not here for him. 

Emma quickly pulled down the expensive silk shorts he was wearing to reveal a rather large, throbbing dick. He was circumcised, which she wasn’t used to. Emma guided him over to the bed, displaying who was boss. She took the familiar cock in her mouth for a moment, only to quickly take someone else’s tights and use them to tie him to the bed. 

She turned to Amelia. 

“Sit on his face” she ordered. 

She could feel the wetness returning to her pussy. She complied, slowly climbing up on the four-poster bed, mounting him so that she was looking down at his eyes. 

“No!” Emma said sternly, “turn around”. Again, she complied. Emma, observing everything was in place, sauntered over to them. 

Amelia was holding herself upright with her hands leaning on his chest. Emma crept onto the bed and pushed his cock inside her, moaning slightly. She was wet with power. Sam moaned as she slowly thrust herself up and down, grabbing Amelia by the hair and forcibly kissing her as her partner licked and sucked Amelia. 

“Oh my fucking god,” she shrieked as Emma took control of her body. 

She could feel Sam’s tip of his nose entering her butthole in the just the right way. Emma sucked on her titties, flicking her tongue back and forth on her pert nipples which had drawn her to Amelia in the first place. 

“Now your turn,” she said, slowly dismounting Sam as though he was a fairground ride, only there for their pleasure. 

They had changed positions when suddenly in came John, just as Amelia was close to coming. 

“Get the fuck out,” Emma yelled. 

Shocked and visibly annoyed, John muttered something and left the room. Amelia felt bad but only for a moment as she climaxed hard at the moment when Emma had tried to lick her clit.

An explosion of chemicals filled her body and her torso shook and collapsed right on top of Emma, holding her ass tightly to ground herself. Emma wriggled her off, releasing the obstacle that had been stopping her from coming. 

She once again returned to her husband’s cock, and released the binding. Amelia was still coming from inside and out. Fighting off the feeling of confusion, the couple proceeded to what she thought looked like making love. 

Amelia felt like she shouldn’t be there. She wrapped herself in a sheet that had been lying by the bed and got dressed. They both vocally came. 

“I haven’t seen you all night,” John exclaimed, visibly annoyed. 

She walked downstairs, still a little lightheaded and throbbing from the experience. What the fuck had just happened? 

“I’m sorry John, I don’t know what happened, but you left me, remember.” 

“We should go,” he snorted. 

Just as they went to get their coats, Emma rushed a little, still with a saunter, and whispered in her ear. “This is my house. You, girl, can come back any time.” She slipped her a business card, winked, and disappeared into the distance. 

John stormed towards the door looking for his coat. They didn’t speak on the way back to the hotel. 

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